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Society of Voice Arts and Sciences – First Entertainment Spotlight

– I believe I will buy Park Place. Well I’m not I’m gonna
buy the Reading Railroad and I’m gonna bounce all over there. (gentle music) – Well I am very proud to be going on the 20th year of Spongebob
Squarepants as Pearl Krabs. – You can’t make money talking. What do you think you’re doing? – Well what a wonderful
day to rule the universe. (gentle music) – I think for me voice
acting is the truest form of storytelling. You know with on camera you
get to raise and eyebrow, you get to put your hand on
your hips, you get to have all sorts of subtle reactions. And in voiceover whether
it’s promo, on camera, animation, audio books, narration, political, you name it it’s
all through your voice. – We first started Society
of Voice Arts and Sciences through my book which I wrote called Secrets of Voice Over Success. – When we had the first book
signings at Barnes and Noble the big surprise to us was
that the dealer came to us to say we don’t have enough books. We didn’t expect 200 people to be in line around the block. – We started to realize how
many people were interested in voice acting and how
many people in voice acting didn’t quite understand how to navigate. – They’ve done remarkable work
for the voiceover industry. Just forming this
organization that actually is, works as an advocacy
group for voice actors, the voiceover industry,
all the different voiceover disciplines, provides the
service of the conference. – Rudy asked me one morning,
he said what do you think the number one thing a
voice actor would want? And I said boom, a job. So that’s when That’s
Voiceover was created and today it’s known as
That’s Voiceover Career Expo. – The people that are there,
the talent that are there, the level of professionalism. You actually don’t go
there and just mingle. You go there and you learn. I mean you go home all fired
up ready to kick some booty. – Yeah it’s networking,
people come from all over and you really, I think they
really curate the panels and who’s on them and what
they’re doing with them. (gentle music) – Well you know it’s a poor dog
that won’t wag its own tail. And as voice actors it’s a
good idea to one bring the community together and
recognize one another for the work we do. – Honoring voiceover people is
wonderful, it’s probably one of the rare or only thing
that actually does honor voiceover talent. – The voice is really an
important thing and nobody really had done that. No one had given it attention. And they have and they’ve,
they bust their butts, can I say butts? – Okay well there I am, on
my computer on Facebook, and all of the sudden down
my newsfeed I see an ad that’s sponsored by First
Entertainment Credit Union. That caught my eye. I’ve always wanted to have
a financial institution to partner with because
it totally made sense. Especially an entertainment one. – In the entertainment industry your life and the way you earn your money, it doesn’t follow the same
patterns as the regular world. They have a unique understanding
of what our needs are and how to service them. And that sort of understanding
is something you can’t do without when your in
the entertainment business. You have to have that sort
of connection with your financial institution. – You know with, our
voices reveals our soul, it reveals our heart,
it reveals our brains. It reveals, that’s the
original communication. And there’s a lot of power in there. It’s that power to inspire, that love. And there’s all the power in the world. (gentle music)

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