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Seungri’s speech at Gaon awards (eng sub)

Thank you so much VIPs. Today I’d like to thank myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve thanked myself, I think the last time was five years ago when I was a bit arrogant and out of my mind. In remembrance of that time, I’d like to thank myself. This demanding society and these demanding activities as a group with BIGBANG are really difficult! Everyone. There are some junior groups here, all the maknaes, raise your hands! It’s hard, right? I understand! Leeteuk: Seungri, your members look a bit embarrassed. Anyway! I’m very grateful to G-Dragon for always writing us cool songs. And thanks to YG producers. And to T.O.P for always raising me toughly. Thank you for that. I want to take this chance to say that I love you. Also, thank you to Taeyang who tells me to practice singing. I will work hard so that I can be a better singer. And to Daesung for always smiling. You really give me strength! Leeteuk: Seungri you didn’t win a solo daesang Daesung: You’re just thanking me for smiling? There’s nothing else? Seungri: You really give me strength with your smiling face. *Thanks fans for their love and supporting Bang Bang Bang*


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