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How can you use the network to approach
or attack new markets? First of all, the digital tool in this
meaning gives a great deal to the entrepreneur, because it allows you to get a lot of feedback
important on the market and on competitors The extreme targeting that allows it
digital tool, it helps to have predictive feedback of what will be the
market within which you want show youtself. The digital tool becomes at this point
fundamental for the aggression of new markets Thanks to the construction of a country store dedicated by country and by language, we can
have feedback on market responsiveness toward our product or service. In this sense it becomes also important the
possibility to access online advertising, known as AD advertising. In fact, if the feedback from a market is positive,
online advertising can be used to further attack the reference market
or increase the penetration of a brand within a new market until then unexplored. In this sense, online advertising like
we use it, it serves as an accelerator of what are classic organic
strategies, such as creating relevant content and the management of the transposed customers
through the network. The Siglacom strategic team is at the side of the entrepreneur
to understand and govern all these strategies.

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