Shania Twain Wants JoBros to Swing By Her Las Vegas Residency | E! News

Shania Twain recently announced her Las Vegas residency now everybody's doing it out but this is actually the second concert residency that she's had in Vegas the Reimann if you guys remember ended in 2014 yes so now she's telling us about her new show and what's left she's hoping we'll make an appearance let's go let's go to Vegas let's go girls I'm going back to Vegas with a two-year residency I'm going to create a completely different entirely different show themes man a fee lag woman I want the Jonas Brothers to swing by I love that they're together they're performing the Backstreet Boys I'd love to reunite with them on stage again why not have Gwen back up there on stage when she's swinging through town I loved when Stefani Show I thought that was just in every way very impeccable you know she has incredible energy Shania's let's go the Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino starts December 6 so what does she think about the ultimate Vegas diva celina I've actually been seen several times over the years my son said how does that sound come out of such a little person so of course she's always been a really strong inspiration for me especially as another female Canadian and Shania has been a major inspiration to the millennial generation of superstars I'm flattered when I hear things like people like Taylor or Nick Jonas or Harry Styles they were influenced by something I was doing and of course not knowing it at the time it's really fun they remind me of them of the pleasure of it all hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep your pop culture


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