Snoop Dogg, Ava Duvernay & More On Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy & Philanthropy | BET Awards 2019

  • They killed him and now they cry 😢 gov knows how many times we take a shit everyday idk 😐 it’s wired but it’s happening they made the whole world be come a one tiny state think 🤔 but above this state is the greatest witch is They can’t reach ! To record or set up or kill die like a Loin or live like a cow 🤫they watching !!!!!

  • If you believe in GOD then you dont believe in diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia no disease's! GOD gave his only son. We are GOD'S children he didn't put us here to struggle!!!
    The way phenol works… You are given phenol over the span of your lifetime. You will build one or more calcium deposits somewhere in the body, where ever it may fall who knows. Doctor's will claim it's cancer and you will believe them. Phenol causes extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and all the other symptoms of cancer! Phenol causes all auto immune disease's! Sounds unbelievable, but the body can't get sick! Age and gender play a big part of this! This is a test of your faith to GOD! This depends on how much you get if they're greedy you will get a diease that will change your life! This is why dogs get diabetes, hip problems and other health issues! Phenol is under different names, in majority of everything we eat and touch! Example: tires, charcoal, colonge, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc… I'm just listing a few items you can read the rest for yourself! I was given phenol for four years and six months. I was told I had MS, neuropathy, brian infection, part of my brian missing and on my way to being diabetic! I'm almost 100% back to being healthy! Doctors call it a disease when really all you have is nerve damage! The man upstairs won't be mad if you belive what the doctor told you because the doctor may or may know what's going on. He is just doing what he learned from the school this is where learning "practitioner"comes from! I've had multiple disease's! Just a few…swollen lymph nodes, impotence, no sex drive, blind in left eye, extreme fatigue, dragging of my leg, swollen head, depth perception, thick toenails, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, incontinence, constipation, deficate blood, urinate blood, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, weight loss, anxiety, deafness, fluid leaking from ears, thick dry elbows, crooked toes, receding gums ,lazy eye, dry mouth, excessive wax in ears, spots on fingers and bottom of feet this is just some. Geneva police department has some of this on file! This has been given to you through out your life and you don't know it! Phenol will take four to five years to get out of your system! This is how kids grow out of allergies! Think about this! Age and gender play a big part! This is in vaccines, immunization and meds. Comes in three forms powder, liquid and solid! Causes (supposedly) Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts, MS, lupus, autism, ADHD, impotence, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, renal failure, extreme fatigue, cancer, HIV, anxiety, deafness, bone structure changes, swollen head,speech problems, blindness, deafness, depression, dehydration, anorexia, starvation, constipation, PMS, weight loss and weight gain, numbness, chest pain, suffering, loss of appetite, dark patches on skin all auto immune disease's! Come to find out I have been getting this since birth!!! The human body needs no vaccines or immunization!!! The nerves run the body! I will not argue with anyone about this! Please look this up I'm not lying to you! They were experimenting in death camps! GOD put you here to live not struggle! There are three labs in America; ALK Labs, Labs of Oklahoma, Greer Labs and one in Canada. I'm NOT AFRAID! You fucked my life up since birth and I'm going to repay the favor! All the babies, kids, teenagers, adults, grandparents and pets lives you have taken will be redeemed! Maurice Montez Battle of North Aurora, Illinois. I'M NOT AFRAID! JESUS WALKS

  • He is dead but never ever his soul!!!!!!! Erick May have taking his life but never could he erase a legacy

  • Went to my old school!And I’m here in middle school 7 th! Mannn. Why do legends gotta die! And the bad ones don’t that’s f*** Thats fucked up! ! Nip inspired the people in L.A and other states ! We lost a brother we lost a legend! I wish u have 1 other chance! Legends never! Rip Nipsey Hustle” the Great!”🏁

  • Wow how come everyone that's doing the right thing always gets taken out, he was amazing guy this is sad

  • The victory lap song is my favorite song right now. I get motivated every time I hear it.

    “I’m bout to take it there this time imma make it clear spoke some things into the universe and they appeared” ( nipsey hussle victory lap )

  • Every body sucking nip off now that he dead knowing he wasn’t that popular when he was alive. Y’all should have been giving him this same light when he was alive instead of waiting till he died.

  • Nipsey love is all cool but once again proves that you're nobody until somebody kills you

  • Tupac once said "Im not saying im going to change the world, but i guarantee i will spark the brain that will"

  • I mite of none they would use poop dodgey dog to front for nip. Snoop did a track year's ago saying he sold his soul. I can't believe the hood mandem are asleep to wots being rolled out right in front of them and there eye's. Talk about being programmed. That hole set up was staged real talk

  • I just cant stop shaking my damn head. May the Lord send all the healing to Lauren and the kids, may He help us understand why King Nip was taken from us, may His soul rest in peace. Amen

  • Such a great man and his death is something I will never understand. We love you Nip the marathon will always continue 💙

  • its amazing the vision he had it was truly a gift and he got taken out i wonder how much more he would of accomplished

  • We all know what Nipsey Accomplished. Trying to use Tactics of Honor and Flattery to sway the drive out of People who were close to Nipsey, so they might stop the pursuit of Justice in which they now postponed due to people no longer being ignorant on the schemes of murder. Nah, don't stop! Nothing new under the Sun from Dr.King and so forth. LOST RESPECT FOR SNOOP DOGG TOO; Parlaying in New Videos like it's just another day in the Office when you should be Protesting; and you from the same set! (Screen Shot)

  • It's a weird situation, his videos started to show like two ,three weeks prior to his death . It's like saying "appreciate him now cause he doesn't have much time on Earth."


  • R.I.P. NeighborhoodNip you're gone but never will be forgotten. #TMC #BlackKings#BlackLove#BlackQueens

  • Seeing this shit still just makes me so sad, why is it we live in a world where people who try and make a positive impact on there community, and the world, try and empower, and inspire, are the ones who get there life taken through senseless acts of violence, yet the ones who commit these crimes, continue to live a normal life.

  • Much Respect..The ones who were lucky to have him in their lives were truly Blessed, he was a good man. RIP NIPSEY 🏁🏁

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