hey what's gonna get spots here in a bag and bring you another video on regular bubble and today I'm going to give you some tips regarding and this assistant interface as you can see in here we have a new look and every time you finish every quests and here daily or either either weekly and burial you can get a whole this weight all done we can get a a bunch of this assistance Medal of Honor and as you can see in here it is clearly stated that we only can get a 1.8 K Medal of Honor every week so this means that we can get a 18 18 be cut voucher per week and I am pointing this out it's because if you are a free player the only thing that you want or you need to get in here is the said big cut vulture it's because if you can't tap top then it is better to spend all your Medal of Honor in here rather than some materials that you can easily get like honor proof like this one gold medal you can easily get that one more a point well more a point is one thing but for me it is best to get the voucher there you go as you can see I'm going to get mine and we can get 18 yes no 18 I can only get 15 and there you go we now have how many we now have 52 and that's it this is the word head cases it is because like I said if you're a free player you cannot you're not going to top pop right so you don't have pcc but if you're exchanging your metal funner to vultures like this one is blue tangy vulture then now we can pull at least if you're lucky pools items like this one frost masquerade I really really want this one and I'm gonna try to get this one right so invest 30 there we go Oh frost get and then sand now I don't want to sell this one that's because we can unlock it there you go +6 attack and that's it like I said guys every week you can get a 18 18 pieces 18 pieces the cat vulture one if you don't want to get a gotcha headgear any more than you want a costume you can also get this one instead alright so again use your metal funnel wisely and for those free top lip layer better get this one popular is something from this case and if you want my future content please do subscribe and if you liked this video please hit the like button and until then the end the next one bye guys [Applause]


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