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Sesame Street: Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy (with Oscar)

NARRATOR: And now, for the
yuckiest show on television, “Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy.” BOB: [WHISTLING] OSCAR: Here’s Bob, one of
the nicest guys I know. BOB: Oh, hi, Oscar. What’s going on? OSCAR: Hey, Bob. Let’s just say it’s time
for you to get in touch with your inner grouch. DRAB FIVE: [CHUCKLING] BOB: My inner grouch? What are you talking
about, Oscar? And who are these guys? OSCAR: Oh. These guys are with me. BOB: Oh. GROUCH 1: Yeah. And you’re about to get a
grouchy makeover from the Drab Five. DRAB FIVE: [CHUCKLING] GROUCH 2: That’s us. BOB: A grouchy makeover. GROUCH 2: That’s right. We make a nice guy like
you into a grouch like us. BOB: Oh. Well, listen. Thanks very much, guys. But I don’t think I
need a grouchy makeover. Oh, that tickles. OSCAR: I’ll get the shirt. BOB: Don’t tickle me. OSCAR: Ah. There. All done. GROUCH 2: Perfect. OSCAR: Here, Bob. Take a look at the new you. BOB: [GASP] My– my hair. My face. My clothes. My eyebrows. What have you done? OSCAR: Only our best work ever. GROUCH 1: You are
our masterpiece. OSCAR: Yeah. GROUCH 2: Absolutely beautiful. BOB: But– but I didn’t
want a grouch makeover. I liked the way I looked. I liked the way I dressed. And I liked me, Oscar. OSCAR: Wow. You seem angry. BOB: You bet your
life I’m angry. GROUCH 2: It worked. It’s [? an accomplishment. ?] GROUCH 1: Nice work, boys. OSCAR: We have turned him
into a grouch all right. GROUCH 3: Yeah. A really grouchy grouch. DRAB FIVE: [CHUCKLING] BOB: Yeah. Well, I– I guess you did. But, you know, I’ve
got to admit being a grouch is very, very freeing. GROUCH 4: There you go. GROUCH 1: Yeah. You [? said ?] it. BOB: It’s– it’s good
to let go of your angry, grouchy feelings sometimes. ALL: Yeah. Yeah. BOB: As a matter of fact,
I feel a lot better now. DRAB FIVE: Huh? BOB: Yeah. Yeah. GROUCH 3: Wait a minute. BOB: Yeah. GROUCH 3: Are you
not angry anymore? BOB: No. As a matter of fact, I’m
feeling very happy now. GROUCH 1: Happy? No. No. No. BOB: Yeah. It’s pretty interesting
being a grouch. You know, I didn’t know
what it was like before. Just thank you. Thank you. Thank you. GROUCH 4: Did he just
say what I think he said. BOB: Yes. Thank you, Drab Five. GROUCH 1: Stop saying
those nice words. This guy can’t be a grouch. GROUCH 2: He’s hopeless. GROUCH 3: A lost cause. OSCAR: Face it, Bob. You may look like a grouch. You may even get
grouchy sometimes. But underneath it all,
you’re still a nice guy. BOB: Oh, why thank you, Oscar. GROUCH 2: Ugh. He did it again. GROUCH 4: He said it again. GROUCH 1: Let’s get
out of here before he says thank you another time. Now, I’ve said “thank you.” I said it again. BOB: Thanks, guys. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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