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alright now we gotta talk about Megan markle's she's got some new bling on her ring a month after their one year look at it guys okay so the one arm without the diamonds on the band is the old one and the new one has added little diamonds very cute so you actually replace it with extra diamonds do you guys like this I do like it looks good and look gorgeous before Harry designs it but she has updated her or at least made it more in line with what she wanted I am way better it is way better that's messed up if your husband gave you an engagement ring and you alternate a year after you got that ring come on I'm not opposed to it I think it's just I don't think and my husband wouldn't care either he's okay so he picked out my engagement ring completely I didn't have any say in it at all and I would hate possibly and I loved it and I'm happy with it but he's always said like hey if we ever have the extra money and we want to spend it on that which I don't know when that's gonna happen but we could upgrade it and so and I think an upgrades always exciting and one year that's appropriate it's the things she's gonna have enough finger for the rest of her that looks so much better it's gonna make it so you are gonna love it Melanie Melanie that's part of marriage you breathe through it and you just hope that one day you get up great at five to ten years here's my other thing though here's my other thing that first ring was a part of history it's when Harry Prince of Wales gave the first bi-racial member of the monarchy that's a significant moment she's beaten the first like she has to then suffer and wear a ring that she doesn't love imagine Queen Elizabeth a nice ring in the prison imagine Queen Elizabeth given Meaghan marker a tiara and all of a sudden you see six months later that she changed the gems around but that's sure like grandmother-in-law or whatever they called to separate the grandmothers yeah you do that because that's a part of history no no no nobody cares and it's gonna be a little blur in their history buddies you know when they break up and he talks about how she changed the ring you're gonna say it's a blur I don't think it's a big deal it's not like she got rid of the diamond she didn't change it all the way she cannot serve the bowtie on his diamond she just added a little extra bling she added to it didn't take away I think it's okay for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling brick in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • Whether Harry upgraded her ring or she did is really no business of anyone but theirs. They cannot seem to keep Meghan's name out of their mouths. Talk about the other members of the Royal Family. You won't because she is the interesting one and the draw.

  • You know nothing about the Duchess ring, everything they do is between them. Give it a rest. You can not know anything just by seeing a picture of it.

  • I 1 million percent agree with Jason!!!! If it was in fact her choice in changing the ring, that’s messed up! The original one came with so much significance, from the materials to the designer to the record breaking milestone it represented. Again, here's hoping…not!

  • This channel is notorious for being negative towards Meghan Markle. I would watch this show if they just gave us info without the bitchy attitude….

    If Meghan sneezes, omg she is trying to overthrow the monarchy.

  • Maybe she needed it resized since the pregnancy .. Such a thin band , maybe she decided to sparkle it up since it was getting replaced .. Get over the judgement .

