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Excuse me sir..
we are about to la nd in Hyderabad Sir, the Metro Pillars Moulding is leaving to
Bangalore from the Moulding unit Let’s go Sir, admin staff have come
to talk to you for a minute Morning Sir What? Tomorrow is the last day of
Sri Ram Navami celebrations in our colony We all will be happy if you grace
the occasion with your family Sorry Prasad, there’s a family party
tomorrow evening. You go ahead.. Okay We have pinned our hopes on you sir But I can’t come The handsome prince
of Surya Vamsi dynasty, The man whose beauty
resembles a full-moon day. The king who lived like a commoner, unblemished and forever fighting
for public and Dharma, The incarnation of the greatest,
none other than Sri Rama! Here comes Rama who lifts
the bow of Shiva effortlessly arching the bow and aiming at the sky, When the stretched bow broke
with a thundering sound, it appears the sky came crashing down
and the eight directions exploded, With the breaking of the bow, he
became the son-in-law of King Janaka, O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! Hail, he cared a hoot for the kingdom
and left for the forest, He was as delicate as a flower,
even then threw away all comforts. What a man Rama was!
To leave all the life’s comforts to walk a path full of turns.
He walked into thorns and gave us a tale of moral-beads! O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! Hey, Rama is the most
beautiful one, the one so delicate that a mere stare by
other woman swells him, He is so beautiful that
even the sky loses its blue lustre when Rama
walks the ground tall. Born like a human
but grew like a God, Walked on plain sands,
but became worthy of adulation with flowers and worship. Built a bridge to cross the ocean
and killed the man with ten heads and his wickedness
presenting goodness. O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! O Rama Rama Rama Rama
Rama Rama Rama Rama Like the Rama’s army,
let us all be one and united! You haven’t slept? Where are you coming from? I had a small work to attend to Is it something that
you can’t talk about? It’s worth talking.
Our staff organised Sri Rama Navami celebrations in the colony,
I have been there. Is it? They should have called me and
would have come. What did you do there? There was a ritual offering and
we sang in the praise of God. You knew uncle was throwing a party
and we all would be present. You know I can’t handle these parties. Harsha, you are missing every party
and all the fun Yeah, I know All big wigs were present, my brother
felt awkward not having you there. But we are in a better place to face
our staff because I went there Enough Harsha! What’s wrong with you? That is what I wanted to ask you. Our staff invited us and
you organised a party without a purpose and saw to it that
these people didn’t go. They were happy to see me there. They were happy to see me there. can you give me some time It’s very late, will talk in the morning.
Good night mom Just yesterday got black soil
Unloaded and saplings planted. Can we talk now? I’ve been observing,
trying to understand you, our thoughts aren’t matching Being my son!
I am trying to understand you What a pity! I thought you opted for a hostel
instead of a school, because you liked being with friends. Wanted a best college and
you went somewhere else. You wanted to go abroad and I
thought was to explore the world. Then you said no to business
and took up a job thought you wanted to learn work. Finally you came home I expected you to take up our business,
it is not happening. At home, you are aloof. Just not me,
none in the house can understand you. Why? Every man has an element that is
beyond comprehension. In you too. I have never seen you speak
affectionately to anyone. Why? I am not here for arguments,
when are you taking over the business? I have no inclination What? I am not inclined to
look after your business You are the sole inheritor
of thousands of crores. Sounds silly I thought you are something different,
but you are mad… What do I do with all this? How can I answer that? What did your father do? Farming Then after him, why didn’t
you continue farming? You went against him, worked hard and
reached this position. I respect you for that. Let me do what I want and
earn some respect What do you intend to do? I haven’t thought of anything yet..
Let’s see Veeraiah.. Ask for another half load
of red soil. – Okay Sir! Ravi…what’s wrong?
Not a perfect shot since morning. My son What’s wrong with him..
He’s smart, you got the best That is what I thought and
was hoping he would take over my business someday.
Finally he said no. What? He doesn’t want wealth,
he wants to do what he feels like They are fickle minded at this age,
we should divert him. Why don’t you get him married? We as a family don’t understand him,
how can the girl…? Tea! – Thank You Do you know the beauty of this life?
It’s beautiful.. Do you know how to live
this beautiful life? How? In a beautiful way Harsha, there is a collaboration meeting
in office tomorrow about a new project. You are one of the board of directors.
If you come once in a while, people will find it nice Can you come?
Do you have other work? Why will he not come if it is
an important meeting? He will be the first to arrive Hello sir, Welcome! It is a good alliance Madhav Rao,
the boy is well educated. Good family. Not talking of dowry per se,
but if we handle the expenses of his higher studies, it will suffice. It is a good match Sudhakar,
but we need to assess our capacity. All these years I have planned equally for
son’s studies and daughter’s wedding. If I give everything to her,
what will happen to his future? Think once again, they are coming to see her this evening I will talk openly about my capacity,
rest it is in her destiny. Sir, meeting has begun,
everyone are waiting for you Very warm welcome to all. Before we
get into technicalities of this project, I would like to mention a few things. As most of you know, we at RK Engineering
never involved in collaborations before this. But that is all a thing of the past.
From today we are with you and take immense pleasure in collaborating
with you on this project. So the market, ladies and gentlemen,
is watching us very keenly. It is going to be the most prestigious
Project till date. Shall we? Harsha….Are you bored? I am fine Meghana!
Uncle. You also seem bored, why don’t both
of you go down and have a cup of coffee Okay… sure! Harsha.. Do you know why they are calling
us both for the business meeting? To meet like this and talk personally Ours are big business families,
both of us are the only heads of the families and highly educated and we know each other very well,
and they felt we are made for each other and of course we too. Maybe I look that way,
but I am not perfect for you. I live in my own world,
I will bore you. You are too modest.
I like you even more now. Do you want me to be more honest! Even you aren’t correct for me. You will appear too boring in my world. I’m done with the coffee, I will leave. Salutations Madhav Rao’s son Sudheer We like your girl very much We heard about your principles,
goodness, and are happy to have an alliance with your family. I don’t know if my son’s future
will cause concern but if he stabilises in his career,
your daughter will be happy. We wanted to broach the topic,
there is nothing wrong in you asking Babu Harsha!
You…to our house Heard the boy is coming to see
Rajani and so I came Our Chairman Ravikant’s son Namaste Sir!
Please sit sir come sir
Please sit Hi sir,
Hi! Whenever I see your dad I get inspired
to work hard and become successful. All the best! Madhav Rao is a long standing employee
and he is family to us. A wedding in his family
is like a wedding in ours. I heard your son needs
money for studies. We have allotted shares in company
for his service, No problem in giving it. Look out for an auspicious date, she is our girl….look after her well. Will take leave sir I will send a cheque of Rs 20 lakh
tomorrow from office what kind of help is this? It is not help, it is support.
All these years you have supported us, now we will stand by you. Sudheer, are you studying well?
Yes father has lot of belief in you,
wish you make him proud. Take him inside everyone
is waiting, go sir Harsha.. Harsha…You left the meeting abruptly,
never returned.. Where did you go? Which meeting? To see a girl, you could have said
that directly. Why talk about board meetings,
and offices like a child. It is embarrassing for me,
later it will be for you too. He went to Madhav Rao’s house
and donated 20 lakhs for her wedding. He also instructed the money to be
delivered first thing in the morning. What is this Harsha? 20 lakhs!
