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‘Vanmham’ Nanjil Nadu Kanyakumari District Let’s go and play Let’s go and play This won’t work if you keep sitting here like this Unless you go to a couple of streets how can we earn? Leave…fast Look over there Chelladurai ‘anna’ Hey! Chelladurai, don’t you have to get your face painted? Come quickly Why are you in a tearing hurry? Do you want to finish your duty fast? This is not duty, it’s art It’s to do with Goddess Saraswathi Is it easy to change men into leopards? This is our lifestyle When moon transits into star Uthiram in mid April… …that’s it, these boys just can’t be controlled Disguised as tigers, they will grab money from all of us Yes, otherwise you’ll be the guide to generosity! Give me that stone Clear off now I’m myself suffering from all this muck on my face Now paint my face Dear ladies and gentlemen, assemble in the market place… …at 4:00 p.m today to witness ‘Tame the goat’ contest Kindly participate in the function to congratulate the winning tiger (announcement) My son, Radha, come and watch your friend dancing Hey bro! Hey watch your step Is he also going to dance? You bet he makes everyone dance to his tunes! They are both so well tuned to each other Let me see who can think of defeating you, my friend My precious! My darling mother!! Chelladurai, come and get me What game is this? All these men painted as tigers dancing around a goat? Are you from out of town? Yes Whichever ‘tiger’ catches the goat by the scruff of its neck and… …bites its head, he is the bravest of them all The winner gets a trophy and prize money Bro, can I also participate? Don’t you want to go back home in 1 piece? Even the pouncing wild bull will run helter-skelter seeing me! This goat is so tame, you think I can’t bite and lift it over my head? I was just searching for such a fearless hero And I came up with zilch You’re truly a brave man Get yourself painted – Get inside – Move aside Hey! Stop the game What’s the problem, Inspector? – This isn’t allowed – Reason? It goes against the animal welfare act You can make up new laws, Inspector Old habits die hard Customs can’t be changed Don’t argue all your rubbish rules with me I toe the line to law You can take care of your law next year, let this pass now How dare you talk back to me? I’m stopping this We will go ahead We can’t rob our people of their pastime or prize You carry on I’ll handle them That’s it, bro Take it head on Rules of this game seem to target humans than animals! Chelladurai Don’t let go Who hit our ‘tiger’? How dare you disobey me? – Get lost! – Don’t…Radha Which law permits you to hit players in a game? I’m warning you Don’t make me get nasty Let him go, sir Forgive him We apologize on behalf of the entire village, sir Why are you apologizing to him? Keep quiet We are to blame – We have to give in – Forget it I’m letting him off only because of you Leave it, sir You know the repercussions of assaulting a policeman? You questioned the law to me? We also know the law You can leave now Please leave, sir Why did you hit him? Can he hit you? Okay, come Don’t splash water on me Won’t you listen to me? Yuck…go away Polluted this water with paint all over Oh yes! You’ll be smelling of sandalwood otherwise Go back to your bathing ritual Radha, my body is aching from head to toe Any remedy? Will you build a ship with the money you collected? You go brother, i will come later Radha, when shall we go? Let them come out Somone will come with us Is that okay for you? Who? Aiyaiyo! Leave me Ask her why she is pushing her 2-wheeler? She has warned me not to see her Or talk or even flash my teeth! Don’t pull a fast one on me Go and find out Hello ! Excuse me Painting yourself up like a tiger do you go road by road begging? Why don’t you get dressed up like a monkey, will suit you well That’s what I intend doing next year Why disguise yourself? You can go as you are!! You’ll never reform, and I was stupid enough to fall for you I must hit myself with a slipper to knock sense into my head How will you change? Dressing up as a tiger! ‘Vehicle’ is good back and front But why isn’t it clicking? It’s running on oiled wheels only! Come, let’s go drink Are you devoid of disgrace, dignity, shame, any of these? Radha, try falling in love All that will vanish automatically, let’s go Let’s go Stand still Rolling all the time in mud and muck you can find I heard the Inspector hit you? Did you get hurt? I’m fine, ma You’ll get flustered as if an earthquake shook you up Leave me alone Serves you right Uncle! Sister-in-law, is bro back? Yes…yes – Any problem? – Nothing of that sort As it is, your bro will do Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance You’ve given him more tempo to dance! (clears throat) I heard you created quite a scene in the market Police had a field day with the ‘tigers’? He let you loose? Usually these tigers in mid April will dance… …grab some money, drink and make merry Should our family stoop to this level? Instead of finding a job ideal for your education… …I don’t like the way you idle away your time You pampered him enough as the youngest son Only then thanks to you he can humiliate us Wonderful way to raise a son! Don’t bother about him Come here Come sit… Sit sit He screamed at you too much Not me, that was meant for you – Really? – Minx! Good day, bro – Not gone to work? – Holiday, bro As if you’re a big shot Govt officer to take off! Did you give money for the kids? I did, bro Hi baby What are you eating? This isn’t your favorite?! Can your aunt take a bite? – Look what aunt is doing, ma – My little grapefruit! She’s not letting me eat my pancake She moans and groans to eat a single ‘dosa’! And you hassle her further Good morning, bro Tell your father the dosa isn’t tasty Look he is here Ready to go to school? Finished your breakfast? Everyday mother gives me only ‘dosa’ I’m so tired of it I’ll get you ‘biriyani’ when I come home this evening What about me then, bro? As if I’ll leave you out You’re also a pet child Buy your sister and daughter ‘biriyani’ and ignore me Though I’m the one slaving in front of the stove And I’m here to eat all the leftover What do you know what I go through? Get ‘biriyani’ for your wife also, bro Okay, you don’t have to cook for the whole brood I’ll buy you also ‘biriyani’ for dinner tonight Mutton ‘biriyani’ Where did you go without eating? I’ll eat later – Where’s my nephew? – He’s inside getting ready Vadhana, drop the child in school We have an urgent errand to run Okay, uncle Let’s go up to the mill – What’s the matter? – Come with me, I’ll tell you What about breakfast? I’ll eat on the way Kutty, start the car ‘JP & RAJ Timber merchants’ Did you check the entire load? We checked 2 loads The wood has rotted Rest of the trees? We can tell only after we saw them Does JP buy trees blindfolded or what? How many times will I lose? This is not the first time He’ll start advising me if I confront him Let’s go Have the checks we gave the financier been cleared? Yesterday itself He’ll be very prompt! Start the car Call them, take out the logs from underneath and push them up Sait, only you should mint money here I should stand in the road and be begging, right? Why are you rude, Ratnam? What’s the problem? You’re so rigid in asking for your money Won’t you check the wood before you load them? You’ve selected and sent rotted wood worth 15 million – Do you have a conscience? – Don’t lose your temper I sent first class teak wood to you Some ghoul or ghost exchanged it all on the way Sait, we’ve already lost millions and we are in a tight spot