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SpiroPak | Curtinnovation Awards 2019

From the manufacturer of pharmaceuticals,
and the refining of crude oil, to removing carbon dioxide from natural gas;
the separation occurring in these columns is critical to many industrial chemical processes
and it relies on structured packing, specially designed services that facilitate
the contact of gas and liquid. Yet, surprisingly, This technology has
seen little progress in the last 50 years, until now. A Curtin research team, collaborating with Woodside FutureLab has developed Spiropak Structured Packing, an innovative approach to optimizing the contacting of gas and liquid. Extensive testing and prototyping has
demonstrated that Spiropak’s novel design: increases the packing contact
surface area up to five times… reduces pressure loss and energy usage by
up to 70% while creating a more even flow. This allows columns to be built 35 percent
smaller, without affecting capacity. Large-scale modelling shows that
retrofitting Spiropak to an existing column in a conventional natural gas processing plant could improve flow by 40 percent. once proven at industrial scale, Spiropak
could open up new opportunities to cost-effectively upgrade processing facilities, and allow existing facilities to
process new sources of gas.

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