Shaquille O'Neal Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony

first giving honor to God to our exotic Christ to a mega-size fire to our founders Cooper coma in love and just I greet you in the model of our fraternity friendship is essential to the soul first of all can I ask one big favor we're about to start streaming this live so can I ask everybody take out the phone and just please put it on mute or silent thank you now we will have my co-chair brother Jerry Mackey to come introduce the Supreme Council of Omega sapphire this is a celebration you can deploy it if you want greetings are greet you in the name of my name my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I'm Jerry Mackey I played sob 1/8 is ADA swing 81 it's my pleasure to introduce our Supreme Council the greatest fraternity in the world we're going to start out with our district representatives starting with the 5th district a stand-in for our district representative brother Sam McKenzie our ninth district representative brother Patrick Smith and for our 10th district representative by the Darryl Jones now it gives me really great pleasure and honor to introduce our leaders of this great organization that we call Omega size 5 fraternity incorporated we're gonna start with the first face Graham bossless brother Ricky Lewis our second vice grand basileus brother Austin jerel Tatum our grand keepers of records and seal for the Mark II Jackson keep of finance brother Daniel Jones councilor brother Benjamin L Crump Esquire it is indeed a pleasure ladies and gentlemen please rise for our King our leader our 41st gram bossless dr. David Marion [Applause] you may be seated maestro you may know him as the big Aristotle you may know as the big cactus you may know him as the the big diesel shakka Claus but I know him as a friend and a brother ladies and gentlemen the 2018 leadership lifetime Leadership Award recipient dr. Shaquille O'Neal [Applause] now friends family brothers of Omega we will have our invocation by our brother Reverend welcher a man good evening friends and family I honor our Lord our eternity our founders our great wonderful representatives in balla our council presidents and chairs our honor all the friends but everybody in here I give you honor in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I honor you your family and your cousins and and we speak life and blessings into our honoree as we honor we speak life and love into the O'Neal family amen let us pray you on Lord we bless you and we honor you we praise you for being wonderful we thank you and we praise you for never leaving us nor forsaking us we pause from all of the rigmarole all the running of the day to say thank you thank you Lord that you love us anyhow thank you Lord for keeping us through mistakes keeping us through disobedience keeping us through mess keeping us through storms those that we created and those not created thank you Lord that you will never leave us nor forsake us thank you Lord that you have desired to be in relationship with us and that you take care of us better than we take care of ourselves thank you for the loved ones that preed over us that sacrificed for us that that made a way thank you for founder's and and loved ones for for scholars for generational blessings that have gone since before we ever existed on this earth we thank you Lord that that that no even when we got behind wheels of cars Lord that we shouldn't have been you kept us and held us we thank you Lord that when we say it things we shouldn't have said you forgave us and renewed us we thank you Lord not only for forgiving us for doing what we shouldn't have done but for not doing what we should have done we confess Lord our procrastination our lies our our deceit in any way that we have not been and we missed the mark that we've not been who you've created us to be we lay it before you now transparently asking your forgiveness and asking your blessing and now Lord bless us indeed we ask that you will look in on all of those among us who are without we pray for health and safety protection for our family members we pray that we will align our fraternity and our families with the principles that you've called us to be we pray that we make better Christian men we pray that we make better Christian families we pray that we are greater light and a greater example of your light in this earth we love you Lord we cover all those impacted by negative travesties and storms we pray for every member of our working for our federal government who is without we pray that you cover them we pray that you're a God of provision we pray that you provide in the midst of all storm for we know you own the cattle of a thousand heal and now Lord we pray Lord God not only for our fraternity but our honoree we cover him with your blood we thank you for the gifts that you have placed in him in the gift two years to this earth we pray your covering and blessing over his family as children and every one of the children and families that he has touched through his life pray that all sees that he's planted that you will nurture that you grow them up that you bring them up and that you bless him indeed we love you and honor you Lord we give you the praise and we thank you in Jesus name Amen amen let's give Reverend Welch your hand [Applause] now we have a solo by brother Damien Charles good evening let us bow our heads for the lowest per year which are in heaven Halla would be thy will be done heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our day and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glow whoa ever ah me [Applause] let's give him another round of applause [Applause] next we will have brother Steven Naismith before I bring brother Steven a on when I told him he was giving Shaq the Lifetime Achievement Award he said Q I'm there give me the day so I told him the day and he had to actually cover the Alabama Oklahoma game