Come and see for yourself Only then you will realize our plight Yov! Isaac Come here Who loaded the wood for him the other day? I did, master He’s complaining that it was all rotted and decayed wood Nothing of that sort, master Tell me the truth It was all in good condition What happened? I didn’t do anything It was all good wood Good wood? Don’t hit me I’ll tell you the truth Bro, I followed only what your partner JP told me to do What did he say? He told me to deliver this wood to Murgesan’s depot And deposit that batch of rotted wood to you I just followed his orders All of you ganged up to make me a pauper! Get into the car I’m not to blame, bro Get into the car Let me go, bro Okay…okay I’ll take care JP! Did you plan to make me and my family penniless? Is he the only one involved in your devious schemes? Or are there others too? I considered you my friend Not just a business partner How did you have the heart to loot and cheat me? Ratnam, why are you letting your tongue run? You’ve given my check to Sait, not yours To transfer the money… …that fraud Murugesan is hand in glove with you This is how you’ve cheated me and amassed wealth, right? Don’t bring some scumbags and insult me like this, Ratnam If I’m a millionaire it’s thanks to my smart brains Don’t I have wife and kids of my own? So you want my wife and kids to beg on the streets? Ratnam, To make some money, you got to choose different routes Just take what is due to you and keep out How dare you ask me to bow out of the business? (scuffle) JP, I worked shedding my blood, sweat and tears I invested in it first and you got the gall to ask me to opt out? Who are you to pack me off? Let go of me Hey Velu! You blood-sucking beggar! Save your empty threats for some other nitwit If you try to act smart with me… …I’ll pierce your liver out Moment you stepped into my office and hit me… …you and I can never bond in this birth Take this blank check Cash whatever you want and get out I’m not your servant for you to order me to get out I won’t hesitate to slice you into a junk pile and go to jail Forget it, Ratnam There’s no point in yelling at this lousy lout Let’s leave Police, court and law aren’t dead and gone They can take action We know how to deal with you Ratnam, let’s go Aiyo! This case is adjourned now and till it comes up for hearing… …the 2 parties cannot continue their respective professions Neither can they buy or sell movable or immovable assets They cannot borrow, withdraw or deposit loans from any bank This is the injunction issued by the court Drink up the toddy fast If a police man comes by my family will be on the road Pour first We can handle the police Yov! So many ants couldn’t you filter it? Ants are good for the eyes, drink it up Ants as appetizer is a floating bonus Hello, door to door vendor! Sea shore Rosamma? Did it bite the bait? She did, but it slipped Why won’t it slip if you’re greedy? “You are your own comparison” “Like the evening shadow grew your tresses to-” You seem to be in a jolly mood Get a song rolling “Flatterers and fawners by your side won’t gather” He seems stuck in the sixties! You rock and roll with your song “Shall I sing? Shall I sing a song?” “To the song’s rhythm shall I clap my hands along?” “Shall I sing? Shall I sing a song?” “To the song’s rhythm shall I tap my feet along?” “We are here to jig Step more pep into it” “We will stick together hand and glove forever” “As the feet tread a path will unfold ahead” “If you pack up your worries now Good time with gusto will follow” “Matching my age is my temerity I’ll outdo my limit on a party spree” “Shall I sing? Shall I sing a song?” “To the song’s rhythm shall I clap my hands along?” “Without any lines defined you cannot draw a design” “Draw your pattern of life You’ll never bring strife” “If you are fond of me pain not a burden, buddy” “You need to trust a friend Don’t choose lies to defend” “Love triumphs all, isn’t it true?” “There’s even water inside even the hardest rock, dude” “Even if you got kith and kin, a zillion a friend is your savior for certain” “As the feet tread a path will unfold ahead” “If you pack up your worries now Good time with gusto will follow” “Matching my age is my temerity I’ll outdo my limit on a party spree” “Shall I sing? Shall I sing a song?” “To the song’s rhythm shall I clap my hands along?” “Stand on your own feet Not by the side of a street” “Hold on to love and affection Don’t fear fights and friction” “Don’t ever be sad or sorry Let your eyes never be teary” “Hold on to friendship real hard Don’t collect grief in your heart” “Rays appear as a halo when the sun says hello” “Failures lead you to success if with high spirits you access” “Don’t say, ‘this life is a pain’ and pack your bags in vain” “Girl friend is priority Don’t turn it down, silly” “As the feet tread a path will unfold ahead” “If you pack up your worries now Good time with gusto will follow” “Matching my age is my temerity I’ll outdo my limit on a party spree” “Shall I sing? Shall I sing a song?” “To the song’s rhythm shall I tap my feet along?” Vadhana sweetheart, know something? There’s a link between this tapioca and you What? Thinking my girl will be like this I let my fertile imagination run wild- You torture me haunting my dreams I don’t know when my desire will be satisfied How about now? I am ready Given the chance looks like you’ll hand me twins in my lap! I’m going Vadhana, wait I won’t do anything Oh! You thought I got scared of that? I won’t get taken in so easily Vadhana, wait Wait, Vadhana I’ll see you later Tomorrow is Monday Come to the market (vendors hawking) How can fish be sweet as honey? Don’t we compare a girl’s eyes to a fish? Fish and girls are connected Doesn’t Kamal sir say in his cult film Guna ‘doe, honey, fish’? Girls can also slip away like an eel That’s why he’d have said so Can’t see Vadhana anywhere around? We are forced to pay sizeable amount to these flesh traders So…can we yell out to random men on the road ‘come and take me’? It’s a tough life without them also Whether the traders sell or buy these bimbos show their wares! You are aware, right? Anyway, you don’t want to come! Where is Vadhana, bro? She’s usually here by 10:00 a.m prompt Hunt for her She’ll be in some corner selling her stuff piled up – Why is it a ‘no-job’ day? – Maybe they’ve reformed – Where were you this morning? – Why are you bothered? Go where you want, but hand over the money you earn I’ve given enough What did you say? How can you hit me? I have to sweat it out and earn, you’ll drink it dry! What did you say? Take your hands off me You wife-trade and call yourself a man?! Shut your gob Don’t hit her How dare you back answer! (scuffle) Don’t get invovled You’re the reason for her getting spoilt I’ll kill you Why are you hitting them? Who are you to ask? How will I keep quiet when you hit a lady like this? Do you know who she is? My wife She’s also a human being You’re some kind of martyr to be boiling with rage at others’ affairs? Have you laid her? Has she been sweet on you? What did you say? Go hit- Give it to me Give it You go Why don’t you go? – You started – You go Who fell on the car? Be quiet Looks like they are from our village Look how they are reveling in it Get up Look at me My last warning One who backstabs and one who trades flesh- Let me tell just 1 dialog as a punch I’ll finish this – Your girl is standing there – Where? Look there Give me your bike keys I’ll be back If I set eyes on you in this area- I won’t step this side Hey Vadhana? Vadhana Wait Stop Vadhana Move, I want to go Get off that first What do you want now? What