Smartphone Awards: 2015!

hey what is up guys I'm cabby HD here we all know plenty of smartphones come out every year clearly 2015 was no exception to that rule so this video is your one-stop shop for picking one this video will hopefully give you all the information you need to be able to confidently sign that contract with a great choice in a smart phone so if all the smart phones released during 2015 these are going to be the best in each category and as I do for the smartphone Awards I'm going to give you guys a first-place Best Overall option but also a second-place also still pretty good the runner-up and then an honorable mention or two to round it out so this is the smartphone Awards 2015 so first up we got the top big phones of the year now smart phones get seems bigger and bigger every single year and often the top of the line option is huge but only some of them really take advantage of their size so these are the best big smart phone options right now number one is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 it definitely qualifies as a big phone with a 5.7 inch quad HD Super AMOLED display and it really takes advantage of all that real estate packing a big battery big specs and a bunch of software features that really take advantage of that awesome screen so love it or hate it this is one big advantage of a software skin on a phone like this it's adding a bunch of productivity and fun features that stock Android just doesn't have so my second place option for best big phone of the year is going to go to LG's v10 it showed up closer to the end of the year but it really showed up LG's own g4 as one of the best phones they've ever made the v10 is rocking a 5.7 inch IPS display and it's definitely a big phone with big specs and again a lot of the features are those similar to Samsung's short of that stylus to best take advantage of the extra real estate and you can see that in reviews I'll have all the reviews of all the phones I talked about in this video in the links right below that like button and I have honorable mentions in the big phones category – the Nexus 6p and the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ both over 5.5 inch displays and both really premium now on the opposite end of the spectrum we have the best compact smartphones of the year and it seems like a true high-end but also really compact smartphone is becoming a bit of a rare breed since all these high-end smartphones are getting so big the more compact counterparts are more low-end but not so with these best choices so my number one pick for best compact smartphone of the Year by these criteria is the iPhone 6s and it wins this award because it is still a true full no compromises flagship this is everything that Apple has to offer all their latest innovations and all their highest end specs so really even if Apple does make some sacrifices to get their phone this thin there's one thing you can't deny and that's the ridiculously fast performance of the new a9 chip so if speed is your thing if you want a really fast and relatively compact phone at 4.7 inches then iPhone 6s is a great bet my very close second place for best compact smartphone is going to go to the Sony Xperia z5 compact because Sony's doing a lot of the same stuff they're bringing in the high-end features from the Xperia z5 an z5 premium into a much smaller package alright the next category for the smartphone awards is the best camera in a smartphone this year and this is a category that heated up a lot we got a lot of really good smartphone cameras this year so the margin between first place and second place and third place even fourth fifth and sixth is razor thin so you're probably going to get a good option no matter which one and easy pick but my number one pick for best camera in a smartphone is again going to go to the samsung galaxy note 5 note 5 has the best point-and-shoot camera on a smartphone right now by a hair it's really that fast customisable camera app combined with the razor-sharp 16 megapixel photos with that punchy color and salih dynamic range that makes the quality hard to deny it's also a great 4k video shooter and you'll find the same optics also in galaxy s6 s6 edge and s6 edge+ so I guess sort of lump those all into this number one placement I don't know Samsung over the past couple years has been getting really good at smartphone cameras now my number two pick and again this is a very close number two is going to go to the LG v10 the image quality out of the v10 s camera is right up on par with the note 5 and if you're experienced you can go right ahead and basically match it with some cases in manual mode but the v10 camera really shines with its software which also includes a manual video mode making this by far and away the best choice for someone looking to shoot a lot of smartphone video but it doesn't hurt that the auto mode is pretty great too and I got to give honourable mentions to these phones I've taken a lot of pictures with my iPhone 6s plus and my Nexus 6p which have some of the best and quickest camera apps in any smartphone and both take very reliable quality photos and again the margin of difference between the first and fifth best smartphone cameras is not that big so you get a good choice either way alright next category best budget smartphone of 2015 and this is a category that again heated up a lot good phones got really cheap cheap phones got really good we saw a lot of quality stuff in the budget department this year to the point where it's actually kind of hard to define what exactly is budget is it sub $400 or is it sub $300 only either way there's no doubt about it in my mind the number one pick for best budget smartphone came over here it's the oneplus X whatever debate there may be about the amount of a budget smartphone this one definitely qualifies it's just 250 bucks off contract no invite very inexpensive for the material choices the build quality and overall experience this phone manages to deliver the display is definitely one of its best features it's the 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display with those deep blacks and vivid colors but there's a whole lot more to it as well with metal rails expandable storage and the custom OS definitely worth checking out that full review now right after that I have a phone I came in just shy of $400 off contract which in my book is still budget considering a 6 7 and $800 phones we have on this table so I'm going to give that second place to the new Moto X Pierre this is one of the more important phones of the year because of the precedent is set for flagship phones not having to be super expensive when it came out it was the highest end phone Motorola made a legit flagship high-end specs 21 megapixel camera and near stock Android with a few moto extras but yet it sits on the shelf at a super competitive price and I think that played a big part as a spark plug for a lot of the budget focus phones we saw come after it now running out the best budget stuff of the year I got two more you could consider sort of pseudo budget depending on the way you look at it but I got to hand it to the oneplus 2 and the Nexus 5x 1 + 2 was daily driver quality for me for a while with a lot of those custom software features I loved and a solid build again at 389 bucks and the Nexus 5x is your pure stock Android phone even