Sneak Peek: Tamera Mowry-Housley's Strictest House Rule | Mom2Mom | E! News

what are the House Lee House Rules like what what's something you don't bend on and what something that you keep saying is a rule but you break all the damn time I don't want them sleeping with me only because I don't get adequate like husband and wife time when they are in your bed it's like sleeping with a drunk octopus that's the best way of describing it you'll wake up with a toe in your nose and you're like dad I'm trying to get them out of our beds like throughout the entire night have you ever thought about just locking the room door I did but my husband would not let me do it yeah there's always gonna be one in the family I'm like dude let's just lock the door he'll be fine we have a camera we'll be able to see everything but I let Adam have his way and our son is still in our bed I don't think you want more sex so I'm just saying no that always works though I remember at one point I was like dude you're not getting a name you want sex at least gotta have four or six hours with you in the bed I'm tired of doing it on the floor in the closet I it's cheers men we do love you we just forget to tell you you


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