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Shortlisted for the Innovating Science Award: Seeds of Change Foundation Zambia

It is important to raise
awareness, because while work is great we have to make sure that we change the mentality
and attitudes of people in the community
towards girls’ education. So, we went into rural areas,
sensitize them with information, and told them about the
importance of girls’ education and breaking the cultural
barriers that exist in these communities, of discouraging girls to pursue
careers in STEM. On a personal level, the
challenges that I’ve encountered as a women in STEM is that people not believing in
you. For example, when I was doing my
internship with a certain institution, I was given a supervisor and the boys who were also doing
the internship were not given someone to
supervise them. Because the head of department believed that the boys are
capable and can do the work without
supervision, but whilst me, because I was a
woman, I needed supervision because he didn’t believe in me
that I can actually do the work.

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