Shopping & Testing #1 AWARD WINNING Japanese DRUGSTORE Makeup!!

  • I don't think you need makeup because your already…you look better without 🙂

  • Hi Kim! I definately recommend checking out indie brand eyeshadows and makeup like: devinah cosmetics, clionadh cosmetics, give me glow, emme cosmetics, enchanted lustre cosmetics etc. They are known to have a higher pigmentation than some high end brands for a quarter of the cost. These brands are commonly cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and customisable. You are also supporting smaller businesses that way too 🙂 loved this video btw! I live by my canmake blush ❤

  • Why oh why – this video is a month too late 😭 I'd loved to buy some of those products whene I went to Japan beginning of this month.
    Ok so next time I go to Japan I will make sure to ask if you have some video for products come up 😂
    Thanks a lot for the recommendations 👍

  • Why don't you clean your mirrors before you film? All the beauty stuff and chichi but if you look closer… 😒

  • What other mascaras would you recommend? Also any good Japanese foundations? Please make videos on Japanese shampoo or body wash or even popular health supplements

  • Super fun idea for a video! There were a lot of items that really interested me too that I didn't know about before. And the overall look for you is soooo beautiful! xx

  • Auuu your earring super cute :). Btw i love Japanese makeup so much, i bought that excel eyeshadow and i like it 😉

  • I've tried using the K paette eyebrow pen (not the one you used here but the one that came with powder on one tip and pen on the other), but I just want to share that I will never use any of those K-palette eyebrow products ever again. Not worth the hype and price. My Daiso eyebrow pen performs even waaaay better on my oily skin. And mind you, I live in a tropical country and it's often humid. That Daiso eye pencil, I came to know through a friend who gifted me one back in 2014 because she lived in Japan. Also, that Daiso one is 11x cheaper than the K-palette one.

  • Completely agree with Japanese eyeshadows and having light pigmentation. Canmake eyeshadows have such adorable packaging though 😭 (although they are super flimsy and break so easily)

  • Kim! I love these kinds of videos you do. I hope you will always film these because I love when you shop and show us what’s available in Japan and what you decide to buy and why. I love shopping for makeup

  • Hi Kim, Can u do a kooding earring haul sometime? There's a brand called soo n soo I would love to know what you think of them. Love you so much!!!

  • Have you ever used Amino Mason? I just bought a small sample of their shampoo/conditioner from my local Japanese shop but couldn't find any reviews online when I looked.

  • Now I want to try those eyeliners lol I used to subscribe to a Japanese makeup subscription to try out makeup and loved a blue jellybean eyeshadow I received and a few other products and now I want to try some of the products you bought lol

  • Great vid idea Kim. I'd love to see a Korean version of this. Anyone else horrified by how much plastic packaging the Japanese make up is in.? 😪

  • The best mascara in my opinion is the fairydrops mascara. My eyelashes are extremely stubborn and every mascara would make my eyelashes straight. The fairdrops mascara keeps them curled all day and people ask me if they are my real eyelashes. I was using the Kiss Me Heroine mascara before, but I had to always buy the mascara remover to take it off…It wouldn't come off otherwise…So, I switched to fairydrops. The drawback is that it is expensive…

  • I found with the eyebrow tint the longer you leave it the easier it comes off I left mine overnight and it came off very easily in one piece

  • Very pretty 🌹 💝. You judged the product by its packaging? That would be like judging a book by its…. dust jacket lol 😂. It's – 1 in SA. ⛄. I want summer back ☀ 👍

  • Looks at the one that says it was number one in Japan and the u.s, rewinds looks at it again, still confused on how it’s “number one in the u.s” if I’ve never seen it in my life. Leanani awarding itself over there.

  • Hi! Could you please do a hair tutorial for your hair in this video? Or more hair tutorial videos please? Thank you 😊

  • I would love to try Japanese and Korean make-up and their skincare it looks and sounds so Amazing Thank you so much Kim! For making such Outstanding ❤️ traveling videos I am very Grateful you are the Best 🌻.

  • Hi Kim! 🌷🌺🌹
    How are you doing today?😺 How nice you and I have the same off the shoulder shirt on today 🙂 but my shirt has Flower patterns on it and it's black. You look very nice today have a great day Kim 😀 I am also enjoying the video.

  • I've read somewhere that japanese product number ones can be easily compromised with fake reviews and reviews made by people who were given free trials that are required to review. Usually they give high rating and just copy the marketing product description. It's not really that reliable.
    ..and about lip tint vs lip gloss. I put lip tint on but it's very drying so I put lip gloss on top. Abd sorry butI have to..

    Lea nani?!

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