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Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

When did it happen? Morning. Around 11-ish. How many men? One. Were you sexually active
before the assault? No. Did he ejaculate? Do men ever stop before it? Film Director Rohan Ravi Khurana.. ..raped a backward class junior
costume assistant Anjali Vasudev Dangle. Tell me all the facts. I will tell you everything. But will not accept anything in court. Leave all of that to me;
I know how to present facts in court. Ms. Dangle, why did you go to
Ravi Khurana’s room in the first place? He forced me. Did he lift you in his arms?
Push you? Or drag you? How? Objection; badgering the witness. The fingernail scrapings
are considered conclusive evidence. The fingernail section is empty. Objection. I think the defence
counsel is forgetting.. ..the injury on the inner
thighs of Anjali Dangle. They could be marks of aggressive sex. The defence counsel has many stories.. ..but no evidence to
corroborate his stories. Even after everything that happened.. went back to Rohan Khurana’s house. Twice. Alone. She was not expecting to be raped,
your honour. According to Section 375 of IPC.. ..consent and permission are important. Mumbai is standing firm for its daughter. We’ve to wait and see how
the state’s judiciary does justice? This evidence is tainted. And such tainted evidence
is not admissible in any court. How will you feel winning
this case only on technical grounds? You think justice will be done. We’re not in the business of justice. We’re in the business of Law. This is exactly why I left your chamber. – Do you think you..
– Don’t. Never ask me that question. But that man is a convicted rapist, Tarun. And in the current scenario,
it’s not correct to defend him. Even a convicted rapist
has the constitutional.. ..right to a proper legal defence. The defence will prove.. ..that this case is a
classic example of a woman.. ..using as a weapon.. ..the very Law that
was made to protect her.

  • अब तो लड़कियां गई हवा खाने ।।।
    श्री राम से पहले सीता का नाम लिया जाता था।
    लेकिन कलयुग में ये सीता नहीं , रावण की बहिन है ।✌️✌️✌️
    498 a per bhi film banao ।
    इन लड़कियों को इज्जत करना नहीं चाहिए , जूते मारने चाहिए ।

  • देश बदल रहा है, सबसे खुशी की बात है कि लोगों की सोच बदल रही, और यह मानसिकता भी कि हर बार पुरुष ही गलत होते । निर्देशक विकास बहल, और पूरी स्टारकास्ट को बहुत बधाई, अक्षय खन्ना मेरे हमेशा से चहेते रहे हैं, मैं उनका बहुत बड़ा फैन हूँ ।

  • Seems really interesting! Despite being a girl, I am not an extreme feminist. Men are often victims of injustice as well.

  • अरे यार रोज़ हज़ारो लड़कियों को कम के नाम पर बिस्तर पर नंगा किया जाता है मूवी मत बनाओ अपना ये जिस्म फरोशी का धंधा बन्द करो

  • Its time of 2000 i think and i watched DEEWANAGI very impressed with the acting of ajay devgan…and no one noticed the role of akshay khanna in that movie…now talent makes its way….just fabulous movie this is…very good effort…just one complain is too much english and sometimes marathi used which is hard to understand bollywood movie fan like me

  • Bhai ye movie damdaar hai…. Script ne aisa balance banaya hai…. Matlab ek ladki Jiska so called rape hua hai uske favour me puri Duniya hai jiski lawyer kuch jyada evidence ke saath Nai hai(richa chadda) aur ek accused jiske against puri Duniya hai uske paas ek damdaar lawyer hai(AK) gajab ka suspense barkarar hai last tak… Akshaye ne puri movie apni bana li hai… Richa chadda lack kar rahi ish movie me…. AK faar better acting kara hai richa ke compare me

  • Its easy to say for a women that she got molested with bad intention to harm a male
    But our society always gakes the side of womens without judging that wether the woman is telling the truth or lie
    I know that there are many cases were womens are molested n raped but that dosent mean all mens are bad we mens trying hard to change the situation rectify society womens empowered by law so that womens wont face such horrific exp but few womens misuse those powers n take revenge
    This need to be changed

  • महिलाये आजकल ज़्यादा उत्पीड़न करने लग गई है पुरषों का… क्यू की सारे laws उनके favour मैं बनाए गए है….
    परिवार मैं कभी दहेज का आरोप लगवा कर husband को धमकी देती है कभी सास ससुर को धमकी देती है… अब महिलाये वो नहीं रही जैसा पहले हुआ करती थी…

  • All those who are claiming akshay is underrated it is not due to Bollywood but it is due to people like johar and srk and their idiot fans who want and can accept only a good looking guy as an actor. Look doesn't matter but it matter when it comes to Indians

  • Today I went to saw this movie but the show was cancelled because theatre didn't get enough bookings. They all went to see Chichore & Dream Girl 🙄

  • Aaj dekhi maine…Ek behatreen movie…Media ka sach aur asli sach ko badiya tarike se dikhaya hai…Akshay n richa ji ne behatreen acting ki hai

  • The film not only provides validation to all those dismissing sexual harassment cases as having ulterior motives but also does great disservice to women, who have only recently had the courage to risk social stigma and share their stories with the world. The Hindu.

  • Feminism is bullshit, right to equality says we are equal men and women… Feminism is agenda taking place such as meetoo propaganda… Stop this as it's slow poison…
    Being the woman I dont want anything as I know we have wonderful leader woman leaders who never needed feminism….
    Those who work for country dont want feminism propaganda.. Those who work for Bollywood wants that.. Bitter truth 😁😁

  • this movie has ver good story. mart be based on real life incident but why are makers looking for real life incidents?? have the makers lost creativity????

