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Shazam Final battle Shazam Vs Doctor Sivana Fight Scene almost Full Movie Clip HD

What is that you’re still just a scared little boy RUN! If a superhero can’t save his family he’s not much of a hero SHAZAM! Now, let’s try this again. Or try that again! To bad your aim sucks balls! We separate the sins from the eye and he’s just an old man. Gather the mutts. Nice trick, kill the little girl. Wise decision. Rooms about brothers and sisters await All hands on deck say my name say the name that I say to turn into this guy It’s not possible I’ve studied the fighting techniques of every single superhero Enough games boy You think a pack of children can? Feast on your heart. Are you making somebody biggie evil guy’s speech right now or something. Oh, Whatever So the first villain I’ve ever fought it’s like kind of a huge deal My name is Darla and I’ve been really good Gosh Shazam Ready to go round up your buddies What goods power if you got nobody to share it with Fatality I Can have anything I’ve ever won A demon ball in my head that’s disgusting


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