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Shareena marries Tito | MMK (With Eng Subs)

God gave me the person that I
will forever love and cherish, and that’s you, Shareena. Love, thank you for bringing
happiness into my life… for teaching me
to have courage… for leading me closer to God. I promise to love and cherish
you for the rest of my life. I love you. Love… it might sound weird that I was
the one who pursued you. But I don’t regret it
because we’re here now in front of the Lord,
in front of the people we love. Thank you, love,
for facing your fears… for taking care of me… for loving me unconditionally. I love you so much, Tito. I promise to cherish and love
you for the rest of my life. Who would have thought that
my crush in a coffee shop would be my boss, my boyfriend, and now, the man I will
spend my life with. Currently, we’re happy together
and still hoping for a child. We haven’t lost hope because just like a
perfectly brewed coffee, all good things are
worth the wait. Respectfully, Sha.


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