Sinatra – The Passing of a Legend – Part 50 of 51 – Entertainment Tonight – Nancy Sinatra

the pain has at times been unbearable then Nancy Sinatra remembers those magical moments that she shared with her father and it soothes her heart this past week I sat down with Nancy for her first TV interview since Frank's death sometimes our conversation was happy sometimes sad but always it came from the soul Nancy Sinatra remembers it's the Entertainment Tonight cover story no I he's only been gone not even two months and I really didn't think I'd be able to do it but then I thought well let's give it a shot in song he called her Nancy with the laughing face now Frank Sinatra's daughter has put on a brave face to share her thoughts about the father she obviously adored that's the hardest part now is that I can't pick up the phone and call him how did you get the word that he was going into the hospital for the final time I didn't I I didn't hear about it until after he was gone at first I was unhappy about that but then as time went on I realized it didn't really matter because we had had so many wonderful moments together in the past year or so that it didn't make it's make any difference that I didn't actually get to say goodbye daddy I love you cuz he knew that I loved him so much my daughter the pop singer my father the daddy what you know I'm very proud of you thanks mom I guess in a way it's okay because he probably wouldn't have wanted us there anyway he was aware that he was dying I think so when he said his last words were I'm losing so I think he probably knew after a lifetime of happy memories it was time to say goodbye the Statesmen funeral marked his rich brash life I kind of think he would have rather had it at a bar then she helped take him back to the desert that he loved so much we made that last plane ride together Frankie and Tina and me with Daddy in the in the belly of the airplane to take him home for the last time that way was very hard for all of us after his funeral came rumors of a family rift that Frank's Widow Barbara and his children were feuding over his estate is there a feud in your family no there is no feud is there's nothing to fight about you know what what would we fight about we had one fight and I think that was blown so out of proportion one time we weren't invited the kids weren't invited to a birthday party and that was it and from that point on everything was the kids are out to get their stepmother and Barbara hates the kids you know it's all garbage now Nancy is keeping her father's legacy alive this week she helped the folks in Hoboken her father's hometown dedicate a park in his name she also went to Washington to help plan a national music museum that will house his memorabilia we needed to know what to do with his sailor suit from all the town and touch to yeah sure oh I have a lot of friends doubt was he kind of a pack rat in some role yes pack pack is yeah Rat Pack pack yeah in some ways he was yeah me 20 years he had my first girl record I know daddy I have in my classical collection Nancy's collection no doubt includes the song that she and her father recorded 31 years ago and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like something stupid is available on her new CD for my dad it's all going to the Frank Sinatra Foundation all the proceeds and the foundation will funnel it out to the charities that my dad's supported I got some troubles but they would Nancy is also releasing a home video of this 60s TV special movin with Nancy and this CD sheet music a collection of love songs was he a harsh critic of your work it was tough to get a compliment if he ever said you were great tonight or that was wonderful I knew that he really meant it it's obvious that Nancy really means it when she says her dad was great and she says the last year of his life taught her a valuable lesson if I could advise anybody who has elderly parents you spend as much time as you can with your parent or your parents because you won't have any regrets when they're gone those moments are so special oh they sure are Nancy has decided to begin performing again – with a date at the Hollywood House of Blues and a possible tour to follow


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