What are you trying to do? Trying to be human. He is been working with us
for many years. We have been growing but he’s now
struggling to get his daughter married Shame on us Karthik! Do we keep donating each
just as he is in a problem. They are family. He doesn’t know about this,
else he would have given more. Karthik send the money
in the first hour This is 20 Lakh, how much more
will he keep giving like this? You are still thinking about 20 lakhs,
I am worried about his thoughts. I didn’t know they called you to office
to arrange a meeting with her. It is okay mother Is there someone in your mind?
Harsha If there is something like that,
I will tell you first Okay.. sleep early, we are going to temple
at 5 am for abhishekam on your name Sister in law, we said Sandhya yesterday
that we got to go today to the temple You always keep supporting her.
She comes late going to parties. How much time.. Sister-in-law What is it Harsha, you are taking us
around this place so many times I missed the way as it is dark DEVARAKOTA
Some Village in northern part of Andhra Quick.. Quick.. Nothing to worry.. Take them fast..
Anyone else there? Ramudu.. See if there is anyone on
that side of the room – Okay! Careful….hold properly
Give here Careful…. Hey.. Give here..
Move, move He was smiling this morning when he went
to school.. By noon he left permanently Doctor..
Sir! What is the situation? four kids died…sir Two were critical so
we sent them to the town Whose children died? It is over. Ten thousand to those who died
and five thousand to those who were injured.
Will talk to the government Since 2 years Narayana Rao garu has been
warning that school may collapse anytime Four kids have died because
none of them bothered Is he telling that..
I have killed? They are youngsters,
they do not know how to talk. Like you said it is over. In the neighbouring villages too, there are
around 15 schools in the same condition Anything might happen any moment..
we are scared. You must do something. That is what I am saying Instead of studying in such old schools,
go around the district and tell them all to join my convent. In order to see your schools,
business to flourish… you want to play with
the lives of children? I will speak, you go. you gone mad? They are looting everything..
Even the food we eat. We are staying silent,
now people are dying So you want to pick up a fight with him?
You will die Uncle! Brother! We got these reporters in the bus
at Veerlapadu junction One guy died falling from the bullock cart One died with snake bite in the fields One died due to Sun stroke A lady died by slipping her leg in the well How great are such to write, bloody? Did you feel to grow writing
about me instead of these? What idiots, why do you not tell him that
we die but not grow messing with Sasi? Do you still feel that I would fear for you? Nobody is able to live in peace
here because of you It is better I die instead of that. Yes! Hey, take these two onto the highway
and dash them with Lorry. They have killed my brother.. They were scared he would go against..
so they killed him in the orchard Where are you going.. Nagulu?
Leaving to the city, planning to take up some job
and educate him For that do you need to leave the village?
Isn’t he studying well here too? If he stays here,
he will die like his brother Allow us to leave and live in peace What will you do in the city?
Think about our village, why don’t you tell him to stay back.
Listen to me.. Nagulu 521 521 What 521? After all the people left to the city,
remaining number is 521 families. Okay go..
Cake will come in half-hour okay. Harsha,
Happy Birthday to me Mom, Harsha has come. How are you?
I am fine. How are your parents?
They are fine He got a job in your company by your help,
else he would never get married in this life. Why speak of marriage on a birthday?
Looks like you are a hindrance for that. Let’s go upstairs Harsha. I ordered
a fresh strawberry cake Hey, your Appi has done superb
illumination.. He even put up a flexi…. Excuse me Mam… Birthday cake ma’am Thank you Cake is good Appu Hey.. What are you doing? Children…come, come What is she doing? Take it and eat it…okay..
Go, go Than you sister Welcome,
Happy Birthday Appi Happy Birthday to me…
my friend Harsha Hi!
Charu.. My cousin One minute Hello…you sent the cake?
Whom did you give it to? I didn’t get it, how is it possible? I will get it. Sorry..
whom did you give it to? If the cake would have come in,
we would have finished it by now and would have gone home. Don’t tell him I did it, he will cry and die. Is it necessary to cut a cake, blow
candles, sing a song at this age? Idiot, he is killing everyone What do you do? I finished MBA,
doing a rural development course Rural development course…
What does it mean? It trains us in developing villages in
modern methods and empowering them. Interesting! This is the first time
I am seeing someone do this course I have been studying in the village
since childhood, grew up there. The village has given me a lot,
I need to give back something or the other, otherwise I will become fat. Okay.. Cake has arrived.. Will go. She is the one who was doing Rangoli
in the morning. I too saw her, she is nice. Oh my God.. Charu have you seen a cake
like this? Sparkles, fountain of sparkles. My function is just like Diwali.
Charu look at me no…. Hi!
Hi! Yesterday.. At the birthday party
How come you are here? Just got my car serviced and
was going this way, saw you Where is the service station this side?
Here….you want to see? No… I casually asked From the college?
Yes To the hostel?
Yes Come.. I will drop you How do you know where my college is?
You know.. Right? Yes
come Where exactly is the service station?
No… I came for you Understood. I saw you in the party..
You are pretty. Felt like seeing you again,
talking again. Isn’t it? Not exactly.
I liked the rural development course.. I want to know more
about the course and college. In fact I too want to join What work do you have with me?
Take an admission and join How do you know that
I stay in this hostel? Last week one morning I saw you
decorating Rangoli. Not like the service station..
This is true. Bye..
Bye.. Hey.. See there Wow! Charusheela.. You are beautiful.. Inside! Hey..
Hi.. Isn’t he the person who dropped you?
The one we saw in the party last night Yes We are unable to forget that face
since we saw him in the party. How did you bump into him? He was waiting at the college bus stop Love? He is not coming out openly…
he is covering it up by saying he likes the course, the college. He won’t wait for long, tomorrow or
day after he will speak out. Then I will tackle him… Don’t you think you are over doing it?
Do you think he will go behind us? He has a face and a smile
that will have us drooling over him Really? All guys are the same.
Wait till tomorrow evening. Will tell you the latest development. Hi.. Harsha
Hi.. Subhash Good morning sir..
Good morning. Hi
Hi… To the hostel?
Yes.. Hostel only Can I ask you something?
What? I joined today, missed the previous classes,
Can you share your notes with me I didn’t take down too many notes.
Check out in the library Oh that’s all?
Yes What happened? Did he join the class? Did he come out with his feelings? Yes he joined, I ignored and
kept him at a distance Really? Really.. He was staring at me,
not listening to the lecture Really he was looking at me You are still here?
It is getting late for the class So what? I’m watching you daily.
