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– [Narrator] Olympic gold
medalist, silver medalist Dancing With the Stars
champion, Shawn Johnson. (pop music) – Here we go, it’s 5:00 a.m. we’re headed to LA on this rainy, nasty day. – Oscars! Here we go!
– Oscars! – [Andrew] Hello, LA! We made it! Shawn, which car are we going to get? Are we going to get the Porsche? – Why not, it’s Oscars? – [Andrew] We, we’re
gonna get the Mercedes? – Yeah!
– The Lambo over there? – Of course. – We’re actually not high rollers. We didn’t book it because it was an Audi. It was actually the cheapest option and it’s (unintelligible).
– For real. – So we got the BMW, the Beemer. – Yeah, yeah.
– Oh, yes. – For the Oscar! – But now we’re going to start heading to show rooms, try on dresses. We found out Andrew
actually has to wear a tux instead of a suit, and we forgot his suit. So, I guess it really
doesn’t do much for us. – [Andrew] Oh, we also don’t have a hotel. – We don’t have a hotel. Yeah, we’re waiting for that one, too. – [Andrew] This is all very
last minute, as you guys know. – Yeah, we’re going to go
get some breakfast now. – [Andrew] Oh, I’m so hungry. We’re headed into our first… – Show room.
– Dress. Show room! So, what are you looking
for in a dress tonight? – Well, it’s the Oscars, so. – We gotta go big. – Something more than
tights and a jean jacket. – Which is what you have on now. Somehow we’re here in LA after thinking we’d be comfortably in
Nashville the whole week, but. (car horn honks) Oh, what better?
– We fed Mr. Hangry here. – Oh, it got bad.
– It got bad. – It got bad. – [Publicist] There’s always this one. – [Andrew] You don’t mind
being on camera, do you? – No, sure.
(laughter) – Ah, not a biggest fan. So, we’re picking out stuff. – [Andrew] You literally just have all these racks to choose from? – Yeah. – [Andrew] How do you freaking… – I don’t know. – [Andrew] What’s the
strategy, like color first, or? – That’s, that’s a good question. I don’t think there is any. – Isn’t this very different than some of the stuff in the back? – Yeah, yeah. A lot. – Way different.
– A lot. – Jade’s like, “Don’t scare them.” I’m like, “Jade, I’m not
going to scare them.” (laughter) – This is like awesome, this is… – [Andrew] How about this
straight rubber, is this real? – I know, it’s real, that is a dress. I could wear straight rubber. – [Publicist] Do you know how
hard that would be to get on? – [Andrew] I don’t know how
hard that would be to get on. I wouldn’t want to try it myself though. – I almost…
– Sorry, can you imagine? (laughter) – That would…
– That would be a lot. – They have a lot of like
these types of pieces. Like layer it under dress,
or skirts or something? – [Publicist] Yeah. (hip hop music) (talking in background) – So many clothes. (high heels clacking) Shawn, you getting ready to try ’em on? – Yes. – [Andrew] Apparently this is, is this the super fancy clothes? – These are like performance clothes for like, this is J.
Lo’s stuff for concerts. – [Andrew] So they shut you down when you tried to come in here? Are you serious? Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. – What happens is, is that like this show room is only open to stylists… – Oh, like…
– Like in general. – Ooh.
– But because I work with them whatever, it’s why they let you come in. So all those pieces that you
weren’t allowed to look at, is because they’re on hold for like Brittney Spears, J. Lo, Nicki Minaj. – I found like this really cool bodysuit I wanted and they’re like, “Yeah, no.” – “It’s performance, so
you can’t have that.” – I’m like, “I’ll wear performance on the carpet, are you kidding?” He just like, “Yeah, it’s like J. Lo’s.” I was like…
(laughter) – [Andrew] If I had to choose one word to describe this right now, it’d be chaos. – Yeah, we’re calling hotels
we’re talking to magazines. – [Andrew] We’re sitting
out here, street side. – Do you want me to cancel
your pedicure, or… – No, I’d like a manicure. – Okay, have someone come to
the hotel for the manicure. – You’re amazing. – And hair.
