Sridevi gets Entertainer of the Year Award

took my breath away when she first explored it on screen a shear powerhouse of talent and she's proved that talent only gets better with the years with marriage with two babies she did he back better than ever before she's a tinted in of the earth and I'd like to ask sushma swaraj e pleased to give her this award I'm learning I'm running what a wonderful combination this is two wonderfully talented women up here with me tonight and I'd like to ask both of you first uh she Davey just to say when the Bollywood heroes get older every year their heroines get younger you've changed that around thank you for the compliment that's gonna happen more often do you throat that's going to happen more often that we see heroines of substance actually takes center stage well things are changing and I'm hoping for the best and even the producers are willing to make films different so I'm really wishing all the best for them you've got your husband here of course a successful producer so bony kapoor are you going to change the bollywood mantra as well you don't have a mic but i'm going to take it as a yes but sue Shanti has to ask you do you have to be a great actress to be in politics as well you need drama I don't think that you have to be actress you have to be very genuine person have you ever watched she Devi movies have you seen English English yes I've seen and not only one many movies many movies of Sridevi I just like to ask of course sir we have a Kareena Kapoor here as well and Kareena and just like to ask when you saw Sridevi in this film actually are completely take it in her shoulders did you feel proud also as an actress from a different generation what did you feel about that and you think it gives you also hope well I think the reason why I'm an actress is also the lady who is standing on stage which is Sridevi G I have danced in front of all my bathroom mirrors trying to imitate her in every which way and I'm so happy that she has once again set a bar for us actresses aspiring there even when we are at her head we can even look half as beautiful as her and that obviously just be a challenge so many many congratulations 3d and so well deserved thank you thank you very much and it surprises you


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