Slasher 🏆 Achievement / Trophy Guide | Assassin’s Creed Origins

what's going on guys it's Cameron from candy gaming today we're gonna be talking about a super easy way to get the slasher achievement or trophy in Assassin's Creed origins that's coming up alright guys so there's a totally easy way to get this achievement very early on in the game in the sea wha oasis actually now one of the first missions that you're gonna do a side mission is called Water Rats this is where you go to the amana cave in the mountains sort of in the northern region of the sea wha oasis if you've already completed this mission and cleared this cave it's not a big deal the technique I'm about to show you will work anywhere you just need to have a little bit of patience on the right setup so while you're playing the Water Rats mission and you're inside the Amman eye cave actually just inside the mouth of the cave there's gonna be a couple grassy patches the one that you're looking for is right next to a ladder that leads down to the lower part of the cave go ahead and crouch in this grass and what you're gonna do is you're gonna wait for at least three separate enemies to approach you now this particular spot is perfect because it's kind of high-traffic for some reason the enemies like to go up and down the ladder which is right in front of your grassy area and they like to sort of come from that farther bridge over towards you you can also use your whistle to attract them that's a great way to sort of lure them over to you so you don't have to wait forever now you need at least three enemies for this to work but you're welcome to have you know as many as you want if you just want to sort of a guarantee success with this achievement on the first attempt so what you're gonna do is when the enemies approach you use your take down move now for Xbox one players that's going to be your Y button and I believe for ps4 that would be your triangle button so you'll do the takedown and the enemy will still be alive writhing around on the ground but incapacitated now this is important they have to be alive for the next part to work once you've done this three times and you have basically three enemies who are writhing around on the ground kind of stacked on top of each other in close proximity in your little bush hiding in the air yeah you're gonna perform a quick or a light attack now doing this should kill all three in one blow and then get you the achievement like I said this is a totally easy achievement you know just one simple trick and this time it's not clickbait so if this achievement or trophy guide helped you please give this video a thumbs up and go ahead and subscribe so you won't miss out on any of the other Assassin's Creed origins let's play footage and also achievement trophy guides thank you so much for watching we'll see you guys next time


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