– Okay. – Then, you’re going to
want to go to Vanity Fair. – Okay. – Then we’re going to go to the carpet after the interview,
we’ll skip the interviews so we won’t have to…
– Yeah. – Stress about that. Then on Sunday, actually,
Danny, scratch that. The entire day tomorrow
we’re doing People. – Okay, yes. – [Andrew] Whoa, whoa, wait,
the whole day tomorrow? – It’s just like a day in the life. Like you’re going to wake
up, and wow we’re in LA. Then, on Sunday, the
Mercedes-Benz icon viewing party is a really big viewing
party, that you can go and with all these other
people, watch the Oscars. – Okay. – Then, 30 minutes after
the telecast of the Oscars is when the big Elton
John performance starts, and it’s like the biggest
red carpet to go to. – Okay. So, we need more outfits.
– We need more outfits. – [Andrew] Geez, good thing
I’m holding seven dresses. – Can I get, can I get
makeup by Samuel, then, too? – Yeah.
– Yes. – [Andrew] This is style spy number two. (laughter) – Also, now you need three outfits. – [Andrew] Oh, what? – What do you want to make me do, now? (hip hop music) – Or even, shorten this so
it’s a little bit more like, you know, like a full, like, underwear? – [Andrew] Yes. – Now you’re going to love this. – [Andrew] I gotta get
the different options. This is Rhonda, the
stylist of the century. – Here, throw these heels on. – [Andrew] You don’t like that one? I kinda like that one. – Now, you hate it? – Well.
– Oh. – [Shawn] So, tell us
about your experience. – It’s a hard day’s work so far. I’m just chiming in every
now and then with my opinion, that usually gets laughed at by Alexis. (laughter) It’s going to be a long
day of this, hanging out. What? – That’s a dress.
– No. – Yeah.
– I don’t believe it. (people talking in background) (punk music) – [Andrew] How much fun is
getting ready for the Oscars? – Really frickin’ stressful. (laughter) – [Andrew] You’re doing a good job, baby. – Super frickin’ stressful. – [Andrew] I love you. – I love you, baby.
– You’re doing a good job. – Red carpets are so materialistic. I just want to go, like, to
Forever 21 and buy a dress. – [Andrew] But no, it has to be all fancy. Coffee break cutie. (energetic music) Okay, show room number three. Whoo! More fancy dresses. – Oh, they’re busy. – [Andrew] Look it. – (unintelligible) Oh, goodness. He’s adorable. – [Woman] Then you can
usually have a fake walk. Do you want to come out with
me and throw this box away? – [Andrew] Oh, my, he’s so… – And I love that you like
have one dress tonight. (talking in background) (heels clacking) – There’s a really good
restaurant around here. Guys, ooh, it’s so bright. Left. So, another show room down, we went to… – [Andrew] It was number three. – What was it called? – [Andrew] It was Pistols and Stamen. – Pistol and Stamen. – [Andrew] Pretty good
stuff there, I thought. – We got about 20 dresses, literally 20. And how it works now, is we’re going to our last show room for today. We have more tomorrow if we don’t have anything that works tonight. But we’re going to take all
the stuff back to our hotel, get all set up, have my
stylist, publicist, and then alterations lady
meet us at the hotel. And then we, like, try everything on again with, like, shoes and jewelry and then alterations lady basically says, she’s incredible, her name’s Laurie. She does everything for Caitlyn Jenner, she does everything for the
Kardashians, it’s amazing. She’s just, like, magical,
but she’ll look at like, this one dress and she’ll be like, “I think we can make it into a pantsuit, “and it would be amazing.” – Because that’s what
crazy, so at the show rooms you pick out the general structure. – [Shawn] But then you
alter it completely. – And then you can change it completely. So you’ll put the skirt with a completely different top or something like that. So, it’s like a, it’s like art, honestly. That’s how I’d categorize it.
– Yeah. Yeah, that’s why you have to have, like, a team with you, but so, we’re going to try all the stuff on and if she can, or if she sees that she can make magic out of it, then that will be it. If not, then we start
over with more show rooms in the morning, it’s crazy, guys. – So, all night.
– Wait, and then update. So we were telling you about the sizes. So how, like, at the last show room, I was trying on sizes
like eight and twelves and they weren’t even fitting,
they were like skin tight. Whereas this show room I was trying on zeroes and twos and they fit. Like, it doesn’t make
sense, it’s stupid, guys. Stupid. – You’re a 10 in my book, though, Shawn. – Damn it.
(laughter) – All right.
– Peace out. – [Andrew] Show room
number four, here we go. Okay, number four. – Show room number four.
