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John Travolta hasn't really had a big movie hit in a while in the upcoming film the fanatic he plays a celebrity stalker let's watch the trailer and talk about it so pleasure to meet you mr. Dunbar hunter John Barr here tonight I need to get an autograph don't let him do this to me man I'm at number one bit is it difficult to find the famous people's houses I use my star map that you have to be careful but I want me to be accused of stalking you can't just come to my private residence looking for me listen pal I don't know how you found me but I never want to see you in this neighborhood again how do you buy creepy real kind of I'm able think about Kendall Jenner Taylor Swift I Sam if I was a celebrity I would not watch this movie the amount that we are reporting on stalkers I was one this week we Taylor Swift like it's a constant thing did you know I think I can't remember that it's like 50% or more of all stalkers in the UK are obsessed with the royal family I mean I'm not surprised with I'm not surprised by the bunkers yeah I so Chris mellow calm says cool scary Travolta do you guys like Travolta as he's playing it off really well I feel like it seems like a little hacking no no Sarah says I'm terrified of John Travolta now you need a creepy role right yeah we needs to do something oh yeah I was trying to think he I know he did something what was it yeah that's right daddy yeah I this movie is directed by Fred Durst oh really yeah limp Biskit front man who dated Britney Spears yeah second yeah good and I don't like scary movies sir I think have a bug bite right here I keep bitching is this is the kind of film that I cannot watch no me neither but I will because it was manly I don't know I don't know team acknowledged says he looks like Will Ferrell I might not be able to disassociate that michael says Tolkien who this creep me out I could barely tell it was him from destiny Helia Kela says I hope I'm pronouncing your name right says I love his hair for the movie darling that's what you focused on oh look at it it's so like stalkery like creepy look at that haircut like I mean I would be I don't know I would be interested in like a true-to-life psychological store worried about stalkers and like what kind of we talked about this on the show the other day there's like clearly a dope you know a delusional aspect to a lot of this so nice I don't know that I'm in it for like the shock value but I would want to see like a real breakdown of like what is it that's missing and somebody like that


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