  • Meghan allegedly dumped her first husband unceremoniously and then
    returned wedding rings, etc. via FedEx. She then announced that she felt
    “liberated.” Why hasn’t first hubby spoken up? Is he still too hurt or has
    he been paid off?
    Shortly thereafter, Meghan Shacked up with a celebrity chef (reported
    by Quora contributors).
    Meghan states that she is a feminist but disrobed for money.
    She opened suitcases for money.
    She would certainly marry for money.
    Meghan came into her second marriage with a respectable $5 million.
    She has spent that amount 10 times over.
    Meghan pretends to be a humanitarian but blows $100,000. in taxpayer
    money on a single outfit. Entitled? You be the judge.
    Diana auctioned her dresses off and gave the money to charity.
    Meghan cares about the environment. That’s why she blissfully flew in
    a private jet paid for by the other fake humanitarian: Gold-digger Amal
    Clooney. Think of the fuel burned — the carbon footprint.
    Meghan is a racist. She would not welcome her mom’s black family to
    her wedding. They were interviewed by Channel 5 in Boston on a news
    magazine called Chronicle. They were lovely people and pained that Doria
    had to attend the grand event alone.
    Meghan straightens her hair which is a bit disingenuous for a “proud,
    confident bi-racial woman.” Will she do this to her child?
    Rachel Meghan has separated Harry from his army buddies. Who is more
    noble than a man who would die for his country?
    Meghan depicts Thomas as a truly evil man. Why did Saint Doria entrust
    custody of her daughter to such a “monster?” Why is Thomas with Rachel
    Megs in most of the pictures, instead of Mom?
    Why would Meghan wear a dress slit up to her groin, while pregnant, on
    royal business? Bring on the Kardashian’s!
    Why did Meghan upstage Eugenie by announcing her pregnancy at
    Eugenie’s wedding after forcing a postponement to Eugenie’s wedding so she
    could close the deal with Harry immediately?
    Why does Meghan pretend that she cares about other people while
    treating her staff and Mom’s side of the family like trash? She also
    exploits the British people, who are forced to live modestly in many
    circumstances, by ordering up the highest-priced designers and sticking
    them with the tab.
    How dare she bring Catherine to tears during wedding rehearsal and
    then show up for the wedding looking like she had not combed her hair and
    wearing an ill-fitting dress?
    Meghan Rachel has been such a disaster that the Royals are now paying
    a reported $one million a year to a PR company to try to rehabilitate her
    image. Guess what? The taxpayers will foot the bill.
    Is this audacious or is it me?
    Some ask why the Queen approved Megs: a) She wanted to create a
    progressive image for the monarchy, by inviting a minority member into the
    fold. b) She did not want to repeat the mistake she made by separating
    Charles the Tampon and Camilla. c) She felt guilty for mistreating Harry’s
    beautiful mother. d) She’s dying anyway so she doesn’t have to put up with
    her for long. e) The classy women who loved Harry had declined the
    lifestyle and he was lonely. Meghan would thrive in the fishbowl as long
    as she could primp and pose all day. Such a feminist intellectual!
    Note to Self: The Queen did insist on a pre-nup even as Harry
    proclaimed: “Meghan gets what Meghan wants!” Poor Harry. Love is blind but
    marriage is an eye-opener.
    The U.S. has Trump and the U.K. has Markle. It is my sincere prayer
    that people have the clarity and wisdom to face the truth and not see what
    they want to see. I am not suggesting that Markle has the same power that
    Trump has just that she has fooled the downtrodden into believing she truly
    cares (as Trump has done) while both she and Trump care only about their
    images and elite lifestyles. If they truly cared about human suffering,
    they could not possibly live life to enrich themselves at every
    opportunity. Both change partners like socks and have great difficulty
    with the truth.
    I am sad for Harry, as I believe Diana would have been, and hope he
    finds his way. He is better than this.

  • I remember in the engagement interview harry said he picked the gold band because it was her favorite sooooo it maybe hurt that it was change. if they didn't do it together of course

  • Can you please stop assuming, when you don't know, it could have been and probably was a gift, it comes across as there is an enjoyment of putting her in a bad light, and then pretending your not. Thanks.

  • LOL Justin HM has actually given tiaras to family members which they altered it (most times cause the og tiara was falling apart). Also she only changed the band of the ring not the diamonds (the og band was gold cause Meghan like yellow gold and it clear Harry was one to upgrade her ring as an anniversary gift).

  • What is with pushing the narrative that she has changed the ring as if it is fact, when you have no idea of who upgraded it, when a more common scenario is that this is a gift from her husband for the birth of that precious baby or a anniversary gift, please please stop it, it's so obvious that an agenda here. Why?

  • has anyone thought maybe he upgraded her ring as a push present?

    BREATHE PEOPLE…..and let them be for the love of God.

  • a woman has to wear it for the duration of a marriage so it makes sense to have a ring that a woman is comfortable with

  • Justin is an Uncle Tom if I ever saw one. Who does this black girl thinks she is to change the brand of HER OWN engagement ring, she should be happy with what she's got and that she's even married to a prince in the first place.

  • Prince harry upgraded her ring, because he knew he was giving her an eternity band for their first wedding anniversary. He wanted her ring to match the chimney band, so he re-designed it himself. Everybody wants to act like Megan is not grateful, for what Harry has given her, but any piece of jewelry that he has given her he has either designed it or picked it out himself. But, even if she would’ve redesigned it, that’s her business. They are multimillionaires who can afford to do with the hell they want. People need to leave her alone, realize that her and her husband are happy in love. Get your life, I hate the press these days. Especially entertainment press, because they never get anything straight. She would never have upgraded her lane, if her husband would not of done it. Fools

  • Justin is ridiculous. The integrity of the ring is still intact, all she literally did was change the band. If Harry doesnt care then neither should anyone else.

  • First of all, how do these people know that P. Harry didn't paid for the ring upgrade himself.. This is just pure speculation… It was their anniversary and she just gave birth which means it was a gift…

  • She still has Diana's diamonds. They added more diamonds to the band, making it an eternity band. I don't know why everyone is assuming she did it, Harry could've upgraded the band and added the other bands as a push gift.

  • He's right! She just showing herself up to be what the press wants her to be, after fame fortune and ulterior motives 😏

  • How y'all know she did it. Maybe he upgraded it since she gave birth. Its a push present representing the 3 of them now.

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