SİCCİN 5 – Full Movie | Merve Ates | Selim Aydin | Ece Baykal | 2018 | Turkish Movie

The Karain Village of Nevþehir
is known as “Cancer Village”. Research has shown
that the biggest reason the villagers of Karain get cancer
is the soil in the region. It’s also been revealed
that swaddling the newborn in the village with the soil
significantly increased cancer cases. In line with the report presented
to the National Assembly by the Cancer Commission
the village was relocated! This film was shot in the Karain Village
where those cancer cases were seen. Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad, where are you? This is not your face. You belong to us now. You don’t have a father. You are yourself. Take this glass. Cut yourself. If you listen to me your father will come. Come on, cut yourself. Come on. Cut yourself. Cut! Cut! Hale? Hale? Hale? THE NAMES OF SOME OF THE CHARACTERS
DUE TO LEGAN OBLIGATIONS. She insisted on coming to the shop
to pet the dog. And I wanted to come
to get the latest news from you. You did well. So, tell me. Any good news? Sister Ebru, now that you’ve asked suddenly…
I sort of felt ashamed. What’s to be ashamed of? Selim doesn’t tell me anything. He won’t tell, you too. I’m the one who introduced you. Tomorrow is the end of our third month.
He has a surprise for me. Well, dear Azra. I’m not used to see my brother this romantic. Selim has been devastated
since my mom died last year. He lived with my mom. Her death grieved us all… but Selim is just bouncing back. I feel happy when I hear
such good news from you. That’s why I’m asking. I don’t want you to think that I’m nosy. Azra? Azra, are you alright? Sorry Sister Ebru, I just wondered off. It’s okay. I was worried for a moment
when you didn’t hear me. I felt tired the whole morning.
That must be it. Get inside and have some rest. Oh no, I’m fine. You know what? I’m going to Muðla next week
for 3-4 days. Why don’t you come with me? How can I come, Sister Ebru? I can’t say to Mr. Arif
“Can I go on vacation with your wife?” Besides, it hasn’t been long
since I started to work here. It’s not a big deal.
I’ll talk with Arif. He likes you after all. No, please don’t talk. It would be rude. Selim? Hi, honey. How are you? Fine. Sister Ebru came,
we were talking. She is there to question you.Say hi from me.Alright, I will. -Say hi for me.
-She says hi too. We’re meeting tomorrow, right?
You didn’t forget. Oh no. Why should I forget? Alright, see you. -Okay, I call you later.
-Good bye.Good bye. We’ve talked so much about him
and of course he called. He called to remind me of tomorrow night. I with you the best, Azra.
I’m so happy. Wait. Let me tell your fortune
and leave then. I don’t love myself. I don’t like my hair. I don’t like my eyes.
I don’t like my face. It’s like they are the hair, eyes and face
of someone else. They don’t belong to me.You are beautiful.They just envy you.I told mom that I saw
my dad in my dream but… I think she didn’t believe me.You’ve never seen your father.How did you know it was your father?I called him “dad” in my dream.Yes. That was your father.How do you know?I know your father.And I know where he is.Where is my dad?I’ll tell you if you cut off my fingers.I can’t.Come on. Cut off my fingers.I’ll tell you if you do it.Look.There are scissors over there.Cut them off with that.Come on, tell me. Where is my dad?Your father will come soon.But I can’t tell you where he is.Hale is not fine. She threw up black puke all night. Mrs. Azra, I’m leaving.
Call me if something happens. Alright, Mr. Arif. Azra. Stay away from him. Poor girl. What happened to you? What? I felt dizzy. Then I fell. Come here. Get some fresh hair. I swear there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad
is the messenger of Allah. Give us healing, God of mankind Give us healing
because you are the Healer God, give us healing Thanks, Sister Fatma.
Your prayer did really work. Girl, you’re touched by evil eyes. I’ll pray and breathe for you
and you’ll be healed. Pray tonight before going to bed.
I’ll cut snakestone for you tomorrow. Alright. Hale? Hale, dear? What happened? Why are you crying? Hale, why did you lock the door?
