Shark Tale – Oscar Vs Lenny

you need to slay a shark and I need to disappear here's what we're gonna do did we get that hey edge Oscar's on the TV show me that all right do you hear them Lenny they are going crazy man they love us they love you they hate me why switch sides maybe I can be the fish Slayer they'll never see it coming come on man look you sell this you'll never have to go home again you can start a new life now give me a crown okay like that that was pretty good let's go do you understand how huge my client is turn on your TV right now turn off your TV turn off your TV don't swallow oh no it's Pinocchio of course it's me why did you do that I'm sorry no no sorry is when you step on somebody at the movie theater yeah that's sorry sorry is when you say hey when's the baby due and it turns out the person's just fat yeah this is as far away from sorry as you could possibly get but Oscar I think I'm gonna puke Lenny just open up nice and easy [Applause] [Applause] turn your TV back on what are you doing talking to TV off turn it on sweet bazooms how are we supposed to find the shock plan [Applause] make fit just me practice flying fish flying fish little help here buddy boy thank you done lame wanna see another shark on this reef again ever remember this name [Applause] [Applause] since the sharkslayer not only conquered a few sharks today but maybe a few hearts as the reefs most eligible bachelor been snapped up I'm Katie Couric here live watching the sharkslayer making out

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