You come, leave fast and write as if you are preparing for EAMCET. You don’t even say hi to me, not even
a smile and it really hurts my feelings. They have come together, these two
different worlds have come together, They have come together, when two
different footprints converge in a pair. The world on one side, these twosome
on the other though they are one and the same like a replica of each other. Like a book that nobody has read before, the twosome are happily reading
each other like never before! These two souls without a mark on them,
deep within are the same soul. Two innocent children who know no
bounds and live like in separate hearts, They may not speak to each other often,
but speak as if they know what’s inside each other’s hearts, When they face each other,
their minds dance in unison. Even if they are two different bodies,
the heartbeat is one and the same Perhaps, Brahma’s mistake of
one should born in two different bodies. Like a book that nobody has read before, the twosome are happily reading
each other like never before! The world often forsakes its own place
and makes way so that these two souls enjoy moments of solitude, Even the sky lifts the veil of blue façade to
behold this beautiful sight – In a fleeting moment. It’s a celebration of a moment that even
the sky has waited since yesterday of two souls, Who met just now but give us
a feeling of being lifetime friends. Like a book that nobody has read before, the twosome are happily reading
each other like never before! What happened…
why are you all like this? The regular tensions that money brings in,
a person has to visit office for new contract Yeah you can take my word.
Just a minute! Radha… I am central minister
Venkat Ratnam’s son. A person asked me if I had an appointment,
felt like killing him. I just hit him. I came to talk about the highway
expansion contract. I want that. Why don’t you put up a Tender?
It is open for all It is difficult if you are in the race.
Just not you.. Anyone. I want this very easily Very funny, you want others to move
just because you want it. Put up a better Tender. I hate competition, I just want that.. You are speaking like a child Really? Then listen. Your wife and daughter got to reach home
safely from the temple and college. Daily your sister-in-law, who’s a party freak
should come home without an accident There is a kid.. Looks like a big family.
Difficult to name them all. You are an intelligent businessman and
I know you won’t risk all this for a contract. Don’t doubt, I will do it. To save me from
whatever I do, there is a bad father too.. Wonder when these people will leave
the mechanical life and take spiritual part. There was not even a small coverage of me
at yesterday’s fair opening event. Except for a small news that,
there was no photo at all. This is not the first time, it happens
at all events. Not fair at all Why should people write about us even now?
We can write about ourselves We? Social media.. Facebook, Twitter,
why just events… We can write whatever we want. Who are you? Hi!
Hi! Homework?
Post-graduation thesis For once talk on my behalf
to the high command. If I lose the minister’s post, I can’t
face the people in the state, the district. Sir, please sir, okay. Okay. Sir, someone close to you has come
to meet you from Hyderabad Tell him to come in Who? Harsha You don’t know me. Everyone are
close to politicians, so I said that. Your son came to my father and
told him to move out as he wants the contract at any cost. If he doesn’t stay out, he warned that
he will finish our family. Smash his face if he comes remotely
close to the family. Wrong, Should not involve family Harsha, how come you are here? I had a small work with your father Is it! Daddy, whatever he asks,
you must do it immediately, Nice guy. Keep talking Harsha,
will be back in five minutes. I was saying something…
Don’t come near family. You are older to him, shouldn’t you
tell him that it is wrong? Harsha! How come you are here? Had little work with him He is a nice boy, whatever he asks
please do it immediately. You keep talking, will just come.
Okay Where did I stop? Don’t come to the family.. Understand that it is wrong for me
to harm your family, I did all this so that
you will explain it better to him He said for every nuisance that he does,
he has a bad father to save him. To save my family,
there is a bad son too. Bad doesn’t mean bad like you.
That is a different type Yesterday your son came to our office. Got to know about it in the evening,
learnt about your family in the night Caught the morning flight to Delhi,
by noon got close to your family. By evening you have understood
the whole thing. It got done.. Very easily Just explain to him. I think he is only son Shall I leave, lest your wife, daughter
force me to have dinner. Harsha, where are you going?
Dinner is ready, you can eat and go Will miss my flight, next time I will eat The water board engineer’s son’s
murder is getting complicated. Family is mum but the public prosecutor
is taking it personally. We might get three adjournments
Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to health Find out about the prosecutor’s family.
There may be a pampered son or a daughter. Brother Did you threaten anyone recently
for a contract? Yes brother.. Highways expansion contract,
Radhanna took it as a prestigious issue The guy whom you threatened has a son, he has no fear. He came to Delhi and warned me.
Don’t tell this to Radha, handle it carefully I will tackle him Tell Hello Charu, it is me again I booked a table at 7:30 in a star hotel.
We both are going and that is all. Apparao, you know that
I do not come for dinners. How many times shall I say you? You know that I will not stop asking.
How many times shall I say you? We both are going and that is it. Bloody Appi, your face will be broken
by acting crazy. We can have the same cute discussions
there at the table. We are going and that is it. I will book table at 7:30 in the hotel and
will come out at 9 if you come. Hello! Hi, Harsha! Tomorrow evening is
my roommate’s wedding. Here in the city… She told me to convey this
to you specially I don’t know her well..
You carry on I am there right?
We both will go together I will feel a bit awkward No you won’t. You come and pick me.
We are going, going and going What?
Did someone also call you for dinner, go Hey!
Hi Charu.. Hi Charu..
Hi! When did you all come?
Just It is a sari right…so a bit late. Decoration is nice. Will just be here in two minutes
Where? Rest room
Oh sorry…carry on. What else..! Minister?
Hmm! Someone else’s function and I came
with known people. It is not right here. Who is the girl? Girlfriend? Will talk later…you leave If you are so scared..
Why did you go to Delhi? If you have weaknesses like mother,
father, sister.. Why did you come to us? Bad luck, all the boys went in. Don’t know
who will come when and from where. Mother, father, sister, girlfriend…
that something will happen to them is not weakness or fear. It’s Strength! I told them I will be back in two minutes. Will go inside and check out the boys All clear.. All the boys have been set in their places,
I need to fix you now. What do you mean by set? Next time if you want to plan something,
do it in a better place. I can finish it in a flow without being
bothered that someone is watching us. Why so late..
Let’s go and wish them Hi!
Thanks for coming He is Harsha Hey!
Hi Charu! Are you fine uncle?
Fine Hi!
Harsha.. One snap Come.. Come.. Hey Charu! Sudha….after a long time..
How are you? Fine Good, he…my husband Kiran Hi!
Hi! Your… My friend, Harsha Oh!
Hello… Hello Hi Sir, nice meeting you
Hi! Hi!
Baby So cute.. Stopping at one right? Once she goes to school,
will plan for the next Isn’t one enough, why plan again? How can one be enough?
We can afford another, financially too Are you ready just because
you can afford? Charusheela.. See Harsha.. If you want another,
why don’t you adopt. She talks this way, you don’t listen.
Stop it with this girl. Because you can afford,
adopt a child please Sure, Sudha shall we go Okay, bye!
You have not changed at all If you give birth to second one,
I will kill you Bye!
Bye! How can you be so straight?
Did you see his face turn colour? They won’t understand till
we speak like that I too have lots of money..
How many shall I adopt? First get married and have a child..
after that will tell you Thanks for a lovely evening
Same here Shall I go?