Open the door, honey. I don’t want to, Aunt. Sister, what happened? She wants to stay alone.
She’ll come out when she feels like it. She had a dream last night.
She’s grumpy today. Strange. Mom? How are you? Zahir tied up bags. He just ran away. She saw his father in her dream. He tied up bags, wrapped them,
he left and cut them. He didn’t think the door… That’s why he’s mad and upset. He puked black.
He sacrificed an offering. It’s alright, mom. It’s alright. Sister, did Hale eat anything? She didn’t but don’t push her. What’s wrong, mom? Azra, you go out.
I’ll calm her down. Hale, dear? Honey? Let’s have a girl-to-girl talk. Tell me what makes your aunt sad? Come, this way. I said “I’ll talk with Arif,
he likes you.” She said “Oh no, don’t talk.
It would be rude to Mr. Arif.” Such a polite girl. And she fears you. Tomorrow is their third month. Selim said “I have a surprise for you.” I made her talk during fortune telling. It’s her first serious relationship. Azra is a good girl. Maybe she’ll join our famil. Hope so, Arif. I’m happy that Selim is beginning
to come to himself.. I don’t want it! -I heard someone call out. Did you?
-No. I should go and have a look. I don’t want it.
I don’t want my uncle to marry Azra. Elif? -Mom.
-What are you doing there? Get out. Mom, what happened?
Did you call me? -Elif?
-I was in the toilet. It’s alright, honey. What’s wrong? Mom, my back hurts. What happened? What did you do to your back? I don’t know, mom. Alright, it’s nothing. My Kerem. Crawl, my unfortunate boy. Well done, my boy. Crawl and pull yourself. Pull yourself, my ill-fated, unfortunate,
beautiful boy. Selim. Your brother could not walk
because he was born a cripple. Do you remember the day he died? You were just five. You were so happy when you died. You said “I don’t love my brother at all.” Remember, Selim? Remember, my boy?
Do you remember, Selim? Take a good look, my boy. Look. He never loved you. Go to your brother. Come, go to your brother. Ask him why he didn’t love you. Tell him, “If you marry Azra,
your child will be just like me.” This happened because of you. You stopped it. You’ve deranged me. She belongs to us. Zahir ran away and disappeared because of you. Because of you. You stopped it. She belongs to us. She will be ours. Aunt? Aunt? -Hale?
-Aunt. Aunt, I’m here! Aunt! Hale? -Grandma! I’m here.
-Hale! Aunt! -Aunt. I’m here!
-Hale. Grandma, drop that knife! Hale! Hale! Hale, where are you? Aunt! Hale.Aunt, I have you tell you something.-Aunt.
-Hale?Aunt.Aunt, come here.Aunt. Aunt. Aunt, don’t look back. Grandma went downstairs again
with a knife. I went out to get her. Your father has come. I went to him. Get inside. This is called snakestone. It’s said that it rained down
in Mecca on holy nights. These stones are alive, my child. They will draw any evil eyes. Not everyone knows
how to cut snakestones. My grandma lend me a hand.
She taught me. Lean back, my girl.
Don’t be afraid. I will remove the evil eyes with a knife. These stones will crack. God, we are taking refuge in you from all evil that haunts us, from all evil beings and evil eyes. God heals, we take refuge in God. God heals, we take refuge in God. God heals, we take refuge in God. God heals, we take refuge in God. God heals, we take refuge in God. See, I told you.
There are many evil eyes on you. We take refuge in God
from all evil, God is giver of healing. Mom, can we go pet the dog again today? We can’t go today, honey. When can we go? I don’t know. We’ll talk with your dad. We’ll go when he’s not busy. Mom, Sister Azra and my uncle
should not marry. Elif! What happened, mom? It’s alright. Yes, sister? Selim, hi. I want to talk with you about something. It’s not important
but I can’t talk on the phone. Why, what happened?
Why can’t you talk on the phone? Can you stop by today
for half an hour?Sister, I’ve got stuff to do today.And we’ll meet with Azra in the evening.Let’s talk later if it’s not important. Alright. Fine. Take it easy. Elif, don’t you love Sister Azra? No, I love her very much. Why? I don’t know. I thought you said
something like that. I didn’t. Alright. They’re going to do it with her. It was left incomplete. They’re going to take her. I’m going to burn them all.