but he cancelled and took vacation for a whole week to be here to speak for his brother Shaquille O'Neal so please give him a round of applause as he come to the roster brother Steven Naismith good evening brothers you know when Mark called me brother Mark Stevens and asked me to speak about Shaquille O'Neal I said would you want me to say you know he said not me you got to tell y'all story story about Brotherhood y'all have one another and I said there's one slight problem most of it ain't suitable for audiences you know I mean the stuff that Shaq jokes about and the stuff that this man does to make fun of people they just think you just can't repeat they suitable for FCC airwaves dama de is suited for here but I'll tell you a couple of things it's just you watch him on national television and you you know it's two moments for me that have very little to do with Shaquille O'Neal and I directly but it really is implementing and epitomizes the kind of laughter that we have will one another he'll start laughing a minute I bring up two of these things one is footage from Shaq in the fool 2015 Otto Porter it's one of the funniest things you will ever see on TV in your life watching basketball because this brother Otto Porter works for the Washington Wizards and he's on the court literally during the game and he's on the left wing defending an opposing player and literally the player runs by him runs all the way to the other side of the court and Otto Porter is still just standing there frozen had no idea that the guy left and if you watch Shaq and Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson even Ernie Johnson class personified was cracking up laughing and Kenny Smith was like you you got to show that again you got to show that again and that was just one thing the other thing and I'm thinking about whether I should tell this or not I mean I'm actually having second thoughts or revealing this story but if y'all know anything about Charles Barkley there's this running joke about him and San Antonio's women and he talks about them constantly you know one of the lines he uses that Victoria is a secret and if you ever want to see Shaq break out laughing ways able to fall off his chairs usually during those moments you know and people crack up about it all the time and they talk about the laughter that he brings and to me it's the guy that I've known throughout these years it's real interesting as we sit here tonight about to honor this man what he means to this fraternity this Brotherhood what he means to our community what he means the world over in the world of sports but I'm here to tell you that as an eyewitness to a lot of it it really really does him no justice you know when I became a member of Omega sapphire 2012 even though it is a fraternity the fraternity as far as I'm concerned I've never considered this a fraternity I have always considered this a brotherhood and it resonates deeply with me because I lost the only brother that I had in a car accident in 1992 and often told that story whenever I'm speaking on behalf of this fraternity this Brotherhood because it's the motivation that drove me to this place one of the greatest greatest things that have ever happened to me in my adult life is meeting my brother Mark Stevens one of the best brothers I've ever known because of Mark Stevens I met another brother of mine brother Evan Murray because of the combination of those two I've met all the brothers in here including Ricky as good as a brother as I know and the list goes on and on none of that would have been possible had it not been for Shaquille O'Neal because I don't know if you notice about me Myra I guess my reputation precedes me I don't play games I know how to laugh I know how to have a good time but I don't give a damn about what anybody else thinks about what anybody else says when it comes to my principles and brotherhood is that is near the top of that list finding people whose hearts are in the right place who are as authentic as they come who are as real as they come charitable and philanthropic whose soul is in the right place that never go about the business of hurting anybody before they help others and if there's anybody if there is a professional athlete that has epitomized that more so than Shaquille O'Neal I want to meet them because I'm here to tell you in my 25 years in this business I haven't met a better brother I haven't met a better friend I haven't been having that a better ambassador than this man right here you might see him and you might see the Jolly John on television having a good time or whatever when he was playing he wasn't that nice as Vlade Divac and a whole bunch of other victims Patrick you and David Robinson he didn't get Hakeem Olajuwon now but we'll get into that another day ask a whole bunch of guys there were a whole bunch of victims that lied and his weight but that was purely on the basketball court they don't know or even if they do know people haven't cared to articulate enough whether it's Shaq of clothes whether it's the homes that he built and the food that he gave out and the supplies after Hurricane Katrina whether it's again Shaq of clothing member Shaquille O'Neal departs from Los Angeles Kobe Bryant is still there you got a lot of people in that area and that's something that I've never really spoken about publicly that did not like the fact that Shaquille O'Neal was gone you had a whole bunch of people that wanted to do some harm to some people in LA including the great Kobe Bryant and then all of a sudden somebody picked up the phone and said to them nah that's not how we gonna do this I'm a man as business you lead that brother loan there's a reason that Shaq and Kobe are still friends to this day there's a reason that they get along big fellow here's got something to do with that there's a reason you see individuals in the world of sports becoming more business minded elevating their