taking the same camera optics from the higher-end Nexus 6p and putting them all in a lightweight $329 package alright so the next category in smartphone awards is a new one for this year in 2015 and it's battery life best battery life in a smart phone and I'm adding this specifically because I'm neglected in the highest-end flagships in favor of stuff like thinness and other features we may or may not like or need so I'm rewarding the ones that don't do that and my number one pick is got to go to the Motorola Droid Maxx battery life was the main focus on the Droid Maxx – moto boasts two days of battery and while I can't exactly vouch for all that it is rocking a 3630 million power cells so huge on paper and a legit all-day smartphone with that 1080p display and an ear stock Android experience if you're one of those people who demands five-and-a-half hours of screen on time or is constantly using your phone for heavy stuff like navigation or periscope or anything that kills your battery max – now I have a second place in the battery life Department that's because after recent Android M updates Nexus 6p is getting me some of the best battery life I've ever had on a high-end smartphone I'm getting like near five hours of screen on time now so that's awesome to see and I also got to give a shout-out to LG for not coming out with just one but two high-end smartphones with removable batteries the LG v10 and the LG g4 both have big removable batteries and that's pretty much the fastest form of quick charge you can have now the next category is a little favorite of mine it's the most improved award for company that improved the most this year and there's a couple guys I could give this to but right now the number one most improved I think by far in my opinion is blackberry again with the BlackBerry Prive my full review of this one says it all but it's again by far the best BlackBerry ever and the most competitive one in a long time it's unfortunately still really expensive and still definitely not for everyone with the version of Android it's running with a whole bunch of its customizations and the slider keyboard that form factor but it's I guess refreshing in a weirdly throwback way to see blackberry continuing to get better so now I have a category called the design award and last year I called it like the craziest design this year I just want to reward the best design in my opinion and there's a bunch of smart phones on this table you may or may not be able to identify most of them by the way they look on the back but some of them are more striking than others and some of them are more industrial than others and I got reward that so my favorite right now of this year is a samsung galaxy s6 edge+ in a sea of black slab phone's not gonna lie it would be pretty easy for almost any slightly unusual one to stick out but this one is just pretty even if it's not gold the slow helping edges and the display melting over right before the metal rails is dope I hope we see another edge phone from Samsung next year I runner-ups in this design category two phones that had particularly awesome displays this year on the front of them first of all being the Motorola Droid turbo 2 this guy has a shatterproof display legit and yes I can vouch that it survives real drops and the other one is the Sony Xperia z5 premium rocking a full freaking 4k display it's super early for these but when it kicks in to full 4k it looks dope I made a video all about that screen next up is an award I hate to have to give but I always will it's the bust of the year for 2015 the one I guess the biggest letdown in a smartphone world and there's a couple again that I could possibly give this to but the one that stands out is the HTC One a9 even if we ignore the striking resemblance to a certain Apple flagship the a9 as a replacement to the HTC One m9 to me is disappointing because it makes it a flagship with a lot of sacrifices it sacrificed being able to shoot 4k video for a certain chip it sacrifice the legendary boom sound speakers for a home button I mean I hate to talk about for more than I have to but this was easily the biggest letdown of the year for me and I'll have my eye on HTC that much more to see next year's phone so that leaves us with the final category which is your MVP the best smartphone of the year in my opinion and again these are very subjective and I'll have all the reviews to as many of the phones that I'm talking about today as possible in the description right below that like button but the best phone of the year is the best overall contender and it's often one that I use for the longest period of time during the year for that exact reason and my number one choice is the Nexus 6p I would say my heavy use of this guy hints at my preference for a cleaner build of Android and this is as clean as it gets awesome display awesome battery life awesome camera great performance great build quality I mean this is a complete package from top to bottom it competes in every category and it's not even the most expensive one on this list so it's kind of hard to argue with Nexus 6p my number-two in the MVP race is the Galaxy Note 5 I could have easily given it to the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ what a name but I actually just felt that the feel in the hand of the note 5 won me over a little bit but I use this phone for a while this year as well note 5 is also stacked I give it best display on any smartphone best camera on any smartphone and some of the best specs available I'm less of a fan of the software it's not for everyone like I said and this also happens to be a super fingerprint magnet and one of the slippery phones of all time but you know skin will clean that right up and I use this phone for a while to sear as well I got a couple honorable mentions in the MVP race this year just for a couple of different reasons first is the Moto X 2015 like I said earlier this guy set a precedence for what you can do on a budget and I feel like during the year after this came out we actually saw more quality budget smartphones start to appear and competitive pricing for flagships overall now is even more of a big deal my second honorable mention is the iPhone 6s and 6s plus and that's simply because they're the fastest phones I've used this year Apple I don't know what exactly you did with that a 9 ship but iOS just flies I love it and I can't forget to shout out Microsoft's 950 XL which was by far and away the best Windows Phone choice of this year let me know if you guys want to see a full review of that but I think that's the pretty easy choice so there you have it guys there's clearly a lot of great smartphones released in 2015 and the choice is there for almost everyone so whether you need something with particularly great camera for photos and videos or you need a really long battery life if you travel a lot or you need a particularly compact or a large phone depending on your taste the choice is there you'd be kind of hard-pressed to go wrong with one of the ones we talked about in this video so there you have it and if you know someone who might be in the market for buying a smartphone you probably want to share this video with them to save you a lot of time and explaining thanks for watching this one now talk to you guys in the next one peace you


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