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Southern Arizona students testing out e-cigarette prevention program

well the new test program based out of the University of Arizona is working to educate preteens about the dangers of vaping and addiction new support to zones to no con Fair has the story it’s newellton an anti tobacco program being tested at the University of Arizona will now include vaping content aimed at fifth and sixth graders we’re partnering right now with colleagues in Oregon to test the program in 22 schools in Oregon and 22 schools here in Tucson those schools include the anti school district Marana School District and some schools in Vail we’re evaluating an online program and it’s a really fun program for kids to do they really enjoy it just last week the Trump administration said it plans to ban the sale of non tobacco flavored electronic cigarettes this comes on the heels of at least six deaths linked to a vaping related respiratory illness in at least four hundred and eighty-three reported cases of lung illnesses across the country we know short-term health consequences of vaping of include respiratory problems cell damage other things that are going on in the short run but as I said we really have no idea what the problems are in the long run for vapors like Adam Jones it’s a better alternative than smoking how many vaping deaths have there been by eight and how many smoking cigarettes have there been thousands I think it’s a better alternative than a cigarette a hundred percent dr. gordon disagrees vaping is an epidemic among our youth and people both youth and adults have misperceptions that vaping is a harmless alternative to smoking well not as much research has been done on the dangers of vaping compared to cigarettes one thing is for sure we know that youth who vape nicotine products are almost four times more likely to go on and use conventional tobacco products Danelle con fair news for Tucson

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