happened to rile you up like this? What more should happen? You won’t reform As if I’m a thief who goes stealing house to house and I won’t reform That’s the only thing you haven’t done Do that and we can come to a decision – What should you decide? – Don’t touch me Move your bike I want to go home Will you listen to me? Why should I listen? You mean you had no connection with those females… …you fought with those men about? Should I hear this also? Nothing of that sort happened Don’t cover up I can’t change you one bit in this birth You have to drink liquor, play cards, loiter around aimlessly with your friends You only think of your happiness 24×7 Have you been concerned about me even for a day? You’ll go your own way taking me for granted I’ll tell me brother and fix our wedd- That goon hit a female ruthlessly and we interfered to ask for justice You misunderstood- Okay, go Your brother will be looking for you, go If you open your mouth this is your medicine, Vadhana We are there Stop…stop Stop Whose house is this? I’ll tell you Come in with me Come in Wait…wait What’s happening? – Tell me – Come in Groom? ‘Why did he stop?’ Come and sit here This is my son That’s his friend He knows me Hello…good day Can we see the bride? – Call her – What are- Wait, dude You must have all eaten We both have to eat Send it through the bride-to-be Keep quiet You came just now Wait a few minutes Every moment you delay your commission will be cut, okay? Oh no! I’ll go and bring her myself No need Hema? Hema…Hema? Hema, come out Shut up Don’t you have to see her? She’s here Take a look at her Just look I don’t like all this Let us leave Did I go to such trouble for you to not take a look? She’s walking towards us Radha, look at her Take it Thank you Thank you.. Beautiful Blue Saree See.. See Bro However much we discuss… …bride and groom have to consent Isn’t that important? My girl has seen him We accept wholeheartedly Let’s consult a priest and fix the engagement date Nutcase! Why do we need a priest? Let’s finalize today We need to do it properly on an auspicious day and date Keep quiet But he’ll scoot if he steps out You fix a good date and time And let us know “Where are you off to, dear? You said something unclear” “I love you so dear, hon You push me away often” “Going overboard is you, sweety Don’t…you’ll plead repeatedly” “After I wed you tell me what you’ll do?” “Doe, only you’ll have stage fright Lying on my chest, flirt with delight” “Don’t…you’ll be caught, beware Valor up in the air, you’ll surrender” “Where are you off to, dear? You said something unclear” “I love you so dear, hon You push me away often” “Like a lamb till this instant I was naive and innocent” “Like the bull of nimbus hue you changed me anew” “Just one look you flashed Alive my heart you slashed” “I forgot to eat” “In your love’s treat” “Sleep took a backseat” “Why am I living was a query which popped from inside me” “Now I’ll endorse happily my life is for you only” “The way I love you, dear in just one day didn’t appear” “I add for many births previous it’s my penance, my precious” “I realized slowly and gradually You’re my boon shielding me” “I know not divinity; in your eye I saw many births gone by” “There’s no one like you swell Even so, no need anyone else” “If you stay forever within me I have no death, just eternity” “Where are you off to, dear? You said something unclear” “I love you so dear, hon You push me away often” Hey! Slow down Hold me tight Don’t…not so fast I’m scared Stop the bike Careful…Vadhana Are you hurt? Don’t laugh Don’t bug me One who is in love shouldn’t be scared One who’s scared shouldn’t fall in love Stop that That man is hot tempered I don’t know if he hit her or did anything worse My dear dumb friend…listen One day the family is bound to find out Be happy they got to know about your love today You’re not in love, right? – That’s why you are so cocky – All thanks to you, buddy Aren’t you the brother of revenue inspector Paulraj? Aren’t you the son of Marthandam Pillai? What have you studied? Where are you working? You’ll drink liquor, hooch and loiter around aimlessly Could you get hold of only my sister to roam around the town with you? Do you know about me? If I stamp you you’ll fall on- Be calm This doesn’t concern you Move I’m sparing you because of your brother This is my 1st and last warning If I ever catch you with my sister again… …I’ll slice you to pieces He’s like that Don’t magnify it I didn’t want to push you in a tight spot, so I let him go Let me see what extent he will try and act smart You’ve not eaten? Did I ask you anything? I haven’t even told my wife Don’t cry, dear You’ll only spoil your health by starving Go and eat Come out and see who is here I’ve come right up to your door step Won’t you invite me in? If you’re a guest I’d have invited you in But you…! That’s alright Your anger is justified How are you? Ratnam, I thought about it I am to be blamed So…? We should do business together You take my money or assets, however much you want I won’t backstab you I give you my word Are you through or anything more to say? You must withdraw your case I refuse to withdraw You can leave Try to meet me halfway, Ratnam? There’s no room here for any reconciliation I happen to possess dignity, respect, everything Your anger is speaking for you Think for a few days Reconsider and let me know However many days I think, my reply will be the same I’m not a puppet like you to dance according to the string You mustn’t let your tongue run, Ratnam Shouldn’t you consider the interests of your family? If I don’t…? JP, don’t think you can bring these goons and threaten me Find someone else for that! Is this your final decision? You made the decision Don’t think you can make amends now Not in this birth Ratnam, I know you are a short-tempered fellow But your reputation speaks for you as a good man in this town But I’m not like that I’m not short-tempered nor a good man! Shall I take leave? Please leave See you, ma Let’s go Let me hold it I’ll be with you soon Watch your step Why did you come here? To see you Someone may see us Leave this place now Vadhana…? You are okay? I am fine They didn’t hit you or- Nothing of that sort My brother won’t be such a barbarian Go now What’s troubling you? Vadhana Whatever happens… …you will be with me till the very end, won’t you? Where did you disappear? I circumambulated Lord Shiva’s shrine Pray to God now You didn’t see my girl in a sari at the temple She was ravishingly beautiful Not just wow But oh wowwwwww! But you know what? Nothing like what we feared happened to her back home ‘We feared’?! Why add me to your fear? Okay…okay Brainless fellow! Her brother knows, showing his anger won’t get him anywhere with her True, buddy But how he spoke to us in a fit of fury and frenzy But your headache phase has begun What? Wherever you see your bro-in-law you’ll have road blocks only! Third rate tramp! Instead of chopping him to pieces, were you twiddling your thumb? Where is he? The last time I saw him was on this side only Where is he? There he is! I’ll nail you into your coffin today Are you a legitimate son to your father? After I warned you, how dare you hold my sister’s hand at the temple? My fault, I shouldn’t have spared your life on that day Just because he’s with you… …do you think you can get away with anything? Hey! Kill him I’ll handle it If all my blows so far didn’t touch your body… …shows you’ve studied martial arts Let me see your art of self defense Get the weapon from the car I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth – Hey! Why did you