SNK 40th Anniversary Collection 100% Trophy & Achievement Guide – PS4 & Xbox One

Hey, what's up guys? Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my SNK 40th anniversary collection trophy and achievement guide This is a very quick and very easy 20 minute completion on ps4 and Xbox one thanks to a time-saving glitch which which I give full credit to to achievement land Thanks to his video Which will be linked in the description below So we're gonna go into alpha mission as an example here and we're gonna use the watch Feature, so we're going to skip forward until towards the end of the game So what we're going to do here is we're gonna press start playing when we're very near the end of the game And then we're just about tnd the game. We're going to quit and save data So we're going to go back into the game we could press continue and If you've done this, right you will end up with a trophy or achievement when you end this game Now obviously you will have to do this for all 14 games that we're going to be doing which isn't a complete list of all of the games available in Available in the in the game itself, but we're just going to be doing 14 certain ones here Okay, so the list will be in the pinned comment as well But I'm gonna read them out to you as well So we have alpha mission Athena Crystalis grower war I carry warriors victory road I carry free iron tank P o w3 historic oil psycho soldier street-smart T and K free and Vanguard So those are the 14 games that we're going to be doing for the trophies or achievements Special thanks to to achievement land like I said For his video which I'm gonna link in the description below The game list will be in the pin comment below So yeah apart from that is not a lot to say on this game. So if you have any questions regarding in-game or the glitch or anything like that, they'd feel free to Post a comment below. So thanks very much for watching and special. Thanks to my channel members as well Until next time I've been black for sure and I'll see will very soon You

  • Full list of games needed for every trophy or achievement below. The game is on discounted sale for $27.99 in the NA region on PS4 until 20th August 2019.

    Alpha Mission
    Guerrilla War
    Ikari Warriors
    Victory Road
    Ikari III
    Iron Tank
    Prehistoric Isle
    Psycho Soldier
    Street Smart

    Hope this guide helps

  • Just finished up on dying reborn x2 stack try the JAP one and messed up at 91% – i replay it tomorrow – so i just log into discord and see this video – your always speedy and sumthing up your sleeve my FROG..

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