Yeah, okay. Good night Harsha You are beautiful! In or out? In and out Oh my beautiful girl
Do you really wanna get on the floor Oh my glittering pearl
Let’s get on and rock and roll Oh my beautiful girl
Do you really wanna get on the floor Oh my glittering pearl
Let’s get on and rock and roll Oh my beautiful girl
Do you really wanna get on the floor Oh my glittering pearl
Let’s get on and rock and roll O Charusheela, my dream girl
You are the adult love school Like a mafia of jasmines,
you heated me up Hey hot hot hot hot mexican tequila
You are found like the childhood fantasy You resemble in parts like Indian masala
Is your smile a love symbol O Charusheela, my dream girl
You are the adult love school Like a mafia of jasmines,
you heated me up Oh my beautiful girl
Do you really wanna get on the floor Oh my glittering pearl
Let’s get on and rock and roll Hey, kick is new like the coniac
Beauty blank cheque is now in my hands Beautiful statue sculpted from
the Mercury cloud with flowers Glamour dictionary written by God of love
is the scenery of the fold on your waist O Charusheela, my dream girl
You are the adult love school Like a mafia of jasmines,
you heated me up You are the swan jumping like Love missile
The age is like butter over Wild fire Eyes have popped up on my finger tips
When touched your tender beauty My eyelids have caught the swords
when you are found like a deer O Charusheela, my dream girl
You are the adult love school Like a mafia of jasmines,
you heated me up You left us helpless state What Narayana Rao,
how come you are here? This year six farmers committed suicide
in the neighbouring villages I heard about it. What can we do?
There are no rains. If the water in the lake is accessible,
irrigation is possible and so Hey, you didn’t send stock to Chintalpudi?
Send it properly from next month. What else Narayana? What more can I tell you other than
the farmers dying off drought? Hey, summer is arriving, work at nights too
and send the stock to the entire district. Okay brother What about the lake? That lake is mine. Your problem is this
being made with the lake water. Will kill all if you talk about the lake. Go. Go away.. You are leaving your own village.
Where will you go with two kids and what will you do? Listen to me. What will I do here?
We have to depend on agriculture, and will have to drink
pesticides if there are no rains. Somehow we will bring water from the lake
to our fields, listen to me. He died finally waiting with that hope for
15 years. You still say it will rain? 520 Aren’t you ashamed?
Won’t you change? When all are leaving, there should be
a count, isn’t it? Why feel ashamed? Okay.. Do one thing..
go stop them, the count will come down. I got a match and all in family
are forcing to get married What are you ordering
that’s what I am checking? Surprise!! There is an article on Indian billionaires
and their successors. Look who’s in it! Who is it! It’s Harsha.. “R” industries Ltd. Ravikant’s son,
he is so simple with you. It is unbelievable. Hi! Is something wrong? No… Nothing Then why are you avoiding me? I was busy caught up in something…
That’s all Sure? Yeah.. Charusheela… uh.. I love you. life has never been interesting Days and hours just passed by But after meeting you it’s interesting. To be honest every moment is fabulous. We both think alike Laugh alike, Feel alike, We are so similar.. If we both become one
it will be good Charusheela We both are not same That can never happen Do you know your village? Don’t know? You grew up without knowing your roots.. Devarakota is your village My village, how do you know? That is my village too You are Ravi Kant’s son, the man
who forgot his village earning crores. I am daughter of Narayana Rao,
a man who lives for his village. We live in two different worlds,
we can never meet You said days and years just passed by,
this too will pass. Okay Harsha Shocking Karthik… We didn’t get the contract
but someone else put up a tender in our Company’s name and we got it. Who must have gone for
the second Tender and why? I am also not able to understand Even you don’t know Madhav Rao? Harsha did it sir, Harsha! One day he came up to me
and said we need to put up a second Tender
without anyone’s knowledge That is why I didn’t tell you.
I am very sorry sir Sir,
Not this blue colour Sister, please give Why don’t you practice yoga?
It keeps you healthy Please sister Harsha.. A contract we didn’t expect came to us…
because of you. But why did you opt for a second Tender? You’ve been wanting the contract
for a long time and I felt another person
wouldn’t give it up easily. I suspected that our Company’s
Tender quote would be tipped… it turned out to be true. From our Company? Who? No idea. There must be someone
who must have succumbed to greed. Anyway we have bagged the contract. I know your capability Even without coming to office and not
Showing any interest, you’ve done this. Imagine if you were the boss..
You can do wonders. It is time Harsha. I need some time.
I want to go somewhere for a few days take your time, explore any part
of the world, enjoy, relax. But return and tell me you are ready Hi Harsha! Good job, well done! Do you know what happens if family gets
to know that tip from office went from you? Even uncle and aunt would be on roads
in shame along with you. Do not play with family.
What do you want? That chair?
It will not come if you try to snatch. You have to earn it Karthik. Till yesterday we thought
the contract was ours. We even bought a member in their family
and quoted far less than them in the Tender. What happened suddenly? He has a son After warning him about the contract, he went to Delhi and warned your father He told me to handle it
without your knowledge.. We also went He is “ITEM”… boss He did it with style and without noise.. He put up a second Tender
without anyone knowing about it. I want him, now let’s go Has the entire planet earth opened
its arms, and asked you to hug it? Lo, listen to that call, take that turn
and step forward and run… Has the dream burst out of your heart
And create a golden path for you…? This is the moment to pay back your debt
Go to them like a ray of sunshine.. What is your heart leaving behind
and where is it going? Does your heart stop to think
even for a second…? Your humanity is your wealth,
Go forth and serve others… Don’t hesitate and don’t look back again,
the smile on your face is your first victory lap… This is the path your heart is searching for,
Go for the good (that’s about to happen).. Your ambition is the fuel
that pierces the darkness in the world. Let your life rain love and compassion Your aim always is to help the society who else
can strive for everyone’s safety other than you? Your child-like innocence is enough to spread
the love to each and everyone in the world To the heart that’s waiting for you,
(You) become a wind and get going… What’s in need and what’s not in need
You can distinguish between them Like rain that feeds the sapling that needs it
(You) get ready and get going… Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…
Get going, Oh wealthy man, let your aims get fulfilled! Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…
Get going, oh Wealthy Man Let all your dreams come true!
Jai ho! Jai ho! Who are you? Leave me Go… go…go… go… Uncle Two crows are flying to Hyderabad
to file a case on us and the lake Even before they reach,
stop the bus and kill them. You collected a lot of data of our family. I too don’t know how much we have, how much do we have? Lot of it, poor people’s blood Then you won’t give your blood? Hello, Why are you blocking the road?
Remove the vehicles. Won’t Give I have told you to remove it Hey… What are you doing here? Brother, he is the one he is the one Every time you do this,
don’t you get slightly bored? He is the one who
went to Delhi and hit us All of you at one place…what luck! Minister’s son? I went to Delhi and told your dad to give you
a piece of mind, but he sent these men I told them in a way they understand
but looks like I have to tell them separately. I am going on an urgent work to the village.
Listen, leave them and remove the vehicles Kill them and this fellow also together Everyone is waiting in the bus.
It is better if we finish it fast.. Come.. come.. come.. come on.. Has everyone understood in the family,
anyone left? We are clearing the vehicles… sir. Right, right Devarakota Devarakota stop has come,
get down. Get the cycle down Right, right Which way leads to Devarakota? Go straight and turn to the right What work do you have in Devarakota? I have work in the village Your count has failed Yes, I have been seeing people leaving
the village but not coming in 521 My count has gone ahead How many stories and sufferings
this motherland has in her moist eyes, who could know? Only your soul can see
the fire she has hidden inside her heart. Only your hands have the warmth to
wipe off her tears and stand by her. Let her know those pain full times are over,
now her own son has come. Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…Get going
Let your aims get fulfilled! Jai ho! Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…
Get going, oh Wealthy Man Let all your dreams come true!