  • ..the fault lies in the breakdown of mans defence mechanism ..hence the judicary provides a lawyer to correct that fault first..hence bringing the society on the right path

  • 75% accused innocent hoke bhi aj jail me hai… Aur jinhone Pehele relation bnaya Phir apne fayde ke liye fasa diya wo ghr me aaram se baith ke tamasha dekhte h…

  • I watched this movie today and all I want to say is its paisa wasool movie❤️Great work done by Akshay khanna, Movie will hold you from start to the end 😇😇

  • Humare desh ke law ke hisab se… Rape ke case me FIR hote hi ladke ko bina kisi ki permission bina warrant ke police arrest kr skti hai.. Aur aisa hi hota hai.. Uske bad ladke ka medical krke court me le jaya jata hai.. Jaha se usko jail bhej diya jata hai.. Ye sb hota h Sirf aur Sirf ladki ke kiye hue FIR ke basis pe.. Na koi janch n koi investigation ke.. Uske bad police apna kam krti hai.. 90 dino ke Ander chargshit pesh krti hai court me.. Tb tk ladka Ander jail me saza kat rha hota hai chahe usme jurm kiya ho ya n Kiya ho.. 90 dino me chargshit file hone ke bad court ye dekhti hai ki bail diya jaye ya nhi bail mil gyi to thik.. Lekin un 90 dino ka kya jo usne jail me guzare hai… Are ek din jail me guzar ke dekho pata chl jayega.. Unse puchho jisne guzara h.. Aur agar uske bad bhi bail nhi mili to case chalta rhega ladka jail me rhega.. Aur Phir humare law ke dicison lene ke speed ka kya kehna massalallah.. Char saal panch saal LG jate hai.. Itne dino tk ladka jail me sad jata h Phir dicison aata h ladka to innocent hai.. ladki ladke ke bich relation tha marzi se sab hua.. Thoda ladai jhgda hua aur madam pahuch gyi FIR krne ye dicison aata hai court ka.. Aur ladka free me 5 saal jail Kaat k bahar aata h.. Aur us ladki ka kya jisne jhut bolke fasaya usko… Uska kuch nhi hota wo aaram se shadi krke bachhe paida krke settle ho jati hai apni life me… Zindgi barbad hui ladke ki… Aj kl jo itne rape case badh rhe h uski wajh kya h yhi wajh hai haqiqat me.. Inhi sab false case krne ki wajh se jo sahi me rape victim hai usko justice nhi mil pata.. Kuch to sochna chaiye tha humare desh ke un jimmedar logo ko jinhone is ye Kanon banya.. Aurat ko aisa hathiyar de diya jiske dam pe wo jo chahe kra le samne wle se.. Chahe to paise le k settlement kr le ya Phir Koi aur desire puri kr le apni.. Purush pradhan desh h humra lekin section 376 me innocent hone ke bad bhi ladke hi barbad ho rhe h.. Isliye to mera Bharat mahan 🇮🇳 hath jod ke salam humare Indian Constitution ko 🙏🙏

  • These types of movies can easily get a Oscars but you know what we will not get cause the givers thinks that indian cinema is totally based on drama that's why I hate Hollywood

  • Very good movie akshaye khanna as usual great actor …but sad how a woman can use this section 375 against men really scary

  • Great concept with flop actors. If this Film made with Commercial actors this film has guts to make 100 to 150cr .like taapsee pannu, bacchan sirs pink

  • जिसने भी ये movie देखी वो इस movie को life मै कभी भूल नही पायेगा

  • Please watch this movie..

    If you make movie for girl.. Like pink it make 120 crore…. But if you make movie for man right then it will fail….

  • Boy and men please go watch this movie… Remove article 375…. 60% rape cases are fake in India….. Still feminist making argument

  • Good movie watch this in theater…
    Feminist ko bot mirchi lag rahi ha movie sa tabi movie ko flop karne ke liye news paper ma lagat lik rahe ha….

  • "This case is a classic example of a woman, using as a weapon, the very law that was made to protect her."

    “Laws are like double-edged weapons. If they are made to protect the rights of a person, they can also be misused to throttle the liberty of opponents,”

  • Akshaye Khanna, no other like him. Superb actor. He is the one who makes this movie. Richa is okay too but Akshaye as always is outstanding.

  • Good movie but overrated.. Modulation kam hai.. Suspense kam h… Ye hai ki dekhne k Baad Haan bai dkh li good one.. Do not deserve 9 out of ten on IMDB.

  • This movie is the best movie of 2019. But sad to see people don't go for this types of movies. They only like masala and entertainment movies. That's why filmakers think twice before making this type of movies becoz they know they r gonna lose the money. 😔

  • There should some strong law even stronger than 375 so that a men cannot destroy the life of his own wife and many girls and feel like he did great work and deserve a Padma Shree award, he is innocent. it is not RAPE but it is not less than RAPE. wht about her wife why is her fault? First lie to girl then use her after that behave like injuctice happened with him.A good men definitely comes out of allegation if he will not cheat his wife or girlfriend or any girl that is for sure.

  • will be a great movie.. finally, I think that Bollywood has opened the eyes and started making unbiased movies. This kind of storyline will be a good move.

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