I’m going to burn her hair. I’m going to burn them all. I’m going to burn her hair. My aunt loves me very much. Only she believed
my dream of last night.She didn’t believe you.
She said so but didn’t believe.Your aunt always lies to you.Your grandma doesn’t love you too.Why?I’ll tell you if you burn my face.-I won’t.
-Come on, burn it.I’ll tell if you burn my face.Your face will hurt.Come on, burn.Your grandma want to burn your face too.Grandma would never do that to me!Your Grandma is an evil woman.She wants to kill you.My grandma is not evil! She is sick! You are always tricking me!Your grandma is an evil woman.She’s the reason you’re like this.She wants to kill you.She wants to kill you
because she’s afraid of you.No. Grandma loves me!She doesn’t love you at all.
She knows we’ve posessed you.That’s why she wants to kill you.Grandma doesn’t want to kill me.-She does.
-No, she doesn’t.She wants to burn you.She thinks everything will be fine
once she kills you.Turn my face.
I’m going to show you something.Then you’ll believe me.This time you won’t get what you want.
We won’t allow it.Grandma?I said look.Your grandma tried to kill you.She thought you were there.Grandma, what happened? Grandma! Get up, let’s go to your room. Get up. Come. Hale? What happened? Nothing, mom.
We were just walking with grandma. It was just a stupid dream. I lost my mother a year ago. I couldn’t get used to it. Sometimes it feels like
she’s still in that house with me. May God rest her soul. Amen. You don’t talk. I didn’t want to fend you off from myself. What you say is impossible. I think I have a dark past. Please, don’t think like that. Everything will be better as of now. I always went past here,
it’s the first time I’m in. It’s such a lovely place. Lovely place. I’m here for the the first time too. Azra? I got you a present. It’s not a present actually,
I got you something. I know it’s still early for this. But I want you to have this. And if you accept
I got one for myself too. I’ll put it on, if you do. I love you, Azra. Grandma wouldn’t want to kill me.
Right, mom? No, honey. What makes you think that? He’s gone, that cursed guy.
He hasn’t come for years. His kid is here, he doesn’t know. He didn’t look, he put her to the carpet,
my eyes are wires. He didn’t care, he put her to the carpet.
He’s covering her eyes. Gülten. Please give me my medication. Gülten! Gülten! Give me my medication. Make my injection. Give me my medication. Make my injection. As they were arguing
about selling the house in Karain my brother stabbed my father to death. And then he disappeared. Nobody heard from him for 12 years. Nobody knows where he is. My sister in law says
that I’ve seen this happen. And that I fainted in the room
where my dad died. That night my mom figured out
she could no longer stay in that house. We went to my aunt in law’s house
with the police. I came to myself there We never returned to Karain again. My brother didn’t know
that his wife was pregnant when he ran away. He doesn’t even know now
that he has a child. When I think of this I can’t decide
if Hale’s life is worse or mine. That poor girl has been plagued
with diseases since her childhood. And she has a killer father
whose whereabouts is unknown. My poor mother started to lose her mind
after all these events. That’s it. Two sick people at home. And a woman who doesn’t know
where her husband is. This is my life. Auntie? Hale? Auntie, shall we sleep together tonight? Of course. Come on. Come. Did you wait up for me? Get in. Auntie, I’m glad you’re here. You’re my only friend. Never leave me, please. Mom? Elif? Arif? Azra went into your room. Elif? She’s biting my nails. My hands are bleeding, mom. Elif? Elif? Elif. Elif. Mom? Sister Azra has locked me in here. Elif? Elif? Mom? Azra buries my my teeth. Azra hurts me. Elif. She sticks needles into my eye. It hurts, mom. Mom. I’m here, mom. -Elif.
-Azra hurts me. I don’t like Azra at all. Elif. Mom, Azra hung me here. I buried her into the ground.
