Shaxx made this for You – 58.0 KA/D (legit medal) | Destiny 2

hey what's going on guys it's me Frost Ford I'm super excited to bring this video to you guys before we get into let me give you some information of what to expect and what's gonna go down with the series that I'm making so every Friday just Sunday on Twitch I'm gonna be streaming this challenge I'm gonna be going for a 50 streak why well because Bungie added a new triumph metal in the game known as II I made this for you so it's a hidden you have to complete the 50 streak first before you know you get it unlocked in the game and I did it um so it's legit it's actually a thing we're gonna be doing this on every single character so I finished the Titan nup next is gonna be the warlock and then once I finish warlock we're gonna go on hunter so that you know the goal basically is to do it on every single character every weekend or at least you know get one or two done and then have those up to watch and stuff like that um things to keep in mind is that I want to use what I want to use so I'm kind of done kind of using ace and NF like and especially on my Titan I won't use like one night mask I kind of wanted to be a little bit more grounded I guess a little bit more impressive and entertaining to watch so being able to use kindled and you know getting a chart to Canon as a power weapon stuff like that is nice so once we're done getting it done on every character my I guess what I'm seeing in the future is that I don't want to do it with like a bow you know maybe an SMG at some point get a sniper rifle with a hand cannon that'd be nice but that's a discussion for later in a date if you guys have any thoughts on that definitely tell me in the comments but I really hope you guys enjoyed this man cuz it's so super fun and I had so much fun doing it expect the Warlock a video next and then a hunter whenever I am done with all of these anyways enjoy defeat your enemies it's all I ask we gotta get that power anymore first that's what everybody else is gonna be focused on two guys one night amassed IRA killed him though Tina's gonna grab the first Palermo I missed my shot from the guy so I didn't get a kill oh my god the shaders fire nervous right there they're just sitting on the riff back there I want to go for this flank but these guys are kind of sitting to get there so we got a free top it's gonna be a pull Shaq will play over here on the left one on my right side to bet in Chavez shocking I have to I'll play this guy with movement right there booty tap this guy hopefully missed the three top I'm a left in the middle I'm already a good Challenger got a health-food you know we're using this very kid to our advantage here that barricade was one of the best barricades I papa jeez is that lag man yeah so far so good we still got people spawning on this side of the map yeah chef on the back here let's get into spawn guy in front of me I want my health up need a second to breathe here this guy's gonna get power I'm on front of me shit no he's still looking there's two I think Tyler moans already it's trying to hate me I need to get my nice little pop here this is a really good player here this one more behind me this is pretty good for us when you throw a frisbee here if I can get this power I'm will that be huge nasha he has LMG I think challenge gonna finish them off myself good snatches power down get a nice little three tap right there use this window to see if there's anybody at middle back off just a smoker name I might go for a different angle here but this is not the best one because he got wings everywhere right there let's back off okay we got a 20 so far so good bull Shaq will play right there you need to get this power ammo in five seconds we're gonna pop a barricade I smell a super coming into play here so I gotta be careful geez dude that was insane let's get this power unless China's full shuttle flare yeah let's take a break and just primary a bit here got my right side my child with his pulse it was already a week before when I shot him got one item a so I just made the mistake of shooting him because he can see me on the screen I'm running out of ammo I have another super though I'm so alive somehow oh my god this is insane throw a grenade there let's back off I can challenge this guy get a kill but I'm gonna keep an eye on my radar one behind me mister load let's get out of the situation here it's a lot of things on my radar got a guy chasing it from behind I believe yup he's a shotgun player tag them once to them I go over to clean them up for me this guy guys power em I think let's Crouch see if we can bait him to try to pick it up second all gummy might seem it came in clutch right there I need to go ahead and find where those Lords were made yeah we got another team shot going there gotta be careful soon is it super pops pretty soon tired that guy once I think it's time for me to take a risk and get this power I mean the orbs no power i'ma right there I'm not trying to get bleep arroz so Papa super here got my rice that tune I can actually take this it won't let me though let's see if you're gonna fish bi crossing that right there perfect al is beautiful that's exactly what I needed right there got a tag on this guy kept looking for to kill me right now it's all shotgun battles right now come into the tag a grenade launcher on the Gunpowder here this Crouch see if we can get any easy picks here one cool crushing a radar pulse rifle player my challenge big I try not to over mate at me let's use this hecklers to my advantage right now attack the guy once oh my god got another one let's back off this guys getting a little bit too a growl me the tag them once already but when it's gonna fight he's gonna back off though I need to focus on that power I'm Oh – I don't have a grenade or anything yo let's go baby that's what I'm talking about bro let's go let's fuckin go bro let's go around that's what I'm talking about Rome that's what I'm talking about bro let's go that's what I'm talking about bro that's what I'm talking about man let's go baby let's go bro I want to finish this game flawless I don't want to die I want to flawless can want a flawless can that's six more points five more points no I died oh man died got pushed to middle but damn bro that's what I'm talking about let's just finish this game 30 seconds remaining GG bro let's go we did no regrets on that one well damn baby 58th Street that's what I'm talking about bro let's go good game DG we played crazy man else don't man what a game GG you


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