Jai ho! Jai ho! What happened? I fell unconscious, he helped me,
brought me home Namaste! Babu Instead of sending her so far,
why can’t men go? I am the only man in this house. My only son died in the military and the
Government gave a compensation with which we grow vegetables.
She cultivates them and sells them… and looks after us and
the children with that money. Dear! Who are you dear? I came on a small work in the village.
As I do not know where to sleep… Are there any lodges nearby
in this surroundings? How would lodges be
in such an isolated village? There as an elder person by name
Narayana Rao here. He arranges shelter in the house opposite
his, whenever new people come here. I will take you there,
if you have no objection. Hey..
sir, Download two sacks at the tree
and two at the entrance.. I am coming Babu called. He told me to send
four good photos of her to the town. Heard there are good alliances over there Today we need to spray insecticide
on the field The filed…
big work as if you are cultivating gold What are you talking? I will take care of the field, you take her..
See what she wants Narayana Rao He has come here on work,
he did not know where to stay and slept last night at the temple Narayana Rao Who are you?
What work do you have here? I am Harshavardhan,
studying about remote villages. Want to stay here for a few days
and study the conditions. Crestfallen faces in a dilapidated house,
what more is there to know There aren’t many comforts
for people like you, if you don’t mind
you can stay in our house I heard no one stays in that house,
if you don’t mind I will stay there. That house has gone bad, not fit for living.
Why don’t you stay with us? It is okay, I will feel free there Show him the house and see
what he wants – Okay brother Go Babu
Please come Babu, do come home for supper Okay..
Let us go Our relative’s house, 25 years back they left to the city
and settled there. From that day it’s vacant You can be in that room In case you need anything tell me. Okay There is a distant relative,
good for nothing who stays here. If he bothers you, let me know. Oh you are new entry here, supposed
to stay with me. I am Raja Ratnam They told me some other name They must have called me an idiot.
What else? What do you do? If I don’t do anything,
shouldn’t I survive? Just asked casually Where is your family? Am I a waste if I don’t have a family?
They have hinted that I am an idiot. Tummalapalli ZPTC Satti is talking
too much on the mike, bring him to the mango orchard once Tell me brother Our political situation is not good. High Command thinks that the district is
suffering on account of us.. If this continues the minister’s post will be
in danger. It will be tight in the next poll. To survive politically we need to do
something for the village.. Sasi. Can’t we stay in politics if we don’t do
anything? Who will come? Do something but let’s not take a risk He’s talking something new,
says we should do something Will not do..
Who will come.. Let’s see In the next one month,
summer will be at its peak. Scared if we can ever do
something for the school You fear is warranted. Toured all the neighbouring villages
but couldn’t collect even a 50 thousand fund There is an empty tobacco godown
in the neighbouring village. Why don’t we ask them
and run the classes this year How much will it cost
to build the fallen school? Around seven, eight lakhs No need son You came to see the village, this is
normal to us. We will face these problems. If we don’t share other person’s misery,
what is the point of living here. At least think of the children and
begin the work immediately Why only our village? I just wanted to come
to some remote village. My friend, Appa Rao is your relative and
he suggested this village. I just came We thought he is a vagabond
but he is so responsible towards the village. Ask him to come once when it is possible.
Okay brother It has been a long time since I saw him If I am not here, these people will not even
lift a twig. How much work I manage here… Are you just coming Apparao?
Yes Aunt Are your parents doing well? Yes, but why should they worry when
I am there for them. They are highly happy. What man? Uncle
How are you uncle? Fine, fine When you would loiter around as a child,
I was worried for you but you sent your friend and helped
the village, I feel very happy. My friend..? You didn’t know? Why will I not know my friend?
I only sent him, but where is he? Opposite house Will go and say hi Harsha… How come you are here? Your family said you have gone on
a holiday. What are you doing here? This is my village too You never told me this I too got to know recently. My family left to the city years ago, I came here to do something
for the village. If they come to know I am son of him,
they might react differently so I told them I am here because of you Oh You maintain it that way Looks like everything
is happening for me Actually I am trying to woo Charu
but she isn’t falling for me Now because of you,
their family will think highly of me. As long as they live in that illusion,
I should work towards making Charu mine. You are stubborn Narayana I said it is not possible but
you started work on this school How can I possibly do
so much on my own? That boy came from elsewhere and is
constructing it with his money Who are you? Harshavardhan.. You? Sasi Heard you are doing this
on your own. You have too much money? I have a lot Why in this village? Why are you asking questions
instead of feeling happy that something good is being done You are constructing this school.
Later they will like demand this and that What will they ask? School, temple, road, water,
What, why don’t we give it? You are fun. Come home sometime.. Will treat you with a hunter fowl I will be staying here only..
Will come some day Who is he? Why is he doing all this?
Keep an eye on him Let him do. Brother from Delhi wants us to
do something for the village. We won’t do, we will put all that
he does into our account Please think of this road…
people are not able to walk Be ashamed, how you can ask
whatever that comes to your mind.. Please don’t misunderstand. They are all tired, the moment they saw
some hope they just asked. That’s all It is the road right? We will do it If you keep doing this,
there will be one after the other. There are many problems here We will do everything Sir. I have been told by a person that if
we have more wealth than necessary, we should adopt someone. But with the wealth I have, I will adopt
not just one or two people, but the village. I am adopting this village from today.. Will make this tired and closed place
into a beautiful and a happy one. Like the red hot sun in the afternoon,
this bright beautiful land is shining like me. The dream that ignited me wants me
to roar like an army of million warriors. I’ve got wings and there are no limits now,
even the sky has to be torn down. I’m running wild around the world
with the force of thousand horses. As a pure early morning breeze,
I’m hosting the flag of happiness and joy. Come awake, let’s get awaken,
go awake up, just wake up Come awake, let’s get awaken,
go awake up, just wake up After searching through the depths
of my soul, wanting to discover myself,
I’ve finally found myself. Now I’ll share myself, my love, and move
like a fire ball in all the eight directions. I’ll come like the most beautiful aroma
which will squeeze your heart with joy. I’ll come as the rain to flourish every flower,
every tree and every inch of my land. I’ll turn this desert into a beautiful garden… Come awake, let’s get awaken,
go awake up, just wake up Like the most unselfish tree,
giving us all its fruits and flowers without expecting nothing in return, So there is no meaning,
if we are indifferent to each other and don’t treat our fellowmen
as human beings. My blood will boil and my bones are ignited
just to see any tear drop around me. My soul feels tortured if I don’t do any good
to my fellow beings and share their pain. I’ll just keep giving whatever I have… Come awake, let’s get awaken,
go awake up, just wake up Sister!
Swati… Is your course over?