I took her from you. Ebru? Ebru, what happened? What’s wrong?Don’t tell anyone
what I’m going to tell you.We’ll be disgraced.Alright.My son was engaged to a girl.They remained engaged for 1.5 years.The girl loved my son very much.She turned out to be crazy.She stayed in the hospital for 4-5 years.Then her family sent her to her village.The engagement was cancelled.I found the girl,
went to the village to see her.He met the girls big sister there.Dilek is that crazy girl’s big sister.They’ve met secretly for one year.
I’ve found out too late.And they married secretly.She married her sister’s fiancee?The girl hear this and became more insane.What’s your name, girl?Alev.How old are you?32.What’s your mother’s name?Hatice.Selim? What’s up so late? I forgot my phone in the store.
Came to pick it up. Alright. See you. Good night. See you, Seyit. Good night.-Are you available?
-Come in.Hale? Hale? Hale?We’re not going to let you defile her.She’s going to break up with that man.-He belongs to us.
-Hale?-He has messed up the place.
-Anne?There’s dirt everywhere.We looked to the back of the house
and there’s dirt everywhere.Azra,Your brother is a brat.And you ask me why I get angry.Look at yourself.Your father will be pissed of
if he sees you like this.He’ll be really pissed off.There’s dirt everywhere.Everywhere.There’s dirt everywhere.Everywhere is dirt.Sister, what’s going on? Mom? Mom, what are you saying?And then you tell me that I get too angry.-Mom?
-Just look at myself.-Mom, what are you doing?
-He’ll be mad if he sees me like this.Very mad.There’s dirt everywhere.Auntie. Seyit, what is this? Did you ever see such a stupid thing? You saw yourself doing this
in your dream? I don’t know what I saw
or what happened, Seyit. I’ve been thinking all night
what to do. I did this last night
after I saw you. You can’t go to the police either. Are we going to show this to the police? Very strange. -Do you remember where you dumped them?
-No, Seyit, I don’t. You don’t know where the bag
came from. Strange. We should show this
to someone experienced. This is not a good omen. Who are you going to show this? Will they tell us where the gold is? I don’t know.
I can’t think of anything else. Don’t tell anyone about this I’ve told this only to you. I don’t want to end up in an asylum. -Welcome, Sister Ebru.
-Thank you. We’re going to talk with Arif
and then leave. Hale? Did you get out that box again? Mom? If dad had known
that I was going to be born would he had left anyway? He wouldn’t, honey. He never knew about you. Why did he leave? We don’t know. He just disappeared. When did my grandfather die? Before you were born. So they both didn’t see me? No, honey. Okay.I wish your aunt had disappeared
instead of your father.No. I don’t want her to disappear too.Just like your grandma
she wants to kill you.She does not. Shut up. She does not. She doesn’t want to kill. She does not. They didn’t talk but gave a name. What name? Auntie, are you alright? Yes, dear. You look bad. I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired. I had very little sleep last night. Hale, your arms are in bad shape. They’re not. Auntie, don’t answer. Not answer? Just don’t answer, please. Okay. I’ll just change and come,
alright Hale? Alright. Selim? Sorry, I missed your call. How are you? I’m not fine.
Can we meet tomorrow?I don’t know what to say but…I need to talk to you. Did something happen?I don’t know butit’s nothing I can talk on the phone. I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening, alright? Okay.Good night, see you tomorrow.Good night.Selim!Wake up. Wake up, this is a dream.Selim, my son!You dumped the gold into the toilet. Your brother saw you as he was
crawling around. He told me.My son.You didn’t listen to me.I told you to stay away from her.
You wouldn’t listen.They’re inside!Go to them.They’re here for you.My daughter. Come.Go to them.Loon at your aunt. She’s behind you. Auntie? Come inside. I couldn’t do it, you will. I couldn’t do it, you will. You’re grown up now! Don’t be scared! You belong to this family. You’re of my blood.
This is your duty. It’s time, my daughter.
