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SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) – 8 Movie Clips | Marvel Superhero HD

you have to go 42 blocks and 7 and 1/2 minutes or your ass is fired Go! What are you stupid?! Wooah! He stole that guy’s pizza hey you guys, no playing in the streets.
yes Mr. Spider Man see yah! pizza time You’re late I’m not paying for those oh no, no! ahhhh! Why is this happening to me don’t leave me Oh that boy of yours is a hero hold it! Put your arms up! All of them! Here’s your change! oh! no, come on! Awww! You’re getting on my nerves. I have a knack for that. Not anymore hold your fire don’t follow me 20 seconds Hand her over of course easy now Butter fingers help me I’m Coming me , help thank you haaaaaaaaaaaa Aunt May you stuck your webs in my business for the last time now you’ll have this woman’s death on your conscience come on! oh my God, this is it tell everyone to hang on! anymore bright ideas i got a few, Yeah! watch out! slowly gently is he alive? he’s, he’s just a kid no older than my son its alright we found something we won’t tell nobody its good to have you back Spider Man do you love me or not? o right don’t you doubt kiss me kiss you? i need to know something just one kiss what’s happening? Peter Parker and your girlfriend what do you want? i want you to find your friend Spider Man tell him to meet me at the west tower 3 o’clock but i don’t know where he is find him or i will peel the flesh off her bones if you lay one finger on her you’ll do what? he’s mine! you wanna get to him, you gotta go through me and me me too very well where do you want him and the truth him for me I could cause you the pain that you caused me. First we’ll see who’s behind the mask And look into your eyes as you die Pe! No! It can’t be Erick, where is she? Where is he keeping her he’s got MJ No! all you wanna do is tritium tritium? he’s making the machine again when that happens she’ll die along with half of New York now where is he? peter you killed my father there are bigger things happening here than me and you Harry please I’ve got to stop him. had to do what i had to do Mary Jane Peter I can’t survive without you you shouldn’t be here I know you think we can’t to be together but can’t you respect me enough to let me make my own decision I know there will be risks but I wanna face them with you. its wrong that we should be half alive. half of ourselves I LOVE YOU so here i am standing in your doorway I’ve always been standing in your door way its all about time somebody saved your life would you say something? thank you Mary Jean Watson go get him tiger


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