both run? – Don’t do anything to us, bro We were scared we might get killed too Will you go and squeal? We won’t breathe a word Not a single soul knows If you both blabber- We won’t, bro You’ll be alive But your family will be extinct! No, bro…no Can I trust you? – Swear on my parents – We won’t tell anyone Spare our lives, bro We won’t whisper a word to anyone Get lost! You go home I’ll take care You go home I’ll take care I can’t- Didn’t you hear me? Go home GO Where’s the Inspector? You make a sound I will kill you Hey Radha..!! Don’t try to scream – Let her go – Don’t shout What happened to you? – Drop the knife – Give me your gun – I can’t give my gun – Take it out Don’t hurt my wife 1 minute Forgive me You can go Get inside Go I want to talk to you Sit down Talk what? You have blood all over you Sit down Fatso Ratnam who lives here You know him very well I killed him – Huh…? – Wait, Inspector I don’t have any enmity family feud, or anything I didn’t kill him with that intention My friend loved his sister He came to kill my friend and I stopped him In that scuffle, the sickle slashed his throat and he died I’m not worried of death sentence… …or counting bars, Inspector But my parents are respected in this town They shouldn’t be affected What can I do? Turn a blind eye to this case If you poke your nose and get your hands dirty… …you’ll lose your family Are you saying this knowing about Tamil Nadu police? That’s exactly why I’m confessing all this to you Rest is in your hands Look, Inspector I wasn’t born to a goon or I’m not a diehard thug Don’t make me become one Even for serial killers execution is only once That’s all I can tell you Give my gun back or my job will be at stake Aiyo…Ratnam Who informed you? This man Come here When did you see him dead? Early morning About 5:00 or 5:15 I went this way to water the fields I saw the body then Do you know him? Very well That’s why I was perturbed and went to the police station Does anyone know who killed him? – We didn’t see – We don’t know, sir Don’t be scared to tell the truth because of court case and cops If we find out ourselves you’ll be in a royal mess We don’t know, sir Have you finished the enquiry? Yes, sir Send the body to postmortem Lift the stretcher Move Give him a hand Quick Quick…. Careful My dear nephew, Ratnam! Watch your step Radha…? They’ve brought the body home it seems Everybody is lamenting and running to their house in a state of shock Let’s go too Are you mad or what? Do you know what will happen if we go there? The whole town has gathered there Be in bad taste only if we don’t go No one will look for us there That Inspector and those boys will be right there Don’t buy trouble Think of my plight If my girl asks me why I didn’t attend the funeral…? Why didn’t I offer her my condolence and solace? She’ll humiliate me and ask if I’m even human, buddy! Just look at it from my point of view Hey Chelladurai- I won’t listen to you I want to go there now Brother…! Neela…look at me, dear Look at me Look at me, my dear Neela…? My dear…! Don’t cry, my dear Hey JP! How dare you attend the funeral! Did you come to act out your grief? Listen to me, bro Don’t want any crappy condolence from you Have you come here to shed crocodile tears? Leave him, bro You came here to pretend you were upset? Just get out Bro, leave this place You killed my nephew and now act as if you’re so pure Do you have no shame at all? You killed him ruthlessly Brother…! Let’s go According to the postmortem report he has been murdered at 6:30 p.m At 7’o clock, you and Mani parked the car, gave the keys at home and left You are Ratnam’s driver You don’t know anything? We don’t know anything else, sir At 6:30 p.m our boss asked us to drop him and sent us back And you left at once? No, sir, I even told him… …’let Mani go, bro I’ll stay with you’ He didn’t listen to me He asked me to leave So we came away Will you simply go if he asks you to? Didn’t you feel bad leaving him alone? Kutty told him, sir ‘Let Mani go, I’ll stay with you’ But he didn’t listen He asked us both to leave Then what did you do? We parked the car in his house Gave the keys to his wife We told her, boss might be late coming back and we left Didn’t she ask why he would be late? That’s quite common So she didn’t ask You claim you are not connected with his murder? Sir, if anyone dies in this place am I the only ‘accused’ around? The victim isn’t anyone He’s your partner You’ve gone to his house and asked him to withdraw the case When he refused you even threatened him I wanted to solve the problem and so asked him to withdraw In anger I yelled at him If that means I killed him… …you act according to your intelligence I’ll handle it in court Look at his temerity I know he is the ‘accused’ Chelladurai, bro wants you You go I’ll come in the morning Bro asked for you Come with me now You go home now See you tomorrow I’ll only lose what little peace of mind I have left Okay, go He is here What’s between you and Ratnam’s sister? – Love, huh? – Who told you? Tell him People have seen you roam around the town with her Valliamma ‘akka’ and Panchali ‘akka’ told me That’s their only hobby! To check out who does what with whom Will you shut your mouth? You are the main reason for this boy being spoilt rotten Problem is not in roaming around with her Her brother has been murdered today The police are hunting high and low for the killer Tomorrow they will land up to interrogate us here He’ll put us through the grind We’ll handle it when he comes Yes, you will You’re a big shot and a pro at this, you’ll handle it But we don’t have your strength to do so If tomorrow we are entangled in a court case… …your father didn’t leave pots of money behind I’ll have to sell this house for the case I’m not ready to do that and stand with my family in the middle of the road No one needs to become a pauper for my sake If you want, I will walk out of the house Don’t show off your fat ego and temper! Your arrogance is because of your friend’s support His father is rich, he can afford to have an attitude You don’t have a penny to your credit, remember that If you loiter around with all this loving and giving… …your life will be doomed That’s all I can say Go to bed Why do you give him a chance to yell at you? Don’t leave this house, son My sister-in-law isn’t even drinking a drop of water She keeps fainting all the time My niece gets up at night, asks for him, hugs me and cries I don’t know what to do Without my brother… …how will we cope hereafter I can’t- Don’t cry, Vadhana He fought with JP unnecessarily And left us behind as orphans Just like my brother you’re also short tempered Will you be okay at least from now on? I didn’t see you whole of today I was upset Any problem at home? That’s normal My bro got to know of Vadhana People tend to gossip He’d have heard it Did he hit you? No…no Nothing like that He just yelled, that’s all You saw Vadhana? What did she say? I feel sorry for her She was so unconsolable She doesn’t suspect us one bit She kept crying nonstop And I couldn’t even look at her face It was a big blunder on our part Without thinking- You were a little too hasty What did you say? I meant, if you had thought before acting, we wouldn’t be in this mess I know why you said it When that girl cried… …all your bottled up emotions came tumbling out, right? Not like that, Radha Then how can you even say this? I was hasty, huh? He’d have chopped you to pieces I prevented him from doing that I deserve this Hey…hey Radha You’re getting me wrong You were the one who spoke out of turn, I’m not wrong You’re scared you might have