Do you need to go again? Almost done father. I have to organise a team
in a week’s time and execute small
developmental technicalities. But I noticed that a lot of stuff
that I learnt in college has already been implemented here. Found it surprising! I have never seen any change
so far over here, but in three months. How is it possible dad? God must have pitied our situation. A great man has come here
and adopted our village He’s been working day and night
without a wink to develop our village Come for lunch Sit down Came for this Babu sit down Serve
Okay father My daughter…. This boy is doing everything…
He is Apparao’s friend They know each other well. You met at my birthday party. I introduced you both to each other,
forgot so quickly? Forget about birthdays and
think about wedding Okay aunt,
how many times will you repeat? I always wanted to do something for
the village. I met a friend and inspired him.. Hey don’t get emotional…
Please, I don’t like all this Isn’t your village my village..
Same, same villages. Just go and sleep happily,
don’t get emotional. Sleep tight and goodnight What is all this? Why did you come here? This too is my village right? You didn’t know you had a village
till I told you. Suddenly it has become your village
and showering affection. For you and your family,
it is always business. You said you love me,
when I rejected you came here and you are getting close to my family. You know their weakness is
the village and you are investing on it. You think they will fall for you and
get me married to you. It is your plan. That will never happen.
Your investment on this village go waste. It isn’t late, leave as soon as possible, you can save your balance amount. What’s happening Harsha..
love between you and Charu? That girl is not your type Appa Rao You both are one type?
Like typing machine, computer See uncle, they are in love and I, like
an idiot am going behind Charu How did you ever think
Charu will fall for your face? There should be a limit f
or desire. Stupid fellow Babu, you read a book and sleep.
I will explain the remaining things What are you seeing? Let us go. Wash it.
Show, look how it came? Did you listen me saying to
have it for some more time? If it doesn’t turn red, such
fellows would come as husband What do you want to do?
She would break both your legs Push into the well and would jump
on you to kill, she is too dangerous Clean it properly Come, hold Show! Wow, it has turned deep red…
You will get a fair husband I don’t like fair people,
I like wheat complexioned or dusky looking people but not fair. I don’t know what went
wrong between you and Charu but it is clear that
she doesn’t like you. She is sending such signals secretly. Even if Charu is mine, our friendship
should remain intact. I literally beg you. Okay.. In the film, heroine misunderstood
the hero and told him to forget her. Later she realised her mistake,
goes crying to the hero and hugs him. It is cold, better cover yourself If you use the dialogue you saw
in the film on me, will break your teeth.
Just shut up and walk Come Harsha You go, will come in ten minutes.
– Okay What is this? Liquor, you too want to drink? I am cleaning the entire village,
and here you are messing it up. Remove all this. Remove it? This is Sasi’s stock! Come here I did not ask to whom this belongs to..
I asked what this is. Don’t you want to live in the village? Smoking and alcohol consumption
is injurious to health What am I asking, what are you saying?
How many drinks did you take? Don’t pick up a fight with Sashi’s men.
You will be finished. What have you done? You have
picked up a fight with Sashi’s men? They were doing irritating things on
the road, so I just told them it is wrong. That is where the fight triggers Twenty five years back there was
a good guy like you named Ravi. Who lived in this house
and in this village. He always wanted to do
something good for the village. Our village was always backward,
in a pathetic state. Ravi, my friend went out of the village
for higher studies, got a good job. He was moved by
the plight of the village You are going around a village
every day, what is your plan? If I go elsewhere and work hard,
I will definitely grow. Growth means, I want the people
and the village around me to grow. That is real development. I want to stay here and
do something for the village. Since this village is an arid area, I felt the people should have
an alternate source of income. We decided to put up a milk diary. But there is this Venkat Ratnam’s
liquor business… We thought we should wake up
people from their intoxication Because of liquor villagers were
getting into worse situation. We tried to explain to
Venkat Ratnam family. But they didn’t care. We thought we should
wake up people from their intoxication and motivate them to work hard We were enthusiastic about a change
and about getting into a new world. He made them give up liquor All of them are smiling
and going to work. He has become a great man
in people’s eyes. If this continues he
will become a leader. We shall stop all this, Sasi. We were looking up with hope and
suddenly darkness engulfed us What did you do? Earlier we never had comforts
but we lived well and we were living. But now everyone have died. Please leave us Ravi was blamed for the damage
that took place, he was labelled irresponsible
by the villagers They sent him to jail by filing a case,
citing deaths were due to short circuit. Ravi came out of the jail
as a hardened man. He couldn’t forget what the villagers
did to him and left the place for ever Once he left,
the village languished in darkness The people got used to the darkness and now
they saw a ray of hope in you. Let that remain, Don’t get into a fight with them
lest we lose that hope too. The villagers have no more strength
to take on darkness. It’s very late, sleep. Hello!
Hello Mom! How are you?
I am doing good. Where are you calling from?
Where is dad? He is here, want to speak? One minute… Harsha Harsha How are you? Did I disturb you? You called me, you know
how much it means to me. How is the holiday?
Are you enjoying yourself? Very good. Felt it would be better
if you too were here Okay..
After you return, we will plan When you coming back Harsha.. Harsha.. Will call you again He wants to holiday, with us He followed to beat me.
Don’t let him live brother He’s doing something to
the village with his money. Whatever he does goes into
our account, didn’t you say that? Leave him. Give me the dumbbells. Outdoor gym is good… Dear, one selfie. It is good to have fitness awareness. Last night you picked up
a fight with my men.. You probably didn’t know
they were my people. They informed me that
they are your people Missed you last night, if I had caught
you in the same enthusiasm last night, wonder what would have happened You are lucky that they updated me. What if they didn’t discuss all this
and if they piled on you? Imagine your situation. You all should have come together Brother phone Brother Sasi, they stripped me
off the minister’s post.. I tried maximum.
I am coming to the village. We will plan. We will meet again You are fortunate,
the call came on time… Lucky boys. We need to meet
the Collector tomorrow She too is getting good matches
brother in law. But it is not good to get her married
before Charu, right? Look matches faster for her. Here dear.
– No thanks Me, for me… Ok! I informed a few to
look for matches. But she looks not to go out of
this village like us She would be in problems if
strangers come as in laws Then, why don’t you get her
married to known? Even Apparao likes
your daughter very much. Added, he knows well about her. What Apparao,
you haven’t said me about that? Charu, come here once baby. While searching matches for you,
came to know that Apparao likes you. He knows you well from childhood.
He is also settled well. What do you say? Shameless fool! Can you not understand? Thinking you’d die
crying saying on face, I maintained distance. Thought you’d at least understand so. All wouldn’t be sharp like you.
We take time to understand. I will take him and explain.
You go and look after your work. If you mess again with me or bring my topic,
will break your legs and burn bloody. As you said so confidently,
thought even that girl likes you. Sorry Apparao. It seems she would burn your legs,
move on. Central Govt is announcing
a coastal corridor project here and that will turn this place to gold. They will announce it in 2-3 months. By being in the government
the entire project plan has been leaked. By the time the announcement comes,
we must grab as much as land as we can We must pool at least
five to six thousand acres. Throw pennies to the farmers.