business acumen being philanthropic and giving back to their communities more importantly they publicize their deeds a hell of a lot more than he ever has because the objective in mind has been controlling the narratives and making sure that they get shine and get pavan it's not that they don't deserve it but there's something to be said about your heart where we got a search every crevice of every corner just to find out the things that you do because you didn't want anybody to know because your heart was in the right place that is the brother Shaquille O'Neal that I have known all of these years so I want you to recognize that tonight when he stands up here as the recipient of this Lifetime Achievement Award by Omega Sapphire I want you to understand that you're giving it to an incredibly worthy individual an individual that has been very charitable very giving very loving that has represented his community his people the basketball community his own family and friends with the steam and honor and love and loyalty I want you to know that as a journalism I am NOT somebody that was sit up here and tell you that somebody has epitomized those attributes unless I absolutely mean it and if you doubt that I'm telling the truth look at my face and ask yourself that question again I don't take time out of my schedule to honor folks that don't deserve to be on it and if I'm fortunate and blessed enough to deserve such an honor someday myself I can assure you it will never be to the degree that this man is worthy of this honor tonight it is my honor and privilege to be here for my friend and brother who has represented so many great things not just about the game of basketball but the game of life and what Brotherhood is supposed to be all about and they're supposed to epitomize Shaq is very very fond of looking at the people he loves and no matter what he says to them in a conversation always ending it by telling them love you bro well guess what I love you too big boy congratulations [Applause] next we will have I call it my big brother from Los Angeles he is the newly elected first vice grand bossless of a mega sci-fi fraternity incorporated my big brother brother Ricky Lewis good evening everyone I was good to be here from Los Angeles brother Stevens thank you brother Mark Stevens told me how five or ten minutes I told my well be decent and in order and I will not go over the five or ten minutes as we reflect on the greatness of a mega sci-fi fraternity you never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit to achieve greatness once you live as if they would never die people don't wake up one morning decide it wouldn't be extraordinary it's a desire a burning desire that goes beyond the basics of just living to be greatness well make us a 5-footer nity November 17 1911 the greatness of our fraternity was kindled through a deep friendship shared by three undergraduates who were students at Howard University the mecca the warmth of the brotherhood and friendship endured beyond thir kill president there Chios suggesting to the three undergraduates they should just join at other fraternity on campus and not start Omega Sapphire fraternity November 17 1911 was the culmination of this friendship during this historic era Oscar J Cooper Frank Colvin hey Amos love will good friends outstanding scholars on campus and visionaries three these three men in collaboration with dr. hunters ever just created a friendship and bond there were laughs a lifetime a lifetime of greatness a friendship that will give birth to the generations of leaders on campus in corporate boardrooms and out of space in government on the battlefield protecting our country in the sports and entertainment arena and throughout the political and civic landscape in our nation and around the world or make a man our leaders in all arenas the greatness of Omega really resides in all of us who were the purple and gold greatness is protecting our brand at all costs no one shall be smirch her ideals and tarnish the sterling reputation of Omega south five eternity greatness is mentoring a young man and helping him see beyond his own environment and helping him to fulfill his potential encouraging him to dream and to achieve his dream greatness has been available for a father who's struggling to find out how to be a father helping a young mother who's single trying to raise a teenage boy the man of a mega-size fire available to help greatness is paying your fraternity dues great to suspend your fraternity dues and paying the mo time I'm paying them all time the fraternity needs money to operate greatness is also reclaiming her brother asking her brother to come back to the warm arms of Omega we needed help greatness is also calling her brother and said brother you on my mind I'm just checking on you how the family doing ain't seen you in a minute the Brotherhood would like to see you again November 17 1911 at Howard University – December 29 2018 at our international headquarters him skater Georgia we're here to honor brother dr. Shaquille O'Neal a great hall-of-famer on the basketball court and it's off the court work as a philanthropist and a concern to make a man made me think about one of the mother Theresa's favorite text in the Bible when she often quoted to support her ministry that she was helping folks who are least fortunate she said what you do for the least of these you do unto me so we appreciate brother Neal brother make me O'Neal doing all the good work in the community do for the least of these as I close the greatness of our founders long live Frank Coleman long way of Oscar jakecooper long live Edgar Amos love long live dr. Ernest ever just long live or make us off our fraternity wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year thank you [Applause] now we will have a solo by the great the great the great the great brother Henry Porter even if I won great last year they were prepared