Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello KISSING in Tampa!

you love them I love them but is it love for Shawn Mendes and Camila Kibeho the pair brought their romance to Florida this weekend and et has all the details check them out arm-in-arm at Oxford Exchange in Tampa and here sipping coffee chatting one-on-one o to be a fly on the Hat ball et has learned they also went to Bahama Breeze in Tampa on Friday and obviously we have eyewitness deets because our news desk was really working overtime this weekend you're welcome we've learned quote they were being flirty with each other and they were kissing she had her hand on his leg now this isn't the first time Camila has joined Shaun on the road she also joined him in California earlier this month last week Shaun dodged a question about Camila though the bear has seemingly been dating since around the time their senior video came out but neither has confirmed it which is a little weird since in 2015 when people also thought they were dating they were both quick to well deny it record straight no we are just friends for Edinson we're not dating yeah we're just friends he's like one of my best friends but it's hard to deny cold hard proof just saying alright guys what do you think are we gonna get a confirmation from them anytime soon what do you love most about them together let me know let's chat and for all the latest on Sean and Camila keep it locked to all things et until next time I'm Katie Krauss and bye for now

  • I came here to tell you to stop circulating rumours but I take whatever I thought back. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS LOL

  • PR !!

    Camila said before that she wanted all her relationship private so it’s weird that like now they are like smooching each other’s faces in PUBLIC, so it’s probably just a promo for señorita so it’ll end up in billboard but I wish it was real 🙁

  • Jeez!! I feel bad for Shawn and Camilla. Talk about 0 privacy!! But we all still want to know the details…..

  • Shawn & Camila would not say the real story behind Senorita. Because this song is about Camila's ex, Matthew, and she would not allow Shawn to say it. This song is about a player whom she was trying hard to leave, but she couldn't. She kept coming back for more. Camila's ex is a professional player, he dumped Camila many times, but changed his mind again & again, and came back to her again & again. Their relationship was like friends who had sex with each others constantly. Matthew & his brother group women in NY. They do one night stands with different women. He is the biggest player ever. ** Of course, camila would not allow Shawn to say anything bad about her ex. The end of May, Matthew dumped Camila for the last time, she was crying at the airport & listen to the sad break up song EASIER in middle of June. * but by the end of June, Camila changed her IG caption to "she was free in the prison of her passion" meaning she was free from a player. So she started to give Shawn a chance in the beginning of July. Shawn has been waiting for Camila for so long . He wrote WHY for Camila.

  • Shawn wrote WHY for Camila. He sang it on stage looking at Camila in Tampa yesterday. If you listen to the lyrics of WHY, you will know it is 100% for her.

  • Algum brasileiro? To me sentido fora da caixinha, MISERICÓRDIA KAKAKSHDBANBDB como nn tendi nd q essa mulher ai falou, algm oode traduzir ae? Vlw pessoal,é noixxxxxxx❤

  • omg !why do celebrities need to confirm their relationship . You know what ? relationship has stages .If I am in the 2nd month of dating I am never gonna confirm it in public . People need time to understand and figure out things by themselves in every stage of their relationships . As fans we should let them live and be happy with the gift of music they are giving us every single year . Its very wired that fans want to know every single details of the life of their favorite celebrities . And you know what is more wired ? when you just listen to a music of your favorite musician over and over and Youtube keeps sending you 1000 notification of the details of his /her personal life instead of their songs .

  • I don't understand. If they are really dating and willing to show public interaction like this, why didn't they just admit? I mean they cause people to make wrong assumptions..

  • At the VMA’S they will most likely do red carpet together and will perform Señorita live and confirm it perhaps by kissing at the end of the song or during interview. Mark my words.

  • My friend sent me a picture of shawn and camila making out on a pool which caused me to drop my phone, I immediately went to youtube to see if they are in fact dating now lol

  • "she had her hand on his leg"
    how do ya'll know that this is creepy low-key creepy shawmilla call the cops I love these two

  • Friends can hug

    Friends can hold hands

    Friends can cuddle

    Friends can act flirty….?

    Friends can kiss..?????

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