Shaquille O'Neal & Chris Tucker Opens The 2019 NBA Awards Ceremony

what's up [Applause] looking for shit y'all looking for Shaq I'm looking forward to I went back in the dressing room to say hey next thing I know I'm hosting even got hurt how you gonna get he probably put his foot up the wrong ass and got stuck Shaq always getting stuck man years ago he got stuck in my Ferrari I call triple-a to get his ass out but why does it kept y'all y'all know I love the game of basketball I got a little game myself man I used to play they used to call me twinkle toes chuckle I was bad I was all over the place I was good but they had another choice you want to be a movie star you want to be a basketball player what's this ladies it is here comes Shaquille O'Neal [Applause] are you ready [Applause] [Applause] get a rebound doll for your clown gentle rims down throw that traps down designer clothes left foot no Joelle crying oh yeah no Kauai foot surprise spotted Mitchell flies Yanis long stride dancing by my side hard beer Guinea we're dirty Duane final product bitchy Kitty tripper like a stir-fry lot of pitches you go fishing like a stir-fry [Applause] [Applause] I'm ready [Applause] [Applause] boy I'm a little winded after that performance now I know what it feels like the beach dogs barking if an ass welcome to the 2018 NBA Awards I'm excited to be here yes I'm your host that means I have to do a monologue but don't worry they say it's as easy as making a free throw shut up now if this man well goes off the rails in the last three minutes don't blame me Brett Brown coach of the 76ers he wrote it yeah he wrote it how do I look I know I look good thank you thank you I've slimmed down lost a lot of weight almost 145 pounds you wanna know how it did the Charles Barkley I got divorced Shariff don't tell your mom I said that but I give my ex-wife credit she's a great housekeeper she got to keep the house in Orlando the house in Miami and the house in LA I don't know why she went with me shooting in the gym luckily basketballs been very good to me I'm so glad that dr. Naismith in this game imagine me if there was no basketball I wonder what I'd be doing I have my doctor Chuck I'll see you two back after this MBA just had to draft a lot of fresh young blood in a house like Trey young Trey where are you Luke advantage I see you where are you but tonight we are honoring some vintage players to NBA greats and you know you're great when they call you by one name bird magic check sorry Colby no disrespect but your name is two words ko and beat you don't qualify for this list Anthony Davis is going to the Lakers yeah they had to give up a lot literally they had to cut their balls off to make this trade [Applause] what else did we see oh yeah we saw Joel and be sensitive side Joelle Mbita I got one question what the hell is his face what the hell is that on the real Joe I cried too every time I see my main man Kenny Smith walking up some steps my dude has got leg dyslexia look at his knees they're all backwards now speaking of injuries Dwight Howard was supposed to be here but he pulled another ass muscle facetiming himself seriously I like Dwight he's alright with me we actually share a few things like the Superman moniker I call myself the Man of Steel and he calls herself the Man of Steel hurt now it was a amazing season so many memories let's give it up for the Toronto Raptors [Applause] they had an awesome run this year to the NBA Finals where they beat the Golden State warrior that's right they only beat one single warrior the rest of the team was hurt that is true Golden State did loose but don't feel sorry for them right Jordan Bell I heard the Warriors a rebuilding a new super team as we speak in fact I heard that they're in the final negotiations with this guy be a real miracle that they saw him amen to that now in all seriousness I see NBA champion Pascal siakam is in the house Pascal where are you he's being nominated for most improved player you and a Serrano Raptors had a great season you won it all I love their new star player I love their new coach and I truly love their new mascot alright I'm just playing let's get this show started coming to the stage give it up for the talented Tiffany Haddish whose new movie the kitchen comes out in August and this year's number three draft pick from the New York Knicks RJ berry [Applause]


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