for my CDs so I brought my boom box with me so they say leave your boom box at home Henry it's in the car I hope this thing on work what I'm gonna do last year when we presented our first achievement award to Farrakhan now I sing the impossible dream and I know I was sitting tonight had to do a lot of dreaming when he was growing up but you know often we think we do things by our self but you know God makes it possible for us to do whatever we do see my brother though Neal was born his folk didn't put him on the stretcher and stretched him out seven feet at home God had it in plans for him to be not just 7 1 and 300 some odd pounds but he also made it possible for him there not to be big and clumsy I know some big tall clumsy foe but God put some I don't know how you move on but but I used to watch him playing it amazed me haqiqa just almost flow so all those honor that he he received and and everything I'm on this song too not just him but we'll make a sci-fi D – thank God – because we are Christian organization of me and so this is the first of this – song medley is to God be the glory and I hope this gonna wait turn it up just a little bit down just a little bit [Laughter] yet you give to prove your love for me the voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude all that I am and never hope to be I owe it all to thee to God be the glory to God for the things he has done with his blow but he has saved me mrs. power he has raised me to be the glory for the things he has done just let me live my life let it be pleasing lore to Dean and if I gain in its race let it go – he has saved me which is how he has raised me to God be the glory for the things he has done just let me live my life let it be pleasing my lord ye and if I gain any praise let it go he has say to me with this power he has read is to me to God be the glory oh the things yee-ha-ha on the thing he has thank you much thank you kindly thank you so much and then Charlie when I look at the program I knew that he was doing a lot of good thing but well doneall had been to win mid leaf a lot of Kia swings he had been to win Benny a lot of people rings who then the Katrina and etc he's really been a little wind beneath my wings called I like this look not just when he's playing basketball but when I see you on television you've make my screen smile sometime on television so because he has been the wind beneath a lot of people wings this song is specifically for brother only track number nine it must have been cold air in my shadow to never have sunlight on your face you've been content to let me shine you always walk the step I was the one with all the glory while you were the one with all the strength only a face without a name I never what heard you complain did you ever know that you're my hero and everything I'd like to be I can fly higher than an eagle you are the wind beneath my way look at my two grand songs back there it might have appeared to go unnoticed but I've got it all here in my heart I want you to know I know the truth yes I do I would be nothing without you oh did you ever know that you're my hero in everything I wouldn't like to be I can fly higher than an eagle cause you are the wind beneath my wings though wind beneath my wings yeah I'm not gonna forget to another great let's give the great-great-great-great brother part another round of applause brother grant if I if I may bring somebody special oh okay I would be amiss if I didn't recognize and bring a champion that has championed the cause while civil rights you've seen him on CNN mm BC fighting for young african-american men after they have been shot down I'm proud to say that he's not only a friend but he's a brother a brother bo mega-sized fire please put your hands together as we bring brother crop benjamin crump to the stage [Applause] thank you brother Stephens teiegram boss Willis David Marin and tell all the brothers of Omega sapphire and the community assembled here to honor this brother who has done amazing things not only on the basketball court but more importantly as brother Steven Naismith said off the basketball court as we fight for the equal justice and the equal opportunities and just the young people of color in America to be able to have Liberty in many instances it is so important when we go in the courtroom that we have images role models that people on the jury can relate to and that's why it's so important that things that Shaquille O'Neal represents in America it is so critical when we think of the n-double a-c-p Image Awards the images are a subconscious things we see on TV Malcolm X said the most powerful drug ever created was the television Stephen a Malcolm said TV gets inside your subconscious and you don't even realize you're thinking of thing and you're thinking it and so that's why I'm so important that you have people like Shaquille O'Neal representing so well on television doing things in the community making contributions back not only making himself look good not only making Omega look good brother Marion but making all of us look good he lives his Creed he really lives his and that's what it is about brother Stephens and so when we go in these courtrooms and we go all over the country brother Lewis and we talk about we have to stand up for our children we have to speak up for our children we have to fight for our children because they're our children and if we don't fight for them we can't expect anybody else to fight for them and that's why I'm so honored to be a brother of Omega Syfy and a grand officer instead of Luke you should kill O'Neil for standing up for our children and as my grandmother said standing up for the least of these salute god bless so now we have a presentation to make before I make the presentation I have on my committee thanks to brother Graham Bastas and brother first vice my committee net income is over a billion dollars and a lot of times we argue and we fuss