I’ll always be by your side. I’ll always be by your side.Hale.Come, I’m waiting for you.Come to me, honey.I’m not afraid.Don’t be afraid too.Hale, your father waits for you inside.This is your duty!Hale.You are going to do this.You’re of their blood.You belong to that family.They waited for you to grow up. Only you can do it. Auntie? Dad? Dad. Aunty? What? Did you have a nightmare? Yes, I had a nightmare, auntie. What did you see? Never mind. Many silly things. Did you see my grandfather? Your grandfather? You kept saying “father”. They told me. She’s sick. He knows I didn’t do it. They tied her up. Knotted her up. He got it out from below. He took it out. He did it again. He did the same thing. He did the same thing. What did he do? What did he take out? He knows I didn’t do it.
He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t. They’re going to take her. Mom, don’t cry. Remember this? You’ll have to cut this. Or I will disappear
just like dad. God, I take refuge in you. God, I’m begging you Protect me from everything evil
and bad, God. Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty. La havle vela kuvvete illa billagil
aliyyil azim… Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty. La havle vela kuvvete illa billagil
aliyyil azim… Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty. La havle vela kuvvete illa billagil
aliyyil azim… Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty.La havle vela kuvvete illa billagil
aliyyil azim…Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty. I gave mom the paper.Then everything you want will come true.You’re always lying to me!You’re father will be here soon.Mom, dad is here. Zehir? Selim? Selim? Selim? Selim? Selim? Selim? What’s going on? What happened, Selim?Azra. Come, we’re here.Mom? Mom? Your brother is here. Brother? Dad didn’t talk with me. He didn’t even recognize me.He’ll talk
if you do what I say.I can’t do what you tell me.You will.Or your father will disappear again.I don’t want him to go.Then you’ll do what I told you.Sister, why are you making me do this? We’ve suffered for years with my daughter
because of your father, mother and you. We’ve been through hell
because of your cursed family. Your father made tens of people suffer. He sinned. Tens of people got hurt
because of his spells, charms and seals. I saw people get insane,
commit suicide, strangle their babies. He set evil spirits loose
on people he didn’t know and turned their lives in to hell,
in return for money. He would burn the dead
and get people to drink the ash and caused them to commit big sin. Although he had a dark heart
he loved your brother very much. More than all of us. When your brother got cancer your father made a pact
with evil spirits. If they would heal your brother he would give you to them
and sacrifice you. I can’t take this decision alone. You have to approve too. I can’t cary the burden of this sin alone. We all agreed,
to save your brother. Months later the doctors
told your brother that he is fine, and you dad said we have to honor the deal or that they would haunt us all.Your grandpa made a deal with us.Your father got better.But they didn’t give your aunt to us.On that night we drugged you and prepared you
to be sacrificed to the demons. We prepared you for us! Your father got what he wanted,
we didn’t! The deal was not honored. Your mother prevented it. When we were conscious
your father’s corpse was on the ground. Your brother was missing. We haven’t seen him till today. He was with us. Your mother slowly became crazy
after that day. She turned insane
because she didn’t kill you. That’s why we took your father.That’s why you’ve never seen your father.They prepared her for us.But your grandma…didn’t kill your aunt.She killed your grandfather.If she had killed your auntnone of this would’ve happened.My daughter became like this
because of you. Because of you. We have posessed her body! Now it is time to pay for all of this. It’s time to fulfil the deal. God, help me.Your sick because your aunt didn’t die.Bad things happen
because your aunt didn’t die.Kill your aunt and everything will be over.Your father will talk to you
if you kill your aunt.Your father will always be with you
if you kill your aunt.Your sick because your aunt didn’t die.Worse things will happen
as long as your aunt lives.We made a deal with them.It’s no use
as long as your aunt is not dead.Your sick because your aunt didn’t die.I love you so much.God. Take Hale up to your Heaven. Protect her from the pain of hell. Forgive her for everything she did. God, show mercy on her tiny heart. Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty. Strength and endurance
only come from the Allmighty.Auntie, I love you so much.Never forget me, Auntie.Hale, Gülten and Nazife
were found dead that night in that house. Zahir was never seen again. Azra married Selim 6 months later. They live in Muðla now.
They have a 3 month old girl, named Hale. Uluay Translation Services
Murat Karahan

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