SEVA 2019: Schools News 4-6 SEVA Award – SPARTAN TV #14

(upbeat music playing) – Today on Spartan TV, the
new Spartan TV studios opened. Come take a tour with us. Victoria visits the California Air Show. – Mr. Brisco, our Sunrise Choir teacher and Kinderapples. – These stories and
more, it all starts now on Spartan TV. (upbeat music playing) – Live! From Sunrise Elementary School, it's time for Spartan TV! (upbeat music playing) – Hello, and welcome to
Spartan TV, I'm Alessa. – And I'm Alyson. This is Spartan TV episode number 14. – Our new Spartan TV studio is complete. Let's go to camera 4. This is our wide camera shot. Our newscast can be
recorded live right now. – We (mumbles) SECC in the Elk Grove Unified School District. – Mr. Hawk, Ms. Filgrum,
Angela Balory, and Mr. Harding. – Without these people in organizations this would have never occurred. Thank you. – Want to see it? Jessa, our field reporter
will give you a studio tour. – Hello, this is Jessa, your
Spartan TV studio reporter. And welcome to our new studio. Our studio is set up
with and on-camera area and a technical area. This is our on-camera area. We have three cameras stationed in front of our green screens. We have 20 lights above us. Everyone uses the studios headsets so we can talk and hear each other. Over here is the technical area. This is the teleprompter,
who sends the scripts to the anchors. This is our technical director,
who records the show live. This is our sound engineer, who makes sure the sound recordings are being heard. And over here, is the show director, who makes sure the entire show is working. Our studio is amazing. – Did you hear all the
planes over Sunrise? Did you run after them
while on the playground? The California Capital Air Show took place last Saturday and we sent Victoria,
our Spartan TV studio field reporter, for the story. (airplane engine roaring) – From supersonic speed jets to gravity aerobatic
acts, to wing walkers, a day at the air show is
an exciting experiment. Thousands attend this air show, and it is marketed as the largest in North America today. This is an air show
you don't want to miss. That's why I'm here, to show you all the amazing activities. This is Victoria for Spartan TV reporting at the capital city air show. At the air show, if you look to the sky, the Canadian Forces F18
Super Hornet Biplane shows off their stunts. – The Capital Air Show
gave Sunrise free tickets. – Thank you Capital Air Show! – Thank you Capital Air Show! – [Victoria] Parachuters
falling from the sky, the US Army Golden Knights have conducted more than 16,000 jumps a year. The air show encourages you to bring and use proper hearing protection such as quality ear plugs. The noise from the jet
engines and explosions may be painful or harmful for some. The Boeing 747-200 is a 4 engine airplane capable of refueling in flight. The Air Force uses this plane for communications across the globe. Hi, what's your name? – Bella – Do you go to Sunrise? – Yes – What's your favorite
thing at the air show you've seen so far? – The big airplanes – And talk about large planes, this military transport aircraft is responsible for
airlifting troops, equipment, and support across the world. The inside bay is so large, it can hold up to 8 military cars and 4 tanks. (airplane engine roaring) This is Victoria for Spartan TV reporting at the Capital City Air Show in Mather Field. (airplane engine roaring) – Band and Choir Mr. Brisco our new Sunrise teacher, will be on campus all year. I got a chance to meet Mr. Brisco. Here's the story. (keyboard music playing) Reporting for Spartan TV, here with our awesome Sunrise band and choir teacher, Mr. Brisco. – Hello – How long have you been
interested in Musical Arts? And when did you first start? – So, I've always been
interested in Musical Arts, but I say that I got
really serious about it in 2007, so it's only been about 11 years since I've really tried to
work at being a musician. – When was your first
instrument and how many do you play now? – [Mr. Brisco] My first
instrument officially was voice, and then I took drum in school as well as saxophone,
which I did not like. And now I'm really a pianist by trade. On a good day, if you catch me, I can probably play about like 5 or 6 different instruments. – Who inspired you to learn to read and play music or sing? – [Mr. Brisco] Mother,
good helper for that. She always said that if I was going to be a musician, I should always know how to do everything, so that