over where we believe Omega needs to go so on a conference call somebody would allow mouths I won't say his name he made the statement that the grand boss's office the office of the grand boss list is the office of a king and our king we want him to look like a king because he's walking for the kingdom of Omega so they commissioned me and told me to make sure that we present to our grand bossless something that a king should wear so right now brother mark brother Clifford brother Graham bosses could you please rise we have given him the first time we have created the grandpa's list role and moving forward all Graham bossless we want to wear this robe when they speak at achievement weeks when they speak at commencement we would like them to wear this to represent Omega sapphire [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please ladies and gentlemen it is my honor to give honor to whom honor is due please put your hands together for our grand bossless brother dr. David Mary [Applause] thank you so much when Mark sent the agenda to me this wasn't on it as well I'm looking at Ricky Lewis and Mark Stevens and and certainly appreciate a kind act when it's shown my way thank you so much for this honor I want you to give a round of applause to dr. mark Stevens he when he finds out and brothers out I think you actually ought to stand for our brother as hard as he works [Applause] mark works extremely hard for us and when he finds out that the Supreme Council has given the go-ahead on an event like this mark becomes a madman and and he's going to work extremely hard to make this event and all the other events that that we've done in terms of these Omega Lifetime Achievement Awards he's gonna make them a success he along with his committee all of his committee members if you would please stand to let's give those brothers a round of applause these brothers work extremely hard for Omega I'd ask the Supreme Council of you any member of the Supreme Council please stand and be recognized by this Brotherhood for your work in the International Committee chairman would you please stand for the work that you do internationally for Omega sci fi thank you so much with the with the ihq team led by their fearless leader but the Kenneth Barnes all members of the ihq team please stand [Applause] these Lifetime Achievement Awards have become very special to me because it allows us the opportunity to honor great people while they're still living some people wait for the funeral before they bring you flowers and say nice things about you Reverend James Cleveland said give me my flowers while I live so I can see the beauty they bring speak kind words to me while I can hear so that I can hear the comfort they bring Reverend Cleveland said I'd rather have one tulip right now than a blanket full of roses when did in 2014 we honored Muhammad Ali while he lived in 2015 we honored Fred grace senior the attorney for Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks while he lived and of course last year we honored the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and today we honor Shaquille O'Neal [Applause] Shaquille O'Neal a man who never forgot his Boys and Girls Club experiences in Newark New Jersey a man who has served as their national spokesman for the past 15 years and gave them 1 million dollars in 1999 out of his pocket and I can't speak for you but I like a man who puts his money where his mouth is this is a man who serves on the board of an organization called communities and schools whose mission it is to surround students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve after they graduate from school with shakka claws he has given thousands and thousands of toys and school materials and supplies to children on Christmas for the past 23 years with the recent delivery of furniture to those families in the Carolinas wiped out by Hurricane Florence the numerous feed the children events at our international meetings that most of whom he and his committee reach in their pocket and pay for this man has exemplified Omegas four cardinal principles of manhood scholarship perseverance and uplift since his induction into our fraternity in 1995 but the mark would you bring up the award as we get ready to give this to our brother it is my honor as the 41st grand basileus of the Omega Sapphire fraternity to present to 2018 Omega Lifetime Achievement Award to the Superman to Shaq food Big Daddy the diesel the big shamrock the real deal the big leprechaun the big Aristotle or my favorite it is an honor to present to O'Neal this 2018 will make a Lifetime Achievement Award to dr. Shaquille O'Neal [Applause] you thank you very much I wanted to be when I first got the LSU he was the first brother of omegas a father that I met this guy have so much respect in the community he did a lot of things so I used to I used to follow this man I used to stalk this man and finally I had enough courage just to say to this brother say brother I went in I want you to hook me up so he said next time we get around to doing something I'll hook you up things went you know left a little bit could never could never you know probably go that way so I was a little upset so if you can remember when I first came into the league every time I dunked I did this I was sending everybody signals that I wanted in every time I did a dunk that gets and I've used some privation hey you know the brother I said hey my knucklehead I want him this is what that means I'm a knucklehead I went in and then finally 1995 we beat the Bulls and the playoffs and I pulled brother Michael Jordan to the side I said Mike I want in I want to hear no excuses but he said okay I got you and I don't know if Mike was wrong for this but the next day I got a call from brother Mark Stevens come on in Mark Mark said [Applause] everything I do I try to represent the only old family and I try to represent this family the family of Omega