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SML Movie: Joseph’s Mom!

Hey Chef Peepee, are you ready to go trick or treat? Whoa! Chef Peepee, nice costume! What are you talking about? I’m not wearing a costume. What? You’re not?! Oh that must be your ugly face That’s why it’s so scary. You know what Junior!? I’m not going trick or treating with you from now on! You have to go trick-or-treating with us. No. I don’t! I don’t even have a costume Junior. Well go get a costume! I’m not gonna wear a costume i’m too old for that. No you’re not Um please chef pee-pee get a costume I waited should the treaty with us if I find a costume I might put it on but right now Just fill another this bucket of candy Okay, oh Man, I really hope Chef Pee-Pee goes trick-or-treating with me Who’s that uhh hello Hey Junior AHHHHH JESUS CHRIST Terrifying well yeah, that’s why you dressed up like this. Oh god. I hate that movie Hey, Cody, does your friend have any candy for us? No yo yo what’s up fam, what is that your stepdad Cody yeah, hey what Acadia to Psalm 103 zebra? He’s not a zebra inmate I know well Kota you come inside the Halloween no my mom wants us to go trick-or-treating as a family Oh Cody if you want to go spend Halloween with your friends you can do that. Really, but thanks mom to die zone Cody But do you want some milk before you go you you can suck it right from my tit because I’m a cow dad No, no no mom not in front of my friends uh Cody, why do your mom you’re here when she dogs don’t know Junior, let’s just go so Cody, are you ready? Hello Joseph that’s a really scary cos. I know right, but what are you supposed to be? Oh? Obviously – gotta kill my mom well who killed your mom. I don’t know. I just think he looks like this. Oh So are we ready to go trick-or-treating or uh? Well, not really shucks. If he’s not ready yet, so I wit the wave let me get ready, okay Come on side, though So anything chef peepee is gonna. Be ready to go trick-or-treating. I don’t know whatever gets a costume You didn’t have a costume you can’t go trick-or-treating without a costume. I know right Speaking of a costume. What do you guys think about my Thomas costume? Huh? That’s hip dude. I think that costume sharks Halloween ow why he’s scared no, I’m not scared or anything This is two years my Mum died Oh yes for two years said his mom died did she died the night before Halloween no Actually, it was the night of Halloween because she died at midnight. Oh she dr. Midnight, so it was Halloween. Hey haven’t been the same ever since well. You still don’t know how she died no Man am I suck not knowing how your mom died. Yeah, just imagine you waking up and your mom’s dead You don’t know she died like someone could have killed her yeah What if I told you I do know how she died? you know how she died? look look I didn’t know how to tell you Originally because I didn’t know if you guys would still be my friends so can you promise that you’ll still be my friend if I? Tell you the story yeah, probably okay well It was actually the night of Halloween So us playing my xbox dude just having a fun time Then my mom comes in and she tells me I had to clean my room Jordan clean your room now. I wasn’t gonna stop playing my games dude. I was busy I had something to do so I complain and then she comes back in taste my controller and says I’m grounded Charlie I told you to clean your room now. You are grounded no more video games. Oh, I was pissed dude I was Oh bitch, but I said I said to myself just calm down go to bed and don’t think about it And that’s what I did After I went to sleep. I don’t remember much guys I just remember hearing my mom scream and waking up with a hammer in my hand So guys, I think I killed my mom while I was sleepwalking Well at least your costumes accurate so yeah. He killed his mom he’s crazy I knew that Cody, but I don’t want to make him mad. There’s a night, so you guys are still gonna be my friends Yeah, yeah, yeah sure yeah, but best friends. Yes, bud how about we have a Halloween sleepover? You know help me get over my mom Well you see my dad has a no sleepover policy ever since you told me that story yeah And I’m gay so yeah, you don’t like that you might catch something Yeah, yeah, I might I might be gay too really because because if you are else Dave I’m just trying to steal your Lana code, which I’m not lying. We’re chef peepee so we get this started. I was yeah well Go get him I’ll go get him. You’re the guest I’ll go get chef peepee well. No really it’s okay I’ve seen him naked, so we’re like really close, so I’ll go get him. Okay. You’re moving the arms to your costume Okay, I finally got my costume one Pirate damn Yeah you Want a piece of that booty you get it easier pirate? What are you doing here, Kobe? Oh, yeah? I came to tell you that Joseph told us he murdered his mom two years ago wait what yeah? Just have killed his mom are you sure he wasn’t playing a joke on you he seemed pretty serious when he said it But whatever I think he’s just playing a joke well, are you still gonna go trick-or-treating with us? No, I’m not going trick-or-treating