to count bars with me Not like that, Radha Don’t cover up No use talking about this to you Listen to your brother, marry your girl and be happy – Radha…! – But get this straight Whatever problem, I can face it And I won’t burden you – Got it? – Hey…! Radha…? What are you doing? I went to the grove I saw bananas falling off the tree Pluck all the bunches today Okay, boss No sign of you, Chelladurai Do you think you should visit us only on Sundays? I was busy hunting for a job Got a job? I’ll get very soon When the time is right things will come your way Go in, my son is inside Chelladurai, come in I came to see Radha He is sleeping I’ll get you coffee You be drinking I’ll wake him up No need coffee Just meet him and go Wait, let me wake him up Radha…son Wake up Chelladurai is here Why…ma? He wants to meet you Why did he come here? He’s waiting out for you Get up, Radha Get up, he has come just to see you, right? What the hell does he want to see me for? Ask him to get out Chelladurai, he isn’t getting up Will you wait and see him? It’s okay I’ll see him later I’m so perturbed Our boss’s wife keeps asking me about him and I’m so rattled On top of it that police man Hey! Don’t spill the beans You know him only too well We’ll end up in coffins Keep that in mind They usually come together He’s all by himself today He’s coming right here Wonder what’s in store today Wait…why do you get up seeing me? Today is Sunday, right? Wait – Finished? – Done This will be like drinking cold water But good for reducing the heat in the body Mariappan bro Serve us 3 I respect you for not snitching on me despite your loyalty for the family Take it Bro…? Go ahead, drink No problem at your boss’s place? No problem How is she?? Crying alot!! Somehow- What means… Go ahead and drink Radha, I need to talk to you Kutty, are you the only son for your parents? Radha, I want to talk to you Mani, did you find a groom for your younger sister? Radha, they know we know about their family Come now What do you want now? I need to talk to you alone Tell me right here Why should they know about our personal issues? They are in the loop about everything – Tell me now – So you won’t come? You both clear out Sit here I’m talking to them Who are you to ask them to leave? So they are more important to you? Yes, they are Like you, they won’t- Go Radha, we’re not kids playing with tops I need to talk to you Not interested in your rubbish talk Attend to your business Radha, come with me Who are you to interfere? If you lay your hands on them you will see a different ‘me’ You stooped to hit me in front of these chaps Have I become so cheap to you? You’ve decided to erase me from your life? Yes, I took that decision long ago, satisfied? You were such thick friends Why are you fighting like this? This is what happens if you befriend immature kids Come along The bride’s family is keen on fixing a wedding date in May Glad to hear that – Please eat – Why all this formality? We came only to tell you the engagement date There’s no rule you shouldn’t eat in our house before that Please eat – Greetings – Please sit down – How are you?
– Fine!! Ok Why are they here, ma? They’ve come to tell us the engagement date, son I don’t want to get engaged now What are you saying, son? Did I hear you right? I need time Hello…? – What, dear? – Please come here What? Talk to your son He’s acting weird What’s the matter? Ask them to leave, father I don’t want to get married We went ahead only after you consented, right? Wait It’s not a good thing to say yes and then go back on our word Leave it, pa I don’t want this Stop the car here What dear?? Walking here?? Where is your Friend?? I Don’t Know Ok….! I will drop you.. No Need.. You can leave How can I leave?? Come in… Take your seat – Dear Take It…
– No Need.. Tell me what you want to tell… Dear… U Don’t know the real facts behind the murder As per law I have to kill him But…I didn’t kill him He already said about… Your Love with his sister May those previous conflicts….. Means…. I have Killed him?? No No… I didn’t mean that… Some other nasty 3 person killed him… We should investigate about him!!! – Do I seen like working in police department??
– why should I be bothered about it?? – You should know the truth dear…
– May police investigate you further!!! How can I let you be hassled? You’re trying to pin the murder on me And you want to escape Did you bring me here to tell me all this crap? Don’t you let your tongue run, Chelladurai Remember whom you are talking to! What does it matter who he is? You think you can force me to confess and lock me up? You might as well- What did you say? He hit him while he was talking Moron! What are you doing? You go, sir We’ll handle this How indecent of you! He’s my friend’s brother And you’re assaulting him Buffalo! Who are you to interfere in our conversation? Buffalo Take your seat dear…!! – Drink – No need – You seem tensed – I don’t want, bro Just a little Gulp it down I’ve myself seen you and Vadhana being lovey-dovey Blockhead! You stay, Chelladurai …I brought you here But it took a nasty turn Ok leave it Rs 2050 Do you have 50 bucks on you, Chappattai? If I give this, I won’t get any change back Do you have 50 bucks, Chelladurai? I don’t have money Generally no money means tension multiplies Here, hold – No, bro – Take it I don’t want money from you My friend’s brother You’re roaming around without money…come Don’t worry, Chelladurai I’ll ensure you and Vadhana get married I take full responsibility Whoever interferes I’ll handle it, okay? Hello, Murugesa It’s regarding Bala We must leave immediately Is that so? Ok Done Chelladurai, I have to go urgently on work You need to go home Give me your bike keys – Here, hold – No need, bro Bike is yours Take it home I’ll see you later Get in Bye, Vadhana Kutty, I saw Vadhana’s scooty Has someone flicked it? What’s this, dear? Meeting a boy in a lonely place What if someone had seen you? Kutty, take her with you Go now Will you go only after taking his permission? Go now Sonny, don’t do this Forget her The pitiful situation our family is in now… …we don’t have the strength to fight this Let this be the last time you meet her I beg of you Your love has gone this far Did you tell me a word about this boy you’re dating? Hope you are fine I know you are very angry with me You’re wrong in thinking I killed Ratnam If that was the case I’ll be in jail by now We’ve lost everything by getting into unnecessary problems Your little one should study well Vadhana should marry the one she loves Instead if we cling on to our silly ego… …we’ll only be walking up and down the court, without any peace of mind If only you sign to withdraw this case… …we can all lead a happy life It’s not right to ask a woman to sign when there are no males at home Leave now Kutty, you have all ganged up to bring this family to this state – What do you know? – I know everything Sis, don’t sign anything JP, where you waiting for me to leave, so you can barge in? I was informed the moment you came here Bro, he wants your daughter to sign and withdraw the case I knew you would have come for this Do you want us to withdraw the case? We won’t agree to do any crap of that sort Just leave Hey old man! You’re still so arrogant and egoistic You’d have withdrawn this case if he was your son instead of nephew You won’t stop till you bring this family to the streets I’ll make sure I break this case and teach you a lesson You get out now I know to handle it Start the car, I must show this old man… …who I am to give this case a closure Kutty, let us give the grocery list here Let