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let's move on to Madonna you know she is accusing social media of feeding negativity and fueling body insecurities as well as bullying and she's not the only celebrity who's claimed this same of social media we've seen this before exactly you know Selena Gomez also called them dangerous and selfish therefore she doesn't have the Instagram app installed on her phone that way she makes sure she avoids dwelling over hurtful comments well ahead of Instagram Adam must say it easy no city okay told BBC radio that he's hoping to have a conversation with Selena and wants everyone that uses the social media platform to know that they're not getting the same experience as Gomez since she's a public figure and has a huge amount of followers know Selena Gomez is the third most followed person in the Instagram world was 102 million followers she's behind ariana grande with 158 million and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who has 172 yeah he's the most followed and this is the last time we checked because they'd never continues to go up and shoe ate Madonna by the way currently has about thirteen point nine million followers so you know she's got she's got her strong following there as well of course 14 million followers that's not just it you know I'd say why I have my measly yeah but the question here is do you guys agree with Madonna and Selena about social media I just say just one thing I love Madonna don't say one say five know what it sustained me okay I love Madonna but like she's not like from this generation like she's not from so because she didn't grow up with social media oh yeah no she didn't like she didn't get bigger anything because of social right of course never had like social being involved in her career until now okay so like on Selena side I understand completely and absolutely because she's being like exposed to social media since she was like in Disney Channel or wherever she was alright but like Madonna I understand what you're saying a Madonna is against social media but I think we should look at it as so as a whole how do you feel about social media dude do you feel that it is bullying do you do you feel that is negative do you feel that it can cause that there is a lot of bullying but I also think like for example it's more about how you use social media like it's not the platform itself how you use it I'm like you can use it however you want to like they said that's Edina didn't have it on her phone yeah cuz I keep you know that it's like doing like wrong to you or like not wrong but like any negative harm I just don't know I will say you know Camila Cabello actually has admitted that she has the Instagram app installed in her mom's phone so she doesn't have full access to it and she really only has it like Ed Sheeran completely disconnected himself all of it and you know Drake only allows comments on his profile from people he follows so if you go on to Drake's you know Instagram account it's like you can't comment and he's got about 30 comments per picture I think what I have to say about this and katanga know it's an Italian that is smart but that's what got that goes in with my opinion what I'm about to say because I feel that people need to understand what's the amount of whatever emotion you can take you know your limits so I know that you know maybe my skin is thick for social media so to me I don't care for maybe for Madonna selena their skin isn't that thick so it affects some differently so therefore just know your limits know what you want that's why Selena you're hired to what yeah but you know as a part of social media it's to share everything in anything it's your account if you'd also like your responsibility because you have a lot of followers and you know that you put yourself out there so you know that you bring it out there to like a lot of people and so many people to see you and judge you because it's gonna happen yes absolutely then just like me responsible whatever you post like going also like its post whatever like super controversial thing and that expect like no one to comment anything no 1,000% that's what I'm saying know your limits know what you're gonna again know what you're gonna receive in social media you're giving the Liberty if you post something on there just know that people have the opinion to have an opinion no idea what you're saying if you don't like it you obviously have the option there to disable comments or it's only recent comments from the people you follow or again it you can always just disconnect yourself you know like self ever no because again I don't get bothered would you just get yourself over I guess I have my moments where I'm like peace out like I don't need this I just need to be my family and that's it to each his own and you know you get to decide for sure what you want on Instagram right but I said hey let's spread a little bit more love on social media how about that let's just begin with that how about that if you want to know about little Zen or the Oscar fashion Megan Marco Omega mark well we always want to know Marco you know what you guys have to do royal press a button that says subscribe easy easy like not me TPP


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