initiative so that we may showcase what our local apparel industry has to offer I am particularly encouraged to see many young Kenyans utilizing social media platforms to sell unique and authentic made in kenya apparel by jewelry and other wearables majority women in watch I am a to see southern Angelia easy cool about what to wear to a national watch a nanny named Embraer what's up sama to see good have you to visually saunas in also acquaintance it is not another one our Kenya to end acquire sites to new new APIs are we gonna wait to I challenge our tree after tree nanaka Nellie synonym Mayo my administration will continue to improve the enabling business environment through continuous reforms that make it easier for youth women and persons living with disabilities to create markets and to earn from their talents so ladies and gentlemen today we launched two initiatives there are both ends of Kenya's economic spectrum cotton represents many decades of Kenyan agriculture and Industry was a laptop assembly line established by more university captures 21st century innovation and enterprise I applaud my university for establishing a laptop assembly line and also creating an industrial linkage which is an important component in addressing the skills and capacity gaps in the ICT manufacturing industry I also note the laptop assembly factory that is here in Elder X and the other one JK you cotton juga successfully assembled teachers and learner's devices under the digital literacy program supporting a vital government program and showcasing that we have local capacity to meet large demands to this end my administration has extended incentives to support the assembly and production of motherboards in Kenya and I expect that in the coming years we shall be relying exclusively on Kenyan manufactured or assembled hardware for all our computing hardware needs we also need to see an increase in local content development for computing software engineering and advances in artificial intelligence machine learning and virtual reality all these provide immense opportunities for young persons in Kenya Moore University is strategically positioned to promote both hardware and software development in Kenya and I challenge other universities to exploit their latent potential in research design and manufacturing within the ICT sphere finally let me say that I look forward to the next big revolutionary hardware or software innovation being one that was created in Kenya and I wish to assure the entire sector both academic and enterprise of my administration's full support towards that end let me also once again congratulate River Tech's East Africa and more University for these momentous feats and wish them every success in their undertakings Asante the Sun Thank You Mimi PS cinnamon gyaku Meza is bakufu Kuruvilla to nova tsukuru guatemala me who Sica guava Keesha Wamba whom rowdy to LeAnn's Isha Omega Malika now Frank boo boo Nina Wamba such as idea vahana LF you tackle what iguana kasi now a Teresa could the end Alicia from Asia opt hisoka's Pia Halima way to a bomba about Mia coming when MacEwan Ishida at Abu possible Yokosuka so Sasha to Teresa for for the growing of cotton now co2 area is e CI a– Cuomo open the cooler McWeeny kini Pandya nary ceremony is a Kenyan polymers idea 500,000 what I was a couch moody cassava by a lien by to matenda hapa see qui le nom on behind us easy to attach since the Acuna lot not a linear Amparo to not a food nikka wakiki shark Wamba to me funny acasi not to mess up we know enough about leisure Malaysia yeah walk any away true what Mahalo papa totally novel atooma final Harper 2004 appear Kiko me to toss you appear night run in the mountains yeah he is de facto resorted to Topher so that our young people can get jobs and this is the intention that I have and the intention of my government and epochal Assad women and Larry means key to chemo volcania to akitoki mogea to cape ammonia to sigil is a cabaret Rocco Denis Akko mucho killakee Donna hapa chemical engine in Kiruna mood aluminum gamble what a cannon what a Kakashi yo where's ecoo an oppressor aquarium Foucault who Kenda you money mama an okapi geumja coffee Nana can be a caribou Makuta inanimate ooh coolie Oakland the hospitality Kanazawa Makoto walk walk and I surely an assumed a German man behind in a kabila in a teeny cynical emotive even to the attack and if we can come together and work together we can achieve in a very short space of time these objectives for our country and for our people and we can be prosperous me mrs. tackiness mm Rangi is Papua my a muchacha Miami Tata to turn the layer we are – Musa you are a bypass Naga he National Land Commission mu Pia given place your Mambo a compensation to my listen to your contractor I wasn't cuenta Laennec ass but you talk about a para intial every young man will pay a special economic zone barabara a queen gioco madly you appear tre to marriage equality and delay and euro we can appear as a kabocha can see we have done amazing things here two men have computers now II mean I'm afraid not an indicator your chair of the committee that has also supported this project can you please tell your other people wanna cause hehe but Ali who cut a person buying a coup Jia Hui hero who what pinnacle other places which me Mia does it to me what America or we disappear here Germany vision how about a constituent Lenin are you hey one beatiful Ali yeah it can only cook while German children get paint I give you what's a bop Italian Papa – Nellie care he mumble our technology under each aqua Barbara not lastima – Tyesha water to it what a tree requires Okazaki technology our ambassador quick SATs ability to be a Melissa for example who do Manama unit akikko hockey Keyshia Wamba 2p and a level hearing in Mumbai are instant finds Co moutoku are Omaha Parisian America Mombasa wound upon Villa where traffic or friends who talk a Mombasa who would yellow red to Nautica instant fine your instant Vanunu liepaja poha po Feliciana Samui RK Anacapa Theory seat wound and Ileana Safari Yahoo I mean I'm not gonna Jeanine now he's a simpleton otaku 10 janessa hub how do we do it if we don't support our own local industries let us put money where we get results now hear me no harm Baba Jumba tough Adaline let us be careful when we cut monies but what impact does that have on the economy now fury emotion in the Pentateuch ooh taja to top grade la stream my hapa from 33 kV a 266 European society Tara's Asia factory seem really basic Wanda Lavanya 24 hours with stable power Nepean pasaba Bustamante oh the biggest expense 30% naquadah Babu tuna takaku encourage a factory USA quondam poopy Kwanzaa Katanga neza magellanic reinvest Nemea Marisha Lazzara stream while reduce bias Team Aqua hiki Wanda by 50% yo Sasha Museveni excuse me Wayne iam Tennessee Miele naquan Oliviana L futa – ha muji arnica doses and rotten italia serie livin Sango me me cinnamon guinea mangey moon guava rakuen Xango Naruto Rudy Tina Asante Nisa to see mommy wrote a poem bought a felon


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