If they say no, take it by force. If it is a problem still, kill them
but all the land should be ours. Brother… The boy has come from the city He wants to take me and
his mother along with him. She too wants to go,
created a noise last night. Find it difficult to leave you all suddenly. Why don’t you at least explain to her? You are my brother,
I can tell you anything. How can I tell your wife? Also the children are adults now. By wanting to stay together,
aren’t we denying their desires. It is selfishness. All these years we lived together.. How far are you going? Just Hyderabad right?
We will meet during festivals Mother pack these half sarees Why take it,
when you are going to the city? Where did I keep that? Instead of sitting idle,
why don’t you help him pack bags? Mother why did you pack that mattress? I thought it will be useful if
someone comes home to sleep I told you that we already have it there He told us to pack only clothes,
rest has already been bought After going there, if I find
something missing I will call you. You send it with someone Think once more Jyothi.
What will do there? What will do there? What are we doing here? You all will stay together. Will live together in there village
with whole family It is just an excitement that
you are going to a new place, but even you don’t know
why you are leaving. There is nothing new for you at
this age to see and do there. You will see four big buildings
from your house, there will be four extra hours
of power supply But you will not find people who will
speak four affectionate words to you. Your sarcasm might
not hurt anyone here In fact it is fun. But you will miss that conversation
and innuendos. Going doesn’t mean packing bags
and climbing down four stairs, when you actually want to return you
will have to alight thousands of steps. Every time he hears someone is going,
he runs to the bus stop and pleads people
not to leave the village Now when his own brother is going,
how will he face the village and live? It is nice that you have settled down
and want to take your parents with you But you are separating them
from their brother and sister-in-law who are like their parents. You can visit them on weekends
if they stay here If you get into a Volvo bus in the night,
next morning you are here But if they go with you, the distance
will be as big as the Sankranti festival that you can’t visit even once a year. The brothers have lived together
for 40 years. It is really something We should keep seeing that boss.
It will be nice. Don’t misunderstand me because
I interfered in your family matter. The few days I stayed here
I ate at your place. It feels nice when you all are happy. Come home three days before
the big festival. – Okay mother We all will celebrate here
Will come definitely Don’t get worried. I will check.
I know uncle, you are a gem Okay… I am going to Sumati’s garden,
anyone escorting me? Not you, look this side.
The matter is, I am talking to you Going to Sumati’s garden.
Anyone coming along with me? Babu till you go, she will keep going
to the garden. Go with her Sumati sister, are you fine? Fine..
How are you Charu? Fine.. Is the course over? Yes done Namaste Babu Namaste I have learnt to grow vegetables
in a new technique, let us try. I want henna leaves Sister,
it should turn deep red, a colour that would bring
me a fair husband. Pluck all the leaves Charu. Anyway
we are removing all the plants, we are leaving the village tomorrow. Why sister, so suddenly? Minister came to village yesterday.
He wants this entire field, We begged him,
but he beat my father in law. Tomorrow they will give us compensation
and will get us to sign the papers. That is why I am planning to go to
the city to look out for some work. Take whatever you want. Will leave if you sign the papers fast Her dead husband must be
known to you. He left his village to the borders,
and died for us in the war. We can’t do anything but
empathise with them. Even then without asking for help,
with the money she had, she purchased a field and is growing
vegetables to feed her family. Some fellow takes a fetish for the field,
and you arrive with papers…. Leave If you sign fast we will leave Take the kids inside I am a new person here and my throat is
choked listening to their story. You people have been here for years…
don’t you sympathise a bit with them? I will stay here, the field will be there, but I am
doubtful if he is alive or not. He is just not moving. First take him somewhere and
get him treated. Who Who in this village has
the guts to hit our men? One man came to this village
and adopted it. The changes you see is due to him. I thought he is wealthy and crazy But never thought he is
strong enough to fight us Have you gone mad? A new person settles down in the village
and does all these things, you people watch silently? Where does he stay? Bring him
to the mango orchard immediately Will have to tackle him. Harsha! Sasi had come for you. He asked you to come to their
mango orchid as soon as you come. He is also taken Charu saying to
send her back only when you come. Leave about her. If we go and plead at their feet
they would leave Charu. But, it is very dangerous
for you to go there. Please pack your luggage and
leave from this village. He… He is the one The world is very small.
We all met at one place. How are you? To talk to me, why take her with you?
One word and I would be here. You leave Charu,
I will speak for a while and come. Let her be here, She needs to see what all happens here
and narrate it in the village Then wait Charu…
we will leave together To come, speak and go,
do you think this is Delhi? Devarakota!
Mango orchard in Devarakota. There is only coming here,
no going out. That is what…. You have adopted the village and
you are spending money. You are following your passion,
but why meddle with us? Do you think adoption is about
pulling out cash from the pocket, colouring and laying roads and leaving? I have adopted the goodness
and also the negativity in the village. This fellow, that one, that one, all these people, you, your brother… I adopted everyone. So you won’t let us grab the fields? I came here to discuss about
what you grabbed till now I have noted it down
lest I might forget it. You have swallowed the funds allotted
for the repair of 43 ZP High Schools. You have to return You have grabbed the funds
sanctioned for 72 ZP roads. Return it. 350 crores meant for drought
has been swallowed. Return it. Way back you killed 30 in the dairy
and 23 more who confronted you. Will a human being ever do that? You will have to take care
of their families. You gulped the lake water meant
to irrigate fields in 11 villages. What is this gulping down a lake? You will have to return everything. What if I don’t give? Planning to kill all of you Because it is Delhi I spoke
a little and returned. This is Devarakota, a remote mango orchard. If I kill you there will be
none to ask or enquire. Come Charu You have taken a lot
from the village. Return it otherwise
you will turn obese. The one whose beatings would make
the mind get blocked is my husband I got scent going to Dubai
I got powder going to Japan Roamed whole Malaysia and
plucked Jasmines for you I got the China silk dhoti
I got the Singapore watch I got colourful goggles
going to Rangoon I got the rings, wear them
Catch then, I gave my hand to you Makeup seems cute and new Hey dear, seeing you
my mind is blocked completely Hey mind is blocked and
is very great feeling I got scent going to Dubai
I got powder going to Japan Roamed whole Malaysia and
plucked Jasmines for you I got the China silk dhoti
I got the Singapore watch I got colourful goggles
going to Rangoon Hey beautiful parrot and
my sweet dish, you are colourful Hey baby, will become the soap in
your bath and blink becoming the door I will turn into towel
and fulfil my dream I will become the dollar on
your chest and fish curry for you I will write your name and
fly my saree into the air If you become the sweet,
I will be born as a small ant If you rush like honey bee, I will be
born as a new flower every day Hey dear, seeing you
my mind is blocked completely Hey mind is blocked and
is very great feeling Seeing you, even the water I drink
is given kick like the toddy There is some sedative in your colour Air from your side
is making me go crazy You hid the valuable weed
in your hot looks When would you be mine? Make me yours now
in your tight hug Hey dear, seeing you
my mind is blocked completely Hey mind is blocked and
is very great feeling I did a blunder by stopping
you from killing him. He came right to Delhi
to warn me about you. I did a mistake
by not leaving him to you. Now he is here, yet we couldn’t do anything Chop him into pieces. I found him earlier when I was
dealing with two RTA officials. He hit me, saved them and left. In one way he is the reason for
you losing the minister’s post. He is Ravikant’s son who owns
properties in thousand crores. Ravikant’s son? Getting scared of him day by day. Every evening he goes to the lake.
