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See Britney Spears Debut New Hair Color Amid Ongoing Legal Drama With Her Dad

Britney Spears there appears to be new drama with her sister Jamie Lynn but where it’s not letting it show because in fact she’s gotten a new look brown hair don’t care Britney showed off her new hair color on Instagram saying she was inspired by her sister Jamie Lynn but here’s where it gets a little weird the sisters no longer follow each other on Instagram we think we may know why Britney was there when her dad allegedly shook her son Preston her ex Kevin Federline then filed a police report against Jamie Jamie Lynn has always been close to their dad perhaps she’s taking his side in the family drama as for Britney today seems she may have gone into hiding around noon she posted this workout video with the caption on a much-needed fake hey by myself the song she posted along with the video is also a little cryptic yeah that’s closer by Nine Inch Nails which later on features the lyrics help me get away from myself [Music] Olivia spoke to the Jamie mental looks like k-fed couldn’t get away from the paparazzi I wanted to make sure that the kids are okay and everything’s good a source claims k-fed has custody of his and Britney’s boys 90 percent of the time add that to his four other children so how’s he paying for all these kids k-fed says he makes three grand a month DJ’s but a source tells us Britney gives him nearly 40 grand a month in child support [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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