Shane Richie in The Entertainer

my name's Sean O'Connor I'm the director and adapter of the entertainment what it is is a brilliant classic kitchen sink drama but it's also a set of a nation play about what it's like to be in Britain in a particular point in history the attractive work in the play three things and there Shane Shane and Shane hi my name's Shane Richie and I'll be playing Archie rice in the entertainer Archie rice is someone that have been left behind the world is changing around him and there was no future for him in British entertainment we're setting it in the 80s where we were just on the verge of going to war with the Falklands and there was a lot of doors open and a lot of doors closing it's the first time that not the nine o'clock news went out and shortly afterwards a spitting image went out satire basically immediately made a whole style of humour old-fashioned I'm kind of thinking the audience should feel uncomfortable going oh my god we used to laugh at that stuff back in the eighties you've got this character who's grown up with great success in the old-style world finding self redundant and even though some of his views are reprehensible there's a sort of tragedy about it because the only Wells who knows I know where our she rises there's no place for him yet still hold on by definitive and believes in a maybe that one break they come back in three words classic British entertainment

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