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SIA – ARIA Awards 2010 – Winners package & interview – BPM Backstage

I am with the woman of the moment see how are you guys very well how are you right you look fabulous who are you wearing I’m wearing Christian Siriano and dinosaur design since Arianna was in Project Runway it’s parity is very fear yes he for he but we befriended each other and we I live in New York and so so to see and I think we befriended each other on Twitter after bumping West we met briefly at a party by Alan Cummings you know and then we just hit it off and so I was like hi I’m a little potato will you dress me and he said yes and it’s working for now how’s life in New York like and what’s it like coming home though it’s nice to be home but I really love New York I mean I built a place there and so that’s my route that’s my home now you know yeah I don’t really have a home here I mean I can stay at my mom’s house but it mum’s always there but the lights different here it’s beautiful I really love it and I’ll be back at Christmas to spend some more time but I’m this is a real flyby for me are you going to stay here is that the baby gonna be bubble wrap and batching you know I’m giving them all to my old manager David cuz he basically won all these for me I just turned up he arranged it all you’re sweeter yeah you’ve had a you’ve had an interesting year I know that during the year there was a period where you were a little bit over the music industry yeah well I and I might still be I’m not sure but what happened um I got sick so I got sick with something called Graves disease and it’s a autoimmune disease it’s a thyroid problem so I had to have radioactive iodine therapy and that killed my thyroid so I went from being like insane skinny freaky shaking mad hair falling out crazy person – I want to sleep 20 hours a day and I put on 20 kilos in the last three months or something so it’s just a it’s a weirdo disease and but the panic part when I was totally over adrenalized all the time it just made me well I was diagnosed with a panic disorder which was not what was happening what was really happening is that I was in the thyroid storm for a long time and that just makes you crazy and panic dude I just thought the world was out to get me but I didn’t want to do this anymore because you’re like public property and people are coming up to you all the time and I was like oh and that’s all I didn’t like it yeah well I feel healthy so that’s nice and then to be given presents is always nice and that’s a big heavy metal present heavy metal it’s the real heavy metal that’s sharp that’s gonna hurt when I put it up my bum like yeah I don’t care if I win oh no I don’t care but it’s also like it’s I mean it’s nice but it’s fully it’s fully whatever man you know I was saying to some people in there on the red carpet I was just like winning an award doesn’t mean you know like not up a relationship mean something not cheating or like getting shit-faced and like punching your friend like those sorts of things that’s not doing that is meaningful but getting an award is like weird it’s weird um it’s not a really a measure of success in my life going home now have a cereal party with Taylor Swift all right lazy girl the CFO


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