him pack it Meanwhile we’ll buy all the vegetables Neela, you wanted to buy sarees for the elders Let’s do that too Ma, ice cream Kutty, get her ice cream We’ll go and buy the stuff Which ice cream you want, baby? Let’s finish buying the vegetables first Ice cream will give you worms in your tummy Choco bar won’t give worms! Is that so? Give me a choco bar Uncle…! Aiyo…baby Kutty, run Kutty…save our baby Got him Come baby.. Get him quickly Kutty leave the baby and run… Radha bro Get him quickly Asha…! Kutty Thank you, sir Have you registered a complaint? – Yes, we did – Baby is safe? Yes, she’s fine He saved her in time I’ll handle it You can leave now Okay, sir You might have to come just once to the court This must be JP’s handiwork I’ll take care of it Good afternoon, sir You take them home Sonny, if my daughter is alive today… …it’s thanks only to you I bless you with all my heart We owe your son big time for saving our baby No problem, sir I’ll take leave? – Okay – See you, son See you, bro Careful I heard about the event Hope there’s no problem I know the Inspector I can help you out Everything is fine Why did you come here? You should have just thought… …let him go to hell and not come here You came here today Tomorrow might even be court and jail I should also be standing with you For sometime now, he is roaming like a reformed hero I’ve advised my brother Doesn’t look like they’ll turn over a new leaf Don’t know if the fault lies in his birth or upbringing I have to meet the Inspector I’ll see you later Ask the boys to watch their back We’ll be the ones to suffer otherwise Hey Chelladurai! Hey Chelladurai! Call your brother out Call him out Ask that Paulraj to come out Ask your brother to come Hey Radha! You are drunk Whatever it is, let us discuss it tomorrow I came to talk to your bro Call him now – Radha…! – Hey! Have you come here to pick up a fight? What do you want? I’ll fight in the middle of the road, hit, kill, go to jail…my wish! Who are you to ask me? Radha, what is this? Ma…maa…your son humiliated my father Go inside, ma Please go in – Don’t get invovled – Go inside What’s your problem? Bro, wait We’ll talk in the morning, Radha Go home now You don’t butt in Do you know how your brother rubbed it in to my father today? Think you can split up our father and son bond? You are the most virtuous man in town! What do you know of my character? You bragged about how your brother has reformed into a wonderful soul Do you know whose tail he’s holding now? He’s sticking with JP A fellow with no character That’s my wish Who are you to talk? Then why the hell does your mad brother brag to my father? I’ll talk what I want You spoilt my brother by making him drink And you’re now jumping down my throat? What did you say? What did you say now? Radha…? You don’t deserve any respect When your bro is insulting me you zip your lips conveniently? Did I spoil your life? Was I a bad influence? Because of your brother my life is ruined Without food, water, sleep I’m dying bit by bit Radha…! Do you know who is the cause for it? All because of- Radha…? Leave Bro…? Why are you in this murderous rage? I will roam around in a murderous rage Rest assured I am 100% in a murderous rage only One more time if your brother interferes in my life… …I’ll chop him to pieces I won’t hesitate one bit This is the end of our relationship “Krishnaaa!” “Not seeing you, naturally I am just not me” “If there’s no seed no root indeed” “Even dreams happy are no comfort to me” Good morning, bro Do you recognize me? How will anyone in this town be without knowing JP?? Please sit down Good morning Would you like something to drink? No, thanks I just dropped by to see your son He must be in the garden Radha…look who is here Good morning, bro JP has come to see you Tell me I’m having legal hassles with Ratnam’s family Mind is distressed Money is drained I feel in the midst of all this you shouldn’t be interfering Your father is so well respected You are his only son You need to get married and be happy with kids of your own So many issues to take care of, right? Doesn’t seem like you’re speaking out of concern? More like you wanted to frighten me in front of my parents? Whatever you may assume… …this is what I wanted to convey You go your way I’ll handle things my way Finished your speech? You go your way I can look after my back Looks like you have made up your mind Your head shouldn’t roll in all this hound and pound JP! How dare you come here and threaten us about head rolling? A man is yet to be born to make my son’s head roll Get that into your head and clear off now You have only 1 son You shouldn’t become the reason for his death JP, just because you found a new friend… …don’t act smart with me If that family faces any problem… …be sure I’ll be there Bro- Kindly leave now Good morning, bro Come in, Rangappa Please sit down I came to inform you about our 41st day ritual tomorrow I hardly step out these days I didn’t even come for Ratnam’s funeral Radha, you go on my behalf (lament song) Don’t be formal Come in, bro I’ll sit here Come inside All of you come in too We’ll follow Why are you hesitating? (lament song) Light the camphor in front of bro’s photo Family members eat from these 4 leaves Only then the kids can eat Come, bro Now you are also part of our family Eat from the ‘offering’ leaf That’s not right You go and sit I’ll eat later Don’t say that Let’s eat Let me call him It’s okay I’ll eat later Son, please come and eat We should have called you long ago – Please eat – Don’t hesitate When you’re now one of us how can you feel shy? Go ahead Only then we can eat Eat, uncle You eat I lied saying today is my friend’s birthday Have you been waiting for long? After the rituals, I had to help clear everything That’s why I was late Radha had come home yesterday Though he looks tall and forceful he’s really very shy and reserved We had a tough time forcing him to eat…my gawd! Did you come to talk to me about Radha? Do you know how happy I am? Why this sudden joy? Radha has become part of our family Using him I will make sure you become part of our family! Using him to do useless stuff for me I don’t have to enter your house There’s no necessity Why are you acting so weird? You’re getting all het up if I talk about Radha? That’s how it is You keep harping on Radha He came, he ate, washed his hands! Is that why you came to meet me now? Why are you yelling? I thought he’s your friend Can’t I talk about him? No, Vadhana, don’t talk to me about him There’s some problem between the two of you Yes, there is What’s the problem? It’s all over, Vadhana We aren’t friends anymore What’s the reason? We have many problems between us, you don’t butt in Not only today, we can’t be the same ever again Our friendship is broken forever “My sole heart, soul true What happened to you?” “Right and wrong juggling Heart, why this low feeling?” “My sole mind, soul true What’s troubling you?” “Right and wrong reeling Mind, why this sad feeling?” “Your dreams to come true you wanted, didn’t you?” “Our bond complicated into pieces you fragmented” “You stood perplexed as to why life is so complex” “Did you come to bargain with Fate in her own game?” “Rowing to the shore, you find you’re going another way, mind” “Don’t worry, needlessly Pain will be relieved naturally” “My sole heart and soul true What’s bothering you?” “Right and wrong wrestling Soul, why are tears welling?” “Flinging wrong words we stood at cross roads” We parted ways perturbed “Before the 2 roads could unite we went our ways left and right” “We became a puzzle with no answer suitable” “What