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SML Movie: Fountain Of Youth!

[instrumental] Dude, I’m hungry! Yeah I’m hung like a horse! – [Junior] Wait, what?
– [Joseph] What? I mean I’m hungrier
than a horse. Oh okay, well guys I’m hungry
too but Chef Pee Pee said he’ll be done cooking dinner any
minute now, so let’s just wait. Hey Junior. What? Ask me if I’m gay. Uh Cody, are you gay? Ugh! Bengay! Ha! – [Chef Pee Pee] Junior! Dinner’s Ready! Guys! Chef Pee Pee
said dinner’s ready! Let’s go! – [Joesph] Finally!
– [Cody] Ok. Chef Pee Pee: All right guys, your dinner’s ready, Trix! – [Cody] Wha— Trix?!
– [Junior] Cereal?! – [Chef Pee Pee] What’s the problem? You said you
were cooking dinner. Yeah! I cooked! No you didn’t! You just
poured cereal into a bowl! 3 times, and your welcome! You didn’t
even add the milk! Cody, don’t go
there with me! Ok? [sighs] Hey Chef Pee Pee… What, Cody? Ask me if I’m gay. Are you gay? Ugh! BENGAY! [laughing] Trix, guys. Cody, do you
even like Trix? Yeah, but I like it
better straight out of the box. Well Cody, don’t
eat out of my box. But Junior, you know I
like eating out of your box! But Cody, it’s disgusting! Stop eating out of my box!
You’re not even using your hands! Well I can use my hands if you want,
but I’d rather use my mouth to eat your box. Well Cody, I don’t want you
eating out of my box! Get out of it! Alright. No means no. Yeah, you’re eating out of the bowl! Um… Let’s add some milk, guys. Mhm! These Trix are good! Mhm! Yeah, they are. Mhm! They’re really good! – [Junior] Mhm!
– [Cody] Mhm! Hey Chef Pee Pee!
Where’s my dinner?! Wha- Dad? What’s wrong? Uh, Junior. Where is Chef Pee Pee? I don’t know. He
gave us our Trix. And he left. Wait, TRIX!?
Oh, I want a bowl! Wha-… Uh, Dad, You can’t eat this. Wait, why? Because Trix are for kids™. Oh, my God. That’s a
stupid commercial, Junior! No! It’s the law! Yeah. Nobody over
the age of 12 can eat Trix. – [Junior] Yeah.
– [Cody] It’s illegal. No! It doesn’t make
any sense! It’s stupid! Just gimme that bowl! Someone’s at the door! I’ll get it! Uh, hello? Hey there, I got an
anonymous tip that there was- Hey! What is that? Uhh, it’s a bowl of trix. Wha- okay how old are you, sir? Well I’m a turtle so probably like a 140. Yeah, that’s way
TOO OLD to be eating trix. Wait, th- that’s a stupid commercial sir! Uh, no! It’s a commercial that we
made to teach people the law that it’s illegal for anyone over 12 to eat trix! Now you
give me that bowl! But I don’t understand! Ok, you know that I
could take you to jail for this but since it’s your first offense I’m gonna let it slide, ok? Aww! I just want my trix! Hey! Hey! Hey! you want me to come in
there and tell your kids you’ve been eating trix?! [sigh] No. That’s right! You’d get in a lot of trouble! Now uhh, who gave you this? I… I found it! Oh! You found it! Yeah! No, I haven’t heard THAT ONE before! Well, you better not “FIND” anymore, okay? And you tell whoever gave you this
that its illegal to give trix to an elder! Alright? Now.. Now you don’t
make me come back here! Just stick to your
sticky raisin’ brand, Grandpa! [angery] [crying] What’s wrong, dad? The cop just took my trix! Well dad, we told you!
Trix are for kids! Good one, Junior! I feel like this
classroom has a rectangular prison! [laughing] But Dad, I said that! No shut up, Junior!
Don’t ruin this for me! [poof] How about we play Batman? Eww! Eww, dude! What? What’s wrong? You’re so old! Wait! What happened to
my gorgeous young body? I-I guess that potion wore off! Oh man, I want
to be young forever! Gross. Oh man!
I’m leaving! NO! [crying] Yo-yo-yo! What’s up suckers?
Wh- Dad? Where’s my hunky’s at? Oh! Your hunky’s went home, Junior! [music] Hey there everybody!
It’s Brooklyn Guy! Um, as some of you may know we started a Patreon so people can donate money to us so we don’t starve. But um, part of that, is if you donate $100 you get a shoutout in the video! I mean, I would have
done that, but people did it! So uh, here we go… Now uh, right now only two people have requested a shoutout from me but you know, that’s fine… It’s all- it’s all Jeffy now thatadays… we know but that’s uh- that’s fine… it’s all Brooklyn Guy. Let’s just get me out of the way… But uh okay, here we go. Uh the first shoutout is to XplodingDucks! With an X. That is crazy. Now I checked out XplodingDucks’ YouTube channel and there are no videos on XplodingDucks as of right now. Uh, so the name’s on little misleading, but you know might get on with that. I mean, they don’t have to be real ducks. It could be a rubber duck. I mean, I’ll do it for you. I mean, look at this… [explosion] You see that? There you go. Just an exploding duck. No real ducks were harmed. There you go. (Wow, lucky you.) YouTube famed right there. I expected my check in the mail. Alright, now let’s move on to the second person. Uh, that would be Nicktendo! (I LOVE NICKTENDO OMFG!) Yeah Nicktendo has made some animations for us before and he uh, he makes animations on his YouTube channel. You should go check that out! They’re really cool! Uh so yeah. Thank you guys for donating money and um… That’s it… that’s it for me… Just those to… uh that’s… That’s fine… I guess- I guess I’m gonna take off… hope you enjoyed these subtitles by Keegan animates New Subtitles by DDS
Le funny memes by Iandaboss102


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