Spark Award 2018 – Virtual rails for safe and collision-free multi-drone flight

we believe robotic cameras all the potential to revolutionize the film industry they enable entirely novel types of shots and greatly simplify existing shots dolly shot zooms and so forth however controlling robotic cameras typically requires a lot of expensive equipment and several skilled operators at least one person controlling the robot and one person controlling the camera and in this work we develop algorithms that simplify this process so that a single operator can control several robotic cameras and enable entirely new types of shots an important aspect in filming live TV sports filming commercials filming movies is repeatable shots to be able to repeat them we use a lot of camera cranes dollies and this infrastructure and Kuras overhead both in terms of effort and financially our algorithm kinda takes inspiration from these mechanical tools and implements them in software so a cameraman can now define 3d virtual rails the algorithm at runtime then guarantees that the drone stays within the safety tube the camera operator can then concentrate on the aesthetics of the filming for example adjusting the camera velocity adjusting the direction in which the camera is pointing and does not need to worry about safety or keeping the drone in the air in this concept of safety and dynamic plan adaptation also lends this algorithm to other application domains such as surveillance security and other scenarios where robot needs to move in dynamic man-made environments you

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