Self Sufficient Trophy Achievement Guide Red Dead Redemption 2

hi guys in this video I'm gonna talk through the self-sufficient trophy or achievement depending what console you're on and it's a very easy one to get you just need to craft fair a unique item so I'm gonna show you how to do that and give you some hints and tips on it before I do that if you do like this video and it does help please do hit our like button if you want to see more red dead redemption 2 content from myself please click Subscribe and check out the video description for all my other videos not to make getting this easier for yourself do visit a shop I'm showing you the one inroads now on screen ads buy everything that you can from there they're all materials that you might be able to use to craft something you're gonna want plenty of meats and there's some stuff in this shop that you can buy also your sell meats as well so do that that will make this a little bit easier and another thing that you can do which is linked in my video description is check out my plant location guide there's 20 different plants in that way I go around and collect for the 100 percent completion requirement if you were to check that out there's some plants in there that also handy for this trophy as you'll be using it to craft a lot of unique items once you feel you have enough items and materials to craft some stuff just take a rest somewhere get out a campfire and start crafting now there's loads of items in this craft menu more than 30 that you can do and also there's like multiple unique items on the food so you could craft them like a steak but that are minted one with some mint herbs or something or you'll see that look on the screen so you've got coffee you've got all this meteor that you can cook all this counts now on the playing game on the plane pork or whatnot is notice I'm pressing right on the d-pad is changing I on all these classes unique items so what I mentioned earlier about my plant location guide all these items are in there where you can find them which is great you can also craft all of the easy ammunition as well there's so much in here to do there's well more than 30 I always you just need to have the materials now I did this in chapter 4 I haven't really gone out of my way to collect that if it's been looting and go in basically I did do the like I said the plant location videos I did go around collecting all them and that really did help and I did also visit the shop as I just showed in the previous Scott to buy as much as I could from there and I had easily had enough then to craft very unique items and unlock the trophy and just to avoid confusion and a unique item is it's a unique item so you can't craft fair coffees that isn't unique that's one item you can't craft for each plane pork steaks that's just one item however like I just said prior you can go and make minted pork that will be a union of a unique item so just to clarify that cuz I see a lot of questions going on about what is a unique item well it's that you know a plain pork will be a unique item and our igano pork will be a unique item so yeah it's very straightforward guys and once you've crafted that fetch if unique item the trophy will pop it's not just a camper you can craft these and what we'll also count is things you craft that like a fence and so the guy that you sell well will you get pelts and you go and sell the pelts assume you can then craft items they also count towards this they'll be unique items so there's plenty of opportunity to get this trophy or achievement this is just the easiest way like if you do have a lot of materials on you and you follow my plan guide as I said just just take a rest craft what you can and if you haven't got enough just craft what you can and then come back at a later time you will eventually get it now if this has helped and it's explained this trophy a little bit better to you please do hit our like button for me and if you want to see more Red Dead Redemption to concept for myself please sub and check out the video description for all those links so all the rest of my contents thank you for watching this video and until the next one peace out


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