– Let’s do it. Belle La Va. This place is crazy. – So, I’m kind of, or we
found out we were going to the Oscars literally last night. – [Stylist] Oh, wow, okay. – Hopped on a plane this morning. (talking over each other) – [Stylist] Where you guys coming from? – Nashville, Tennessee. – [Andrew] This is super fancy. (talking in background) – Hi!
– Hello! – How are you?
– Good, how are you? – [Andrew] Is this you? – Yeah.
– This is your style. – This is nice stuff. Fourth time’s a charm (“Side To Side” by Ariana
Grande ft. Nicki Minaj) – [Andrew] What a crazy world. You guys ever had arm fatigue
from flipping through dresses? – My arms are tired. – [Andrew] Her arms
are getting tired from, I guess you’re holding
them out in front of you the whole time, that would stink. – Well it’s like working against denim. (laughter) (hip hop music) Welcome to bandage material, folks. It’s the hottest material in LA. Oh, I learned that everything is designed in New York for the people in LA to wear. So, designed in New York,
for the people in LA. I just got three boxes
of shoes for no reason. I don’t even know why. What did we just do to get the boxes? – We’re going to be great influencers. – Oh, I think I’m going to get into the male blogging world, guys. What do you think,
could you rock my style? – Comedic male blogging? (laughter) – Parody account.
– Please do it, please. – [Andrew] How much did we just splurge? Geez, 80 dresses? 40 shoes, you want me to… You guys want to know the
source of all our problems? – I have all of this.
– Please do not. Do not.
– This one right here. – Yes!
– It’s her fault! – This is not…
– Wait, hold up, yeah. – She’s kind of a big deal, so. (laughter) – Yeah, they pulled a
bunch of these jumpsuits. – Oh, a jumpsuit?
– Yeah. – Oh, I actually kind of love that. – Me too.
– Okay. Throw that on, let’s see how it goes. – [Andrew] I can’t
believe you just filled up the whole entire hotel, right? – Yeah. – [Andrew] I’m just glad we have a hotel. Fantastic. – [Shawn] Okay, baby, you
can keep the vlog out, but I’m going to be stripping. – [Andrew] Got the team working. We have a possible winner. Is that the one? – Ooh! – Sorry, I’ll lift it, one second. – Do you like it?
– Yeah, I love it. – It’s a jumpsuit, I know you’re not the biggest fan of that. – [Andrew] I love it. This is unbelievable. – [Stylist] Stay wide,
but can’t it just jet a little bit more narrow,
do you know what I mean? Like, change the kind of, so it’s not so, the same size? – [Shawn] It’s not my
absolute favorite, but… – It literally takes an army
to get people red carpet ready. Crazy to me, wild.
(talking in background) This is amazing. – And I feel like if we keep this wide, narrow it out a little bit.
– Like here, right? – It gives it, yeah. – I think not more because
I like wide things. – [Andrew] Wow. – But I still want you to
open this up a little bit. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Love it. Yeah. Wow. – [Shawn] It’s a madhouse. Andrew’s turn! Ha, ha.
– (unintelligible) – [Shawn] Oh, shush. (laughter) We have clothes everywhere. I like those pants, is that the navy one? – Mm-hmm.
– Ooh. – Ooh, sorry.
– Don’t apologize! These are all of our clothes, guys. All of my dresses. Probably wear this one. This is my favorite go to red carpet look. We’re going to go with, guys. We’re going to go with this. Here, let’s see if I can… Gonna go with this guy for
the super formal carpet. The Elton John party. And then we are going to go with… This. It’s navy with beading jumpsuit, or this one, which you can’t
really tell what it is, but. We got some crazy picks. Love it. The spray tanner on the way,
we have sushi on the way. This is the team, guys, they’re amazing. – It’s Gamuto. – [Shawn] You look kinda sexy. (laughter) – See, there you go, Danny.
– Lock it. – Laurie, is this shirt tight? – Making him perfect.
– Look it. – The front.
– Yeah, you good? – Okay.
(laughter) – Craziness.
– Funny. – Hey, where’s my phone
cause we got the food coming. I want sushi.
– You look so nice. – [Danny] Andrew, do you like… (laughter) – [Andrew] Spray tan? – If you don’t mind, do you?
– You don’t mind? – Oh, no, I don’t mind.
– All right. – [Andrew] Is this a pop up kit? – This is a pop up tent, yo. – [Andrew] Oh, my, love it. (piano music)

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