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Singing Waiters & Surprise Entertainment

one way of ensuring that your
entertainment has a huge impact on your day is to not tell a soul that it’s
going to happen if you can manage to keep your entertainment a secret then it
can usually have a really big effect on your guests on the day singing waiters
are a classic example of this they will dress up and pretend to be waiters on
the day of your wedding and then all of a sudden something will happen they
might drop a tray of cutlery trip over caused a big ruckus and then suddenly
break into song to everyone’s surprise and amazement you’ll see it time and
time again the faces that people pull when this happens they are absolutely
delighted shocked and they find absolutely hilarious that this has
happened and the fact that you you and maybe like a handful of people only know
it’s going to go down makes it all that more kind of anxious before it’s about
to happen it’s definitely worthwhile thinking
about entertainment as a surprise element on your day

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