Heard he will stop the lake water going to the factory and
divert it to the fields. Hello!
How are you Ravi? Who?
Venkatratnam You left the village and
have become a big man. I am happy in a way that you are
in the position because of us. After earning so much, why did you
send your son here to the village? We thought you were dangerous,
your son is far more dangerous. It was enough to evict you
from the village but we need to send your son
straight out of this world. Come and take his body Venkat Ratnam…
Venkat Ratnam… Check the situation properly
Okay sir Doctor
Yes He has to live doctor,
he is my life.. Please doctor We are doing our best..
Don’t worry I can’t live without him mother, I want him…mom What Charu? You already know him? Yes, in Hyderabad. We love each other. But when I got to know that
he is son of Ravikant, who left our village,
I kept him at a distance. He came here without my knowledge, I thought he came for me
and still kept him away But he loves the village more than me. He is a nice person father,
more than you, me and the village. Excuse me, I am Dr Ganesh. There has been stabbing in two places. Lot of blood has been lost. We have done a surgery,
now he is alright. He’s been here and
built the hospital very well. I felt very happy for
what he was doing. but I never thought
I had to treat him here. Sorry sir. Even if this village changes, You people won’t change.. You will continue to live. Live.. One son, My only son. Let him live. What is there in this village? Our land, Our village.. You continue to live. Live.. Are you able to eat twice a day? Are you scared what will happen
to you if he goes? As long as you all live, I will take care of you. All of you. If something happens to my son…
each one… Send my son to me.. Send my son to me.. Please.. Heard he came to the village
because of you, he likes you a lot. If it is possible leave the village
and come with us, there will not be any relation
between him and the village. Nothing happened to me mother. Small injury, that’s all. Five people were killed and
I couldn’t save them. Can I go doctor,
there is lot of work. No dear. It is enough. Please go from here. We might not have lived well
before you came but were alive But after this we are doubtful
if we will live. Please leave immediately. Please leave Harsha, let us and
the village live like this…please Why doesn’t this world let you
be yourself, to flow freely, But wants to stir up
a volcano in your soul. There are stumbling blocks, even
for you spreading sunshine, but it’s not in your hands which turn
your fate takes to reach your destiny. Can you live, even be without feeling
the breeze of your dreamland. Can you console your heart for not
moving in the direction of your dreams. Go forth, oh wealthy man,
get going, oh wealthy man. Fly like a free bird…. Go forth, oh wealthy man,
get going, oh wealthy man. Dedicated to your mission and service…
go…. It’s because of your crying only
all this problem in this village first if you hand over your land and
leave this village, all will go smoothly Our livelihood is only on that land Brother.. Sign it Brother-in-law Harsha I thought you will take some time to
become okay and be normal with us… But you are distancing yourself
from us every day Won’t you change? I want to change, but change more and more like me My effort was to keep you away
from the village, Got you here. What more? You brought me out of the village But you are not able to take
the village out of me What is there in the village? Your mother, father, home and
family is here. Everything is here. But my life is there I am moving around in suit and boot like
corpse in this house but I am not here. I never felt this is only my family. I feel that every person in a problem
is my family. Sorry to say this… 25 years back you told them
that development is not growing individually, it means
even the people around you. Sounds great, wonder how great
it will be if we implement it. We will hurt ourselves while doing
something to achieve our goal But even while staying in the house
we might get hurt Just because the villagers spoke harshly
once you left them and came here.. But they are very proud that their
Ravi has become a great man. They are also our family. You worked with a vengeance and
earned so much wealth… Put your hand on your heart and
tell me how many times you might have thought about
the village and villagers. You made 25 thousand crores, I need to double that. I can’t do that.. Moreover I feel like distributing five
or ten out of what you’ve given me. I go and sit in the office, I find a farmer looking hopelessly at a
lake that will never be of help to his field. When I sit down to eat, I see people with hunger
migrating to the cities. I am not able to do it. If I stay here I will be suffering
and you will also suffer seeing me If I go there I will be happy,
I can keep ten people happy. I agree you have given me birth But I can’t stay right in front of you
as long as I live to keep you happy. I am not a good son, If possible will come and visit for
a festival or some celebration. As a son I can’t do anything more. Just leave me once for this life. Everyone says I have a handsome son But I think I have a good son. Go…. Wherever you want,
whichever place you like. Make everyone happy
and be happy. Many lives are waiting
for you over there Don’t be late Harsha Go These are tears of happiness, Thanks for being my son It is all yours, Business and family too You should take care of
my parents too Why is the bus not coming still? My heart will break if he counts …
that another family is leaving the village If anyone leaves the village …
Do you know why I counted loudly? It is small hope that you will
stop them leaving the village If you only leave the village …
Who will be there for us and village? Think once again Narayana.. You are like the head of this village If you also leave the village,
what will happen to this village? What will happen to this village..? The one whom you pray daily has not
saved this village and the people here If god doesn’t like us to be with
this village and its soil…… Everything is over Babu We have six thousand acres
for the next coastal area. Can there be something
more valuable than this? Yeah To my knowledge
this is the biggest project Land is ours,
project is yours, Profit should be 50-50? Yeah, sure.
I can’t imagine bigger deal than this.. But all these are fields belonging to the
villagers, won’t there be a problem? If it is taken by pleading
there may be some problem We killed and grabbed the land No one will come this side.. You have already started
a business with fields? They aren’t papers They are lives. I thought you will be smartly dressed
and drinking in an AC room But will it be good if you die
a dog’s death in a liquor factory? What is this nonsense Venkat Ratnam?
I will meet again. No chance, there won’t be anyone left
amongst these to meet you Bad luck. There is not one fellow
who didn’t pierce me near the lake. I didn’t get angry for that also I left my family and came here
assuming that this village is my life.. But you saw to it that
the village disappeared Put your hand on your heart and
tell me are you worth living? I can beat you and take the papers You will come again Again I will beat, You will return Will beat When will we live? I take a vow on Devarakota,
killing is the right thing to do. Your will is a fireball to spread the
light to all the eight directions, It’ll never fade out, never burn out,
till you reach your destiny. Your dream is your sword, which tears
the darkness to bring in new light, It’ll always stay sharp
to serve all the people in need. Your idea that this whole life’s
purpose is to serve, You’ve dedicated your life to
people and all around you. Everything perished
due to short circuit. Only the staff and me escaped.. The field papers and those people,
they got trapped. Go forth, oh wealthy man,
get going, oh wealthy man. We all bow down to your purpose!
Jai ho! Next Year Sankranti Festival What does Sankranti mean to you? I saw that village, but our village is better.
There is nothing to beat our village Why are you returning
this early Harsha? Went to the neighbouring village
Venkatakrishnapuram. This year there was a good crop
of dry chilli and peas. I thought you will carry it
along while leaving. Did you listen to me that day
when I told you You take You are looking like
golden doll in this saree Whatever I say turns out to be true..
Do you know that? By next Pongal,
you will have to give me a grandson Did I ask correctly?
Did you see her blush? By next year, mom in law
wants a grandson.. Shall we? Will give…


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