Showbiz Korea _ The 36th Blue Dragon Awards(제36회 청룡영화상)

we're taking you to a hot entertainment event for today's on TV the 36 Blue Dragon Awards opened with a bang this year they kept energy levels high with a variety of congratulatory performances it's the best film award ceremony in Korea where all the biggest stars are always in attendance we'll bring you the highlights at the most celebrated moments and this year's Blue Dragon Awards a must-see at Blue Dragon Awards it's where you get to see the stars up close and personal the red carpet the hosts of the Blue Dragon Awards for the fourth year kim hyesu and Yujin Sun the star with a powerful presence Han she looked extremely beautiful and the child doctors who looked all grown up on the red carpet looking angelic and white Kim said all in a cute pink mini dress so she led showing off her shoulders in a black dress Ginty he of course we can't leave out the actors who all look elegant in their tuxedos one of the hottest stars this year uie he looked impressive on the red carpet in a velvet tuxedo and a bow tie be handsome actor Youngjae walk the red carpet in an eye-catching bluish green tux jacket dr. Georgina was the picture of charisma and confidence in a sleek black tuxedo Hwang Jung Hyun added Flair with a burgundy tux jacket and looked picture-perfect on the red carpet and finally the Blue Dragon Awards begin everyone was excited to see who would take home the honors once again this year Kim is Lou and Yujin sites hosted the ceremony Kimmy su is actually called the goddess of the Blue Dragons because she's hosted this illustrious event for 22 years doctor can realize I don't know so the presenting the best new actor Awards were you eyeing and Moondoggie Moondoggie it caught everyone's attention with her friendly banter about the famous phrase I'll be damned by you is character in veteran Jana isn't just there you know she be a supporting this obviously a danger to herself and be that somebody you know come man together you know you actually did that all decided to go and get Julie's I yell but she can't go today launching it so if they so you don't go she Kushinagar oh my god man this year's biggest celebrities was hands-down after you ie the evidence of that was even in the celebratory magic performance but magician union he incorporated you inés movie catchphrase in the show on that on that on that boy con man of course you are in return the love and gave him cross season is only need mm Oh Tanya cobler whispers a Oh Oh tonin X and unreal today you want to pull us over land you I know but I'll touch it never felt so good I owe you our it was truly the man of the hour now this year was in big year for many newcomers to the acting scene who was the lucky man to receive best view after that night coin to succeed best new actor went to cheat for his performance in the film set me free what honor that also gave a boost to the independent film industry chugga choo choo me Rizzo oh good camera up a ticket on Kijiji kohanga running a stops me de Conde Tomac on trouble at all cause a national step window creo que no te amo condado de go oh ma pasaron ago cha cha cha cha cha Eun sang kusudama comes early whoa a pro only in re chanko hands on guru cannon Pro Tem de comes I'm da kangan a UMC best you address went to EU young for her part in the film the treacherous she had received incredible reviews for her steamy performance so certain maokai or the PACU condom limited merchants indignant big data o young get her caught up a bit out to see cool casting I just seen pink you don't come to me until somewhat hostile don't come say yeah I got challenged on any youngster I saw he'll stay me really stunned and a hangover pokey I'll go with okay young cassava Turkish Pato him dance Agana team Antiochus meter convey rock agency Tiger CK Ganesh insulting welcome soldering Mita a prototype Chico tire see me do rock against me da Summer Jam sulamita and one of the most highly anticipated awards for the best leading actor totally you are in the honor when DUI in who was he to reinforce in cinema this year or a Saturday October ok son el pasado son Oh son venom cam que tu veux que un Jarius Hokuto Chima – Darren chap on veteran era santomero Oh danke Jorge Jorge Nieto am Alan Ganga pindaris Harrell Cooney tristan da cunha Sega Acharya soit abou Singha Amita handsome kiro'o handle oh ho poco más un poco en ello son Yahoo kikuchiyo seongjong hannam-dong ingen grande yoga petrol haggis Samhita Tamamo sukitooru nelson an inventor Sega's Harun Aaron frontier Amita moto can zogo sorry Lomita console me tater and then the so called flower of award ceremony Best Leading Actress suka kami da da da da address dong-hyun was given the honor this was the moment that her no guarantee contract for her film seemed to have paid off Union no Yogo since I use young man that song talking about song talk man no no no no Jamie catalytically abandoned a rope it's uncut isn't she good somewhere bounnam consultorio ego sir quiero tile song yoga today – no – Aaron gotta talk I'm gonna have to talk to Paige Sunday me on too much sugar cookies so my long gone Juanita and which production were received and illustrious Best Film Award Hansa the movie the head and exceeded the 10 million mark assassination challenge immunity Kindle Jima as yeonggi Cuvier okay Sasha tumbled a reggae Sega calmed ambadas mundane Owego Creek ooh Tammi gunas plays Okinawa Hamidah might that wasn't a comida I'm sorry sarangi dressing room okay – mark I'm sorry I'm sorry acacia she was hanging Shin Chan leaving mom young a dum dum honking your window young man sat him down and summed up it was a night of brilliance and a celebration for a great variety of movies a ceremony that truly celebrated movie makers and shakers the Blue Dragon Film Awards we got to see the results of all the hard work that everyone in the film industry put in this year we look forward to the inspiring work that movie makers will bring to us in 2016 and to the continuing growth of Korean cinema on the world stage we hope for more of your love and support to keep the Blue Dragon Awards the best of its kind in Korea


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