SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME All Movie Clips + Trailer (2019)

hello Tony come on vacation Ned hose doesn't it just get around no no you don't okay this is mr. Beck but you handled yourself well out there today so what you did with the tower Thanks they were born in stable orbits within black holes creatures forms from the primary elements air water fire earth the science division had a technical name we just called them elementals versions of them exists across our mythologies turns out the myths are real like Bora Bora was a medicine now I study him in my physics class these myths of threats they first materialized on my earth many years ago I was part of the last battalion life trying to stop them all we did was delay the inevitable the elementals are here now attacking the same coordinates our satellites confirm it we have one mission kill it you're coming with us mr. fury this all seems like big time you know huge superhero kind of stuff and I mean I'm just a friendly neighborhood spider-man sir please you've been to space Fury asked me to come up here and see how you were doing he just he felt bad about snapping at ya really you guys do have sarcasm on this earth right how you feeling I didn't think I was gonna have to save the world this summer I know that makes me sound like such a jerk I just I had this plan with this girl that I really like him now it's all ruined I like you Peter a good kid there's a part of me that wants me to tell you just turn around run away from all this and then there's another part of me that knows what we're about to fight what's at stake I'm glad you're here me too but you're worried about your friends yeah just always feel like I'm putting them in danger look just get him inside and keep me in a safe place for just a few hours and they'll be all right it's really nice to have somebody to talk to you about superhero stuff you know any time okay beat the rush you had to rush out lucky for us we got the best seats in the house let's go you look really pretty and therefore I have value no no that's not what I meant at all I was just I'm messing with you thank you you're welcome you look pretty too oh my gosh so cute want to go in on a pair you mean that's it next to each other yeah no okay no no want to sit in here you just don't realize I didn't mean that if you go ahead I'll go grab us a pair no I'm coming I need a suit suit you take care of the suit I'll take care of the music we start off in the iron spider suit that was amazing that was obviously we have the homecoming suit which is very dear to my heart I love that suit I forgot that I can't bitch my face and then there's the stealth suit which is my favorite suit because it's totally different and totally fresh the idea behind the suit is Peter Parker doesn't want to be seen as spider-man in Europe so Nick Fury loans him this costume coming out the shield special locks world how's the suit mister it's great it's awesome it's kind of Captain America like with a spider-man twist do you think that spider oh no no no it's like a European ripoff version of them I was actually reading the other day it's not it and it also looks pretty bad so the black and red suit despite wearing the work of art it looks so realistic that it feels like you should be able to climb walls and you should be able to shoot webs and the way that it's made is the no marsh to the godfather of the MCU the world needs the next Iron Man it's a hard path the life of a hero people depend on you even if you were in a battle sometimes they die I don't know if I could be the next Iron Man got gifts Parker the world needs that a French are in trouble they're all the question is what are you gonna do about it superhero stuff I gotta get you guys out of here hello jack who are you I work with spider-man who was there spider-man I work with spider-man not for spider-man new plan everywhere I go I see his face just right listen damn isn't too I don't think Tony would have done what he did if he didn't know that you were gonna be here after he was gone they're gonna be in exile and now well no I don't have time I'm too busy doing your jobs oh I'm kidding I'm kidding look keep up the good work because I am going on vacation heads up Nick freeze calling I don't really want to talk to me at all why because if you don't talk to him and I have to talk I don't want to talk about you sent Nick Fury to voicemail I gotta go you do not ghost Nick Fury dorks what's up we're just talking about the trip I'm here in San Marco Polo's oh I think MJ really likes me when I first alone you're a very difficult person to contact spider-man this is mr. Beck we're gonna use someone like you on my world new world Beck is from Earth just not ours a snap to our home in our dimension multiverse you have a job to do you're coming with us it's gotta be something else you can use what about the offworld captain home unavailable let couch the friendly neighborhood spider-man bitch please you've been to space what do you want Peter I want to go back on my trip with the girl who I really like you tell her how I feel MJ I am spider-man no of course not I mean it's kind of obvious you're right you may not be ready but this is my responsibility saving the world requires sacrifices sometimes people die so I feel like I put my friends in danger the world needs Next Iron Man you're going to step up or not I work with spider-man you were through spider I want when spider-man not for spider-man all right no Chris Tom is it it is yeah nice to meet you thank you just tom hiddleston yeah what okay sure tell me about spider-man why wasn't Thor in that one oh because you know you'd really feel like the front-running Avengers in this movie you know it's all about kind of who's gonna step up and take our DJ's spot which is why I asked where was who I was thought that's what the last time I saw you you were you were a little bit portly yeah how have you I mean oh it was a full method on that one my my Oscar attempt yeah and and so I sort of blew out and totally be in the baby's real pretty bumper shotgun in the bag I should I've already cleaned the mantelpiece full thing I so I saw a copy of this down at the markets in CUDA did you say recast you already who with Chuck Journal oh really Tom who's your favorite actor in the whole world you can see Liam Hemsworth he's up there man he's great he's really good any other Hemsworth's Luke Hemsworth I'm so super talented yeah super super junior's have four more him so if any would there be I think would start with a see India Hemsworth has potential she grow up to be a great actress movie I'm sure okay let's move on child spent minute black I just knew this one was gonna be like slam dunk amazing thank you thank you everyone's Hussein on a Saturday favorite film in history similar they have who's seen it the smartest group of people right in the world we assembled them and found like Avengers but yeah critically so know when Watson said best movie all time why buy this film it's only super exciting and it's adventurous and the actions way bigger and it's just like the continuation of the biggest cinematic moment in history terrific amazing thank you we're so good peeps I am late happy nice thank you you too thank you new dress yes it is what just happened bitch passport Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please in 82 space let's go pack your suit I just want to go on my trip with my friends Europe doesn't really need it friendly neighborhood spy we look really pretty therefore I have value no that's not a nice thing you look pretty too I just play some time with nd I think she likes you to be my first almost I had just finished my field coffee so nice to finally meet you spider-man your Nick Fury put some clothes on let's go for a ride is she gonna be okay like that might want to turn him over so he doesn't swallow his tongue Nick Fury just hijacked our summer vacation get gifts Parker but we have a job to do are you going to step up or not all along your friends are in trouble what are you gonna do about it you don't want any part of this who is that guy he's like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one he's no spider-man what is it with you and spider-man what he looks out for the neighborhood has a dope suit and I really respect him sup dickwad [Applause] [Applause]

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019 action) fiIm:

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empêchent
    de s'approcher trop
    près l'un de l'autre.

  • Spider MCU is a disaster, a spider full of technology, weak and useless, with a gay appearance. Andrew Garfield and maguire tobey are the real spiders of the world. Spiderman has really collapsed by MCU

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  • SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME (2019)Available HD1080p Online watch ➤➤

    அவர்களின் ஆழ்ந்த விருப்பங்களை நிறைவேற்றும் சக்தியைக் கொண்ட ஒரு மந்திர விளக்குக்கு ஒரு கனிவான தெரு அர்ச்சின் மற்றும் சக்தி பசி கிராண்ட் விஜியர் வை. இயக்குனர்: கை ரிச்சி எழுத்தாளர்கள்: ஜான் ஆகஸ்ட் (திரைக்கதை எழுதியவர்), கை ரிச்சி (திரைக்கதை வழங்கியவர்) நட்சத்திரங்கள்: வில் ஸ்மித், மேனா மசூட், நவோமி ஸ்காட் | முழு நடிகர்களையும் குழுவினரையும் காண்க »

  • Earth air water and fire what i know earth air water and fire avatar the last airbender 😯😯😯😯

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