I look I’ve got this big bag of candy. I’m just gonna pass how can you as a pirate? Oh, you’re gonna pass out candy. Huh? Yeah, well how about you put some candy in my bag? Yeah? Good my buddy’s the bag it Cody if you don’t get the hell out. Yeah, it’s work out Okay now It’s time to pass out some candy Tell me, what are you doing here you live here you can’t trick-or-treat? Where you say I tried taught him that but he wanted to trick-or-treat here So do I give him any candy or not Mario I just wait for him to say the trick-or-treat song at all right Javy say the trick-or-treat song trick country be mummy give me something To stick up my ass Just say To say that I totally do the trick-or-treat smell my feet thing that’s game Danny Just do some candy get some candy defecate how much you want Josefa how does it feel that you killed your mom? Oh, man, I feel a lot better now that I told someone junior chef will say he didn’t believe me, so yes I called the cops you called the cops. I didn’t know what else to do. Well the cop Who’s that must be some trick-or-treaters definitely definitely not the cops, I don’t know why the college should be here Cody How about you stay here and talk to Joseph? He killed his mom ask him about it. Yeah. Yeah, you got questions, bro. Yeah Yeah, it’s not a costume. I’m actually a cop Oh sure what they always say. Go go ahead get some kitty. Yeah. I’m an adult. I don’t really need kit oh Look at that. Oh, yeah, blueberry my favorite now. How good nice night wait wait wait. I actually am a cop though somebody called 911 78 for me Oh officer my friend upstairs. He just said he killed his mom two years ago. He’s admitted to everything what what yeah? Okay, so I think would I bash her head in multiple times. That’s what actually killed her. Yep. Yeah, that’ll do it I think I need to go home. I think I think my dad is beating my mom, so why you need it How did that bro? Okay? Where’s the kid to kill his mom what Hey Joe servo? The cops on you because that you killed your mom What would you do something like that dude because you need to go to jail because that’s where people like you Go is it true. Did you really kill your mom? Yes, sir It was two years ago obviously walking. I’m a problem. Um is this when you shoot oh no I’m not gonna shoot him, but I am gonna arrest them But but but first I need some proof you guys could still be pranking me no It’s not a prank guys you want proof. He keeps the corpse of his dead mom at his house Jesus for two years Yeah at the skeleton. It’s all gross and stuff. Oh well. I’m gonna need to see that Okay, so follow me, okay. Let’s go Okay, there’s my dead mom Jesus. She really is a skeleton. Yeah, so odd. You arrest Joseph. Never what? Hanging skeleton pose and hold what this is a plastic skeleton That’s my mom. You’re talking about. We’re what are you talking about? Go look at this? What? Oh? There’s the real crime? 4999 you paid $50 for a plastic skeleton, this is a prank It’s not a pre guy probably this is my mom’s body. Yes. I saw yeah He killed his mom and this is his mom right. No. It’s not it’s a Halloween ornament wait. Joseph’s a Ornament that where’s your mom’s real body? Did you really kill her dude? I don’t know. Maybe it was just a bad dream or something well, then where’s your mom at okay? I don’t know all right listen kid. You just give me your mom’s information, and I’ll try to find her, okay, okay? Dude, what a relief? I actually thought I killed my mom. Yeah, I thought so too, but she’s not dead then Where is she and how that skeleton get there? I don’t know hey there kid We actually located your mom Really, well you look at his mom yeah, and we we actually brought it here She wants to talk to you, hey, Joseph Joseph I want to explain something to you It was the night before Halloween, but actually it was midnight so technically it was Halloween So what happened was I had taken away your video game, and I went and sat on the couch And then I checked my lottery tickets and saw that I had won ten million dollars And I wanted to start the new life without the kid, so I went to the Halloween store And I bought a plastic skeleton in a wig and put it on the couch And I left you enough money in my purse to buy pizza, and then I left and I never looked back So that is what happened, Joseph? So now So much new stuff new shirts new outfits new new shoes oh, I bet we have a huge mansion don’t we mommy? Joseph I don’t think that’s what she’s trying to say What I’m trying to say Joseph is that I don’t want you to be my son anymore I have a no family with my new husband and Arica. I am NOT your mother anymore, Joseph. I’m sorry. Have a nice life. Oh My make such a jokester oh my god. I love you mommy I can’t wait to see you at home Why she makes me laugh all the time? I I don’t think she was joking oh, yes, she was dude. She cracked jokes like this all the time you know I’m gonna go home and wait on her oh Man, I can’t wait for my mom to get home And any moment she’ll walk in that door and come home and give me a big hug


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