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Socrative: creare quiz e sondaggi online

Good morning everyone, I’m going to talk you about an app that could change the school in the future: it’s called Socrative. Let’s search “Socrative” on Google, then let’s enter the website. This is the homepage. The app lets the teachers create tests online for their students. There are two types of profile: the teachers one (useful to create tests and school materials), and the students one (they will join a virtual classroom typing a code provided by their teacher). I created a teacher one, so I’ll be able to show you how to create a quiz. This is the teacher’s dashboard. We can create quizzes, Space race (only for the pro account). I’ve already created this quiz, with only one question. This page shows us different types of questions: multiple choice, True/False or short answer. Let’s see the multiple choice one. We can write or put a picture on the first white space, and then we can put the answer choices. The “true/false” option is the example I’ve already created. In the “short answer” option, we can put a picture or a sentence in the white space, and an explanation in the other box. When our test is completed, we can click on “quiz” to launch it, then on “next”. Now we can choose different methods: instant feedback, open navigation or teacher placed. Users usually choose “Instant feedback”, with the “require names” and “show question feedback” automatically selectioned. Let’s start now. There is no classroom because it’s an example. We can change the option of the class progress (percentual or numbers). We can see the answers the whole class gave to the question, or the answers given by each student. If we click on “finish”, we can see the chart or the report (sending each student’s progress via e-mail). Thank you for your attention. I hope this video will be helpful. Goodbye!

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