kind of lends itself to me being able to play
every single instrument. But as well as, learning
how to read, write, compose. – [Alessa] Did you
perform yourself outside of Sunrise in a band or a choir? – [Mr. Brisco] Yes, I still do I direct a few choirs right now at different churches. I work at a few other schools and I also play on the side when I can. – If you had to pick
a famous artist today, who would you select? – Today? Today, oh goodness
gracious this is hard. OK, so if I could pick someone today, I guess it would be Lady Gaga. (flute playing) Thank you Mr. Brisco, we look forward to hearing your band choir. This is Alessa with your Spartan TV. (keyboard music playing) – Here's a 60 second update with Madison. – Hello, this is Madison with your 60 second update. Track (mumbles) will
take place this Friday October 5th. Welcome back C track and goodbye D track. Share-a-sole, new shoes
for new students in need. Drop off your shoes in the front office. This will happen between
October 1st through October 31st. October 5th, Superhero day. Wear your favorite superhero costume. Please remember, if you
wear a wig, mask, or hat, it must come off when
you enter the classroom. Canned food drive, October
8th through November 2nd. Please bring your food
cans to your classroom and student leadership will pick them up. October 5th, the next Minute to Win It will be called, Put
Some Jelly on Your Face. Walk to school day is October 10th with 3 locations where you
can start your walk from. Multicultural Day family
festival will take place on October 12th from 5:30 to 7pm. This is Madison with
your 60 second update. – And here's the question
of the month with Vlad. (light music playing) – What makes a good school day for you? – For me, I think a good school day is when we start and I get all my high fives and my students give me hugs, and I see all of the students coming through the gate
and on the playground with a smile. That's what makes a great
school day for me everyday. – I like to learn. – Getting to see my friends at recess. – Playing four square. – If you be nice to kids, it
will make a good school day. – A good school day
for me is a good recess with my friends. – Why do you like a good
recess with your friends? – Because my friends make me happy, and we play lots of fun things together. – Seeing planes fly over our heads. – Going on the Chromebooks. – A great school day for me involves string cheese, which I
just finished as my snack, I love string cheese. – Learning and having
fun with my classmates and having buddies. (light music playing) – Here's student leadership with an update about kids camp. – Hi, my name is Miranda, and
I'm from student leadership. This year our school
is running a food drive called Kids Can to help
the less fortunate. Have you ever been really hungry and had no food to eat? This happens to families a lot. If you would like to
pitch in, bring canned and non-perishable food
items to your teacher. The dates for this wonderful event are October 8th to November 2nd. Look, everyone wants to help! Thank you! Awesome job! Thank you for helping Kids Can! Thank you! And you can too, because Kids Can. Have a great day Sunrise Spartans. – Kindergartners have been learning a lot about apples this month. They celebrated all their hard work with an apple party. Ashley, our Spartan TV field
reporter has the story. – (children talking) – Today we are in Ms. Ariagas classroom with the Kinders doing many activities including apples, like apple turnover, and stacking apples with Play-Doh. Making apples with paper. They even made apple hats
that they could wear. – I made this apple seed hat. – [Ashley] This is what Emma had to say. – We've been tasting apple stuff. – [Ashley] They even had the chance to stack 10 apples on their head. This was a special day to celebrate all the hard work about apples. Kinders read Dr. Seuss's book, How to Stack Ten Apples on Your Head. After a fun apple day, they
danced off their excitement. This is Ashley, your
Spartan TV field reporter. – Please remember that
every Thursday is early out. Students are dismissed at 1:55pm. – The character trait of
this month is responsibility, so please make sure you show it. – We hope you enjoyed this
episode of Spartan TV. I'm Alysson And I'm Alyssa See you next time on Spartan TV. (upbeat music playing)

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