Shakur Stevenson vs Oscar Valdez Ordered Next by WBO! Purse Bid Aug 2nd (WAR)

what's going on champs are family breaking news Oscar Valdez has been officially ordered by the WBO to defend his featherweight world title against your course Stephenson next purse bid has been scheduled for Friday August 2nd as soon as we broke this news on social media it exploded many people are really looking forward to this fight as y'all know if you don't know Oscar Valdez is a qualified for the 2008 Olympics at the age of 17 he became the first Mexican youth World Champion four years later he qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics he's known for the progressive fighting style punch of power and terrific combination of punching right now he has a 79 percent ko ratio and of course he's from Sonora he's a Mexican WBO featherweight title champion now we knew this might happen as Shakur Stevenson continued to climb in the ranks especially in the WBO who's very closely linked to top ranked which of course Stephenson is obviously on top ring he's only 12 fights in May he's already about the fight for his first world title real good news to hear and a real good fight to be honest because Valadez is unlike most of the fighters Shakur has fought in the ring under the lights but I have a something to let y'all know is that which of course Stevens same fights guys like this all the time inspiring the guys he sharpens his tools with all 81 you got the dilemma Chang coats that Terence Crawford the Keyshawn Davis's the tank Davis is I mean he's been in the ring with all these guys Devin Haney maybe not consistently every camp but these are the type of guys that he's come up sharpening his tools with him so when he gets into these fights man he's blowing these guys out the water because he gets such a good work and he's got such a good people around him helping him out here so it's just funny because as soon as this was announced here comes Valdez's manager and he said bow des has been that featherweight for his whole career defending his title six times successfully it's no longer easy to make the way but he will make the wait for Warrington Josh Warrington or called Frampton who are the other two champions and featherweight he said he feels he deserves those names and so I understand what his manager is trying to do but it really looks like a duck man if y'all if y'all start to operate like this you know saying you'll make the weight for you know Frampton or warrant him but you won't make the weight fresh of course Stevenson obviously you see a risk and I hope that Oscar Valdez does not vacate his title and move up so he doesn't have to fight Shakur Stevenson and they should course Stevenson's I'm fighting for a vacant title put your feet down take on this challenge Oscar Valdez is 28 he's been in some Wars I know he took some time off after he got into a war I think with Scott queeg but look man you get it on you know what I mean this is how you define your legacy and let me know what y'all think about this fight I know of course Stephen saying uh man like I said soon as you put this out there everybody was like oh man like they were just jumping up and down for this fight and everybody's looking forward to a fight SOI be ashamed and figured if it doesn't happen because of more boxing politics a lot of people already saying Shakur is gonna smoke Oscar Valdez but it remains to be seen and then for y'all who keep saying that your court need to step up this level of competition here you go you know what I mean it's just time for you for y'all to be quiet and just watch some court Stevenson work when we talked to him in Vegas he said man I think it's Valadez but I heard that it might be Frampton he said I'll crush Carl Frampton he's too small I won't even respect him and of course Stevenson a big featherweight to be honest with y'all he's gonna move up real nicely over his career but it all starts at featherweight at 126 and you know we always wish him the best he's got good things had to hit me he's got a good team around him so anyway man let me know what y'all think about this fight against your court Stevenson versus Oscar Valdez has been ordered by the WBO for the featherweight title and the first bid is gonna be on always second so we'll see what happens when that time comes you know I should course Stephens ahead Andre Ward behind him he's got J Prince everybody knows a prince respect you got a good team behind them so Bob Arum top-ranked ESPN so like I said they're really excited to hear about this excited to see what support does with the opportunity let me know what y'all think as always thank you for your time subscribe like comment share at the champs ID on Twitter on Facebook at Chapel underscore site on Instagram and then you can follow us also on wwm sicom subscribe hit that hit that like button we up


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