is even a misdeed can become good indeed” “With love’s magic feel wounds will quickly heal” “When clouds shower rain which land will refrain?” “Tell me, mind in pain” “Like smoke is sorrow disappearing like dew also” “My sole heart, soul true What’s wrong with you?” “Right and wrong swirling Mind, why this glum feeling?” “Fire will burst into flame Flower fades all the same” “Without despair no mind exists here” “Sometimes even a flower like a thorn can appear” That’s a cross to bear “If the truth is such why hold a grudge?” “Nothing is in our hand It’s time drawing the plan” “Sins of ignorance Sorrow gathered hence” “My dear mind in stress” “Sky that darkens at night is sure to dawn bright” “My sole mind and soul true What’s tormenting you?” “Right and wrong struggling Heart, why this low feeling?” “My sole heart, soul true What happened to you?” “Right and wrong wrestling Soul, why are tears welling?” Why are you standing here? – Come inside – It’s ok, sir Kutty told me something Ignore that, sonny Let it happen according to our fate No, bro Tell me what’s up I think you know S.S Lakshmanan? The one who owns engineering college? Same man (sacred chant) Lawyer, what have you done to break fatso Ratnam’s case? I don’t know anything Let me go, bro I’ll tell you, bro How can I talk with a knife at my throat? Ask him to take it off me, bro? Take away the knife According to that case, whatever wealth JP has… …is not taken from Ratnam Since JP was already a partner of S.S Lakshmanan… …we’ve produced a record tracing his wealth source My wife Ambujam will be waiting for me I have to go Where are you taking me? Who is this? He’s Radha, only son of Marthandam Pillai What does he want? Let me answer that also Didn’t we produce a fake document for JP? JP threatened you to sign that document… …is exactly what he’s now threatening you to sign What if I don’t sign? Just sign and let us both escape with our lives intact Do you know who I am? Oh God! It is so goddamn deep Sign the document please We’ll both end up lifeless, bro Look at that ravine By helping JP should we die? Don’t press the accelerator Please don’t I’m terrified Do what he says please Looks like I’ll die God help me Sign, bro Show me your feet I’ll fall and beg for mercy Lakshmanan bro, if you sign you both can go home safe Otherwise all 3 of us can die as a trio I’m not scared of death Give it to me, lawyer Just sign, bro ‘Truth triumphs’ As a partner of late Mr Ratnaraj JP not having shown proper accounts… …and misappropriated all of Ratnaraj’s assets …this court has enough evidence to prove him guilty Therefore a sum of Rs 200 million has to be handed over to… …the family of Mr Ratnaraj in the presence of the court officials I’m so happy, son – Kutty…? – Very happy, bro JP bro, hereafter you’ll only get worry lines if you glare at us Sign everything over to us, lick your wounds and go You stooped to the level of trying to kill an innocent kid Will God keep quiet? He punished you through the judge Hey Kutty! This I what I get for trusting you totally You mad? I’m not the reason for you losing the case Radha and Ratnam’s driver are to be blamed Are you aware that if I hadn’t signed then… …both the lawyer and I will be in Heaven by now? You let the enemy get the better of you Show your anger at Radha Not direct it towards me Die…! Water…wat- Water You want water? What crap you spoke about our boss…! I’ll give you tasty water! Who is that? Let’s scoot (groaning in pain) We are also as puzzled as you Unless he tells us what can we do Radha bro…! He keeps muttering the same name ‘Radha bro’ Who is that? He’s a close family friend I think he is holding on to his life just to see him Send for him right away Kutty…Kutty I’m Radha I’m here Kutty Kutty, open your eyes Kutty Kutty, tell me What happened? Ask everyone to leave the room Let’s all wait outside Let’s go Come, we’ll wait out Come, we’ll wait out Kutty, tell me What happened? Chappattai Velu dragged me and threw me under a train, bro I was struggling to breathe I got hiccups and asked for water Velu peed on me, bro He pissed into my mouth You should teach him a lesson, bro You should kill him You should Kutty…hey Kut- Kutty…? Chelladurai, don’t stop me No, Radha I won’t spare his life Radha, I won’t let you Radha, don’t Listen to me Radha…? Don’t You let him escape, no? You’re amidst wrong people Your chapter will also be closed Go ahead I’m not bothered You want to kill? Come on Kill me Come on I’ll kill him In front of your eyes I’ll chop him to pieces If you can, try to save him Try your luck What’s happening here? People keep dying What action are you taking? Ratnam died Now his driver Was it an accident? Or was he killed and pushed on to the track? Did you enquire? I did, sir On that day, a man by name Chappattai Velu was seen in that area Chappattai Velu…? What kind of name is that? He is JP’s henchman Now you are talking! When he spoke like a smart-ass didn’t I tell you he is the accused? Where’s this Zapota Velu? Zapota is a fruit This is Chappattai Velu Whatever crap Velu Where is he? Vadhana, stop Move, I have to go Switch off the engine Take your hands off What do you want? Why are you behaving like this? I need to talk to you No need Let me pass Or else I’ll create a ruckus here Keep this Don’t worry, please Vadhana, listen to me I don’t need to hear anything you say I’d be happy even if you did a hard day’s job as a laborer You think I don’t know what you are doing now? What have I done that is so wrong? Don’t talk back JP is planning and killing our family one by one If Radha hadn’t been there my poor niece Asha- You know how many years later she was born? We’re so protective now Do you know that? She would have died Vadhana, it’s not true what you are thinking True, JP is upset about losing his assets But that doesn’t mean- You don’t defend him to me Then who is to blame for all this? Tell me How can you tell? There’s no one else He has brainwashed you… …by giving you bike, money, everything Finished yelling at me, Vadhana? You’re only looking at it from your side That’s how much you’ve assessed me Because in your mind I’m such a cheap fellow Your brother saw me as an enemy Then my friend, Radha Your maternal uncle All my family members treated me as their enemy But only JP told me he is there for me He consoled me and offered to take the responsibility of uniting us Only for that single word of reassurance… …I’m following you and that man like a lost pup! Now that you hate me… …what does it matter who pacifies or assures me Okay, Vadhana I won’t try to see, talk, meet or bother you This will be the last time you’ll be seeing me Chelladurai…? Radhaaaaaa! Chelladurai Die Radha? Hey Chelladurai, I’m not bothered about consequences Go and tell JP Let us all go to jail together I’ve lost everything My money was grabbed Now my loyal man Chappattai Velu is dead Only option is death for me Hear me out I won’t die without chopping Radha to pieces He’s dead meat He has Vadhana’s family eating out of his palm Next he will take Vadhana away from you Nothing of that sort can ever happen My Vadhana is not that kind of girl Only I know what kind of a man Radha is He won’t let you live in peace Nor will you get your girl She’s mine She won’t leave me I know In what way are you qualified to marry that girl? But Radha has money Money can descend into the deepest ravine Got that, Chelladurai? Your Vadhana can be easily influenced Now she needs a different hand Bro, you dare insult my Vadhana once more… …that’s it If you drink, you think you can talk any bloody crap? Will you let your tongue