sapphire on my board when I'm doing commit community stuff and so I make them in me mark who a couple other guys and every time we go into a meeting and way man they get scared because we come in there we come in their shop and coming in a shop and you know we let them talk first what would you like we need this we need that and we said no we don't do that we all make them and this is what we don't do I'm not buying I'm not buying a hundred coats for the seventh grade I'm buying coats for the whole school I'm buying bikes for the whole school well you got to go through now we do not we're not going through another that we're gonna pull up in a truck on this day and we bring in toys we bring the coats and this how we do it and whoever don't like it that's their problem that's not our problem this is how we do it so I want to say I will always work for you guys I will always represent you guys I thank you for this award I thank you for allowing me to be an Omega man and I only broke one time as Omega man if you remember on TNT when I was eating that hot chip I took a bite of the chip I thought must not know what fraternity I'm in don't make us I fight til I die and that thing got so hot and had to break I had to break that thing that's so hot and to the lovely ladies global ladies stand up stand up ladies all the ladies the one all the ladies to stand up if you know if you know anything about me you know that I'm a mama's boy so I want to say thanks to all the moms you know all the ones that represents their husbands thank you for for taking time out of your busy schedule to come spend an hour two hours with me I want to say I love you very much you all look very very beautiful and I appreciate you and so thank you for coming out and thank you for this award Omega sapphire till we die thank you very much and yes I have a present for you dr. Mario this is something that I wore back in the day when I was sitting at new signals about you letting me in this fine fraternity so I want to honor you with this Jersey yes thank you in Shack while you were trying to pull this fast when I got something for you too big fella and so I'm about to hit the club tonight I'm gonna what's happening though you all right never taking this one off well I can't wait to get back on TT see what happened he's supposed to go baseline but he didn't you supposed to go up strong boy man I can't wait that get Mary to get my wife say we're wintering I'm gonna say right here I might hit two clubs back you ever see somebody else in a long time you really don't want to talk to him but you don't wanna let him know you gonna man thank you can I get another woman hey miss panko right here all right thank you let's give brother Shakeel another round of applause before before we knew before we do Omega deer I would like to give special thanks to to the headquarters dr. bond with Jennifer Jennifer stand up for you and your kids they helped us my committee Wismar shelter net mark Shelton flipper Robert said Jerry Mackey Lamar Williams I would like to say thank you all for everything also the grant and which Kyra I'm sorry was Karen okay let's give her she's executive she's the exact executive assistant to the Graham Fosters let's give applause also to my big brother brother Joe Williams I love you thank you a special shout-out to Reginald Jackie he told me to tell you he's waiting for them dudes to Fattah stand up read well brother read special shout out to him but right now we're gonna let brother grant Moses see Norman our 33rd grand bossless who we lost about a year and a half ago Chris Norman is in the house so we always want to show some love and somebody also whispered to me that the Kulin family was in the house and so with the Kulin family please stand we lost the 31 31st grand basileus a couple of months back we thank you we appreciate you we love you and we're glad you're here with us [Applause] also a bit Murray I want to thank every Evan Murray this production that you put together you and John Howard it was excellent I appreciate you right after this we have a reception about two minutes away paid for by big brother Steven Naismith we want to say thank you so give him a round of applause Clifford Clifford Clifford Roberts it has the drink tickets and food it's right down the street to Zanzibar and Grill where we'd be watching the game Alabama and Oklahoma but right now we will have Omega deer by our great-great great-great-great-great brother Henry Porter you know what I'm gonna steal that ring and make me a bracelet out of it that's damn brother Oh we Oh sir through days oversaw oh here's all the pain yeah we'll be away Oh [Applause] and now we will have the benediction by brother Reverend welcher family can we all stand you all remember that scripture said when you give giving secret that I may reward you openly and I honor and thank Graham bossless brother dr. mark Stevens all of our boss alive for the opportunity to join not because the brother was one of the one-in-a-million who played d1 ball not because he was one in the tens of millions who made it to the league or because he was one of the tens and tens of millions that became a Hall of Fame oh it's because I hear more good stuff about him off TV than on TV it's because even when folks heard I was coming they said oh he was at my school today it's because he's busy loving on folks and I can't hear anybody bras folks in the street school teachers anybody who said this brother doesn't walk with the light of love and Christ that other folks in there focusing that tax bracket don't usually act that way and so I'm proud that this man of God is letting Christ's light shine through and I bless you bro I'm blessed let's pray Lord we bless you and honor you for this day we thank you that you're the author and the creator of all time and we thank you for the time you give us on this earth

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