of course Stevenson congratulations on you to the body I feel like I'm getting better and better with every fight I feel like I'm showing progress every fight I love my body working from my last fight brother you know I don't really care what nobody got to say at the end of the day I'm in everything I'm getting my own check I'll find my mom I'm making my family and my first proud so I didn't day that's all that matters to me whatever they got to say they can say all over the carry and then the day I Know Who I am which type of stuff I feel I asked him out that should be next I'm number one and that would be a man asking squared off I feel like if you go to 130 iswe I feel like he can make 126 for another fight but if you choose not to I feel like he's ducking me so Oscar Valdez if you're watching this please get a ring we all want to fight you both know he's got a switch no oh god that's crazy like I'm on Oklahoma City Thunder fan and they just took my whole team away from me I don't know what to do now I'm watch basketball my support the Thunder way I must still be supported Paul George Dickel island aren't you still having that robbery where Andre as you know yeah Jake II try say I'm picking any type of – you know I'm not just I have a favorite player Kawhi Leonard's my favorite player in team egos – I'm a champ or so okay so I wonder at that point who do you think the wind is all the Clippers yeah yeah Clippers for sure they stacked up but I don't know it's gonna be hard to be cool I ain't Paul George at the same time LeBron is good I ain't taking none away from LeBron before why Paul George on the same team to unselfish players that can score in the clutch at any given time it's gonna be it's gonna be hard


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