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Snow Hill native Rapsody up for two Grammy awards on Sunday

FEMALE RAPPER IS UP FOR TWO GRAMMY’S. W-N-C-T’S TAMARA SCOTT SAT DOWN WITH HER FAMILY TO SHARE THE STORY OF HER BEHIND THE MUSIC AND HOW HER DAUGHTER STAYS GROUNDED. SNOW HILL IS MY HOME, HOUR FROM THE BEACH…THAT IS A LINE FROM SASSY..ONE OF RAPSODY’S SONGS UP FOR A GRAMMY. THAT ISNT THE ONLY TIME SHE REFERENCES WHERE SHE’S FROM OR HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS TO HER. HER MOTHER SAYS…THAT IS WHAT KEEPS HER SUPERSTAR GROUNDED. “I ran to one of my friends at the job. I said do that say that rapsody is nominated for two Grammys, and she said yes and oh I went around the place crying to all my friends like ohh I don’t believe it you know I was so happy.” 35-YEAR-OLD – RAPSODY….. BORN MARLANNA EVANS DIDN’T START IN THE LIME LIGHT …. SHE GREW UP HERE IN THE SMALL TOWN OF SNOW HILL. “Marlanna has always been special child I knew something was different about her but I didn’t get a heads up to what it was.” EVANS MOTHER…. MARGARET SAYS BASKETBALL, FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONCE DOMINATED THE YOUNG GIRLS INTERESTS. “Her passion was playing basketball… her and her brother mark… my son didn’t love it as much as Marlanna she kept going with it until highschool. WHILE FAMILY AND FRIENDS STAY PROMINENT….SPORTS SOON TOOK A BACK SEAT “I went over to my sister’s house and her son was listening to music you know on his headphones and I said let me listen to your music Raf and he said I’m listening to Marlanna and I’m like what???” “She was humble, but I could see that she was strong, that’s what’s going to help her now and it’s already helping her, I think it’s going to help her in the future.” “She raps because she loves it it’s her passion and she is not out to make a big show, its what she wants to do, it’s what she loves doing.” TWO GRAMMY NOMINATIONS THIS YEAR… MAKES FOR A PROUD MAMA “I’m so proud I’m almost in tears right now. AND A HOMETOWN CHEERING HER ON FROM AFAR… “I’m really proud of her especially with her being a woman I think that makes it even better.” “I’m real proud of her, she from Greene County too yeas proud of her.” “Congratulations awesome job.” RAPSODY IS UP FOR TWO AWARDS…BEST RAP ALBUM AND BEST RAP SONG. MARGARET SAYS WIN OR LOSE ON SUNDAY NIGHT..SHE KNOWS HER DAUGHTER IS PAVING THE WAY FOR OTHER YOUNG WOMEN HOPING TO BREAK INTO THE INDUSTRY. A NORTH CAROLINA STATE TROOPER IS BEING

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