wag? What do you know about my Vadhana? Does Radha know? Or do any of Vadhana’s family members realize her value? I know Do you want to know too? Tell me I’ll show you now I’ll show you Let us wait till ‘Onam’ festival Then I’ll finish you Vadhana…? Come out, Vadhana Vadhana…? Come out of your house Vadhana, I need to talk to you Vadhana, what did you tell me the other day? ‘I’d be happy even if you did a hard day’s job as a laborer’ That’s why I’m here If it’s true you truly love me… …accept it in front of all these people Call Radha and tell him You’ll marry only me Just say that out aloud We can deal with all that later You first clear out Take your hands off me Who are you to ask me to clear out? Let my Vadhana say that She won’t open her mouth You get out How dare you push me? Get lost Father, let go of him Chelladurai, don’t hit him You got the guts to hit him? You thought no one will come to his defense? Should we stand silently when he drags our girl’s hand? The whole village knows about the 2 of them Everyone here knows our child very well Only you need to check on your brother Tell me in what way my brother is less than her? I’ll kidnap her and ensure he marries your girl only Let me see which hero will prevent that? If such a thing happens… …I won’t hesitate to kill her on that spot I won’t get her married into a lazy lout’s family How dare you insult my family! – Father? – Uncle! Hey Radha! Who are you to interfere in our family issues? You’re hitting an elderly gentleman Are you all human? Just watch I’ll kill him So can I As if you’ll dare to kill Try coming this side and see what happens Try and kill me (scuffle) I see you around once more I’ll make mince meat out of you – I know what to do – Get lost! (phone ringing) Aren’t you going to watch the Kathakali? On the way Whole town is gathered there I thought you won’t come If your uncle sees me he may kill me! Don’t you have any patience? I just can’t wait any longer, Vadhana Either come with me or else go your own way If only you had said 1 word I’d have snubbed all of them We should ask Mallika one way or the other Sure…ask Wait…I can hear a groaning sound Someone has stabbed our Paulraj bro Someone has killed our Revenue Inspector Come out and help Whaaat? Did you hear what he said? (crowd panicking) Oh God! I don’t know Paulraj has been stabbed? Bro…? What happened?? Oh my God! My son is lying here Don’t know who did this to my son Move Brother…! Get up Radha saw Paulraj and he has followed him He has planned it and chosen the perfect spot Didn’t think Radha would have the nerve to do this He carried out his vile threat I won’t rest till I kill you Brother don’t leave us alone… Someone…ask for a car Bring it over here fast (babble of voices) Open the door Safely Take him slowly Safely All because of you, picking up fights with everyone in town You wretched sinner! Chelladurai, you also get into the car…quick – Shall I also come? – Get in Chelladurai, get into the car Why didn’t you go with them? Leave me Go to the hospital…fast Radha! Radhaaaaaa? What’s the problem? Someone stabbed Paulraj bro Radhaaaaaa…! Chelladurai Come soon Listen to me Radhaaaa! Listen to me How dare you kill my brother, huh? Listen to me I won’t let you off without killing you Call yourself a man?! Radha, don’t I’ll kill you For God’s sake Listen to me Mother, you go You sissy, Radha Father, I won’t do anything Leave me I won’t harm him Did you see him stab your brother? You don’t know about him He’ll do it if he says he will He was the one who killed my brother That JP is the culprit Go and ask him Why the hell should I go and ask JP? He’s the one who did it What the hell do you know of JP? He is the one who planned all of this He killed my nephew and today he has killed your brother All that is a lie Hey Chelladurai!! JP did not kill either of them He did! He is the one who killed Vadhana’s brother that day He is the one who killed my brother today too Vadhana’s brother and I can have 101 arguments Why should he poke his nose in between to kill? You challenged in front of everyone you’d kill my brother You did it Radha, I won’t spare your life – Don’t, Chelladurai – Hey Radha Sissy fellow! Come and fight Hey…I’ll kill him definitely today Let go of me Why are all of you still standing here? It’s all over Go…disperse Radha…? Let go of me Do you also want to end up in jail? Don’t you have a family of your own, Chelladurai? Just keep quiet Calm down He blabbered all kinds of stuff in the heat of the moment Isn’t all that a lie? You’ve helped my family a lot You wouldn’t have killed my husband I won’t believe this Just look at this child’s face and say… …’I didn’t kill your father’ ‘That’s a lie’ Just tell me these words Radha Please swear on my baby That you didn’t commit this cruel act, Radha Promise, Radha Do what she is asking you to, son Radha, please swear Why are you silent? Is it true, whatever he said? Did you kill my husband? It just can’t be true, Radha After doing this, did you act like you were helping us? I thought you were- Radha…my son I haven’t seen my son shattered like this ever Speak up, son Talk to me, please Radha bro is blameless, ma My boss went to kill Chelladurai and Radha’anna’ stopped him In that scuffle it accidentally happened And my boss died I swear Radha bro didn’t kill my boss He didn’t kill Paulraj bro either I’m sure Radha ‘anna’ is innocent JP has made his men do this so that Radha bro will be blamed Sir, take your wife home Move aside Aren’t you in this predicament because you tried to save a life? Why do you stand with your head bowed? Nothing will happen to you Let’s go home Wait please He knows what to do My son can handle it Come along Let’s go home – My son – Go home Don’t cry He’ll be fine I know he can deal with this Bro, the police would have got to know by now Let us leave before they land here Come, bro No…no I thought having committed a crime… …I should be of help to the family till the very end JP won’t let us live in peace as long as he is alive You go and check how Paulraj is at the hospital Go…! – Hey Radha – Chelladurai, don’t Let me go Don’t run, Chelladurai The police will catch Radha- How are you, my son? Where is Chelladurai? Radha…? Radha didn’t kill me Radha will be safe Please don’t cry God! Keep him safe Hey! Why is our boss running in a frenzy? What happened, bro? Radha is chasing me to kill me If he comes, chop him to pieces And cast his body into the sea I am right here Watch your step, please Radha, my son Chelladurai, don’t spare him Stab him Kill him I’m there for you Kill him Chelladurai, don’t do anything to Radha JP asked his men to kill your brother Radha is a good man Don’t kill him Your brother is alive Radha has been framed Don’t do anything to Radha Radhaaaa? Don’t…Chelladurai Hey JP…! What happened to you, my dear? Radha…look at me Radha? He was like a son to me How could you stab him? I’m to blame, Radha I want you alive as my friend, Radha Radhaaaa!! Ask radha to get up, ma Radhaaaa!! ‘Few months later’ Case isn’t too strong You’ll be granted a bail soon Our lawyer is attending to it I’ve briefed your parents about everything Don’t worry about anything Okay Vadhana wants to talk to you My family has agreed and they’re preparing for my marriage You shouldn’t hold anything against us and you must attend – Okay – See you Time up You must leave now Leave Time over You had enough time to talk, leave now Sir, time is up Come…come Radha What, buddy? ‘Forgiveness is an ingredient so essential for true friendship’ Subtitles by rekhs


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