Second Wave of New Super Souls in TP Medal Shop Clerk Part 2

sorry about that folks my first video ran out so I'm making the second one it's Andrew again and I'm demonstrating the super souls for the second wave that was poor sweet always for dry moans dangerous too when I left off I was what was demonstrating a super sore neck apparently does the same amount of damage or less mild damage if I don't have to look birth but it does do a pretty mild damage if you killed ten opponents at once so why did did you check out my birthday on no supersoul thing so my whole whole demonstration on the first super souls for the first video for the second wave so do we check that video out once you get a chance so that's enough for this one this video is not going to last long since I'm almost done with the super souls in general so this is gonna be like a short one compared to the other hour-long one I made so all right that one's done oh and this one actually says your trash oh that's funny all right next one is metal cooler supersoul so when charging ki blast hits a bullet point its key and restores the key all right Wow this one is not much so let's give it a crack at it readings that's when I'm going to demonstrate out 1b1 in a video our battle not video one other thing under the man himself no cool [Applause] all right my work sugar I have to charge too so target key black [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I guess this is the way how you in charge it – you wanted to keep your opponent then there came for [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well you see how that super so works so moving on I'm almost done folks this is gonna be a short video and then turning into that when health is above 75% this boosts all attacks Excel and boost armor of keywords torsion XL I'm not Kira storage restores and restored my kept that same restore ssin restored by exhale results elegans you better keep that health above 75% otherwise super-soul is known and boil off get away from me so this is a super silly you might wanna protect your health on if you can't protect your health oh then I have to say that he tries to before me well you see what that super so does so moving on last one and then I'll be done you want to make your life I assure you it's beautiful all right one more when how this is above 50% boost all all all attacked by L so let's get [Applause] you try [Applause] now you see it for yourselves that that it boosts up all attacks so like I said health above 50% and then you're golden for that super-soul so it's worth using if you want to have a good decent brawl with someone so I think that's going to wrap it up for these two videos so I'll just name you need to usually something out in the ordinary and then and that'll be it so I'm Andrew I hope you enjoyed this video of demonstrations on the new super souls from the TPM elf store you want to check them out for yourself that'll do it for the 28th I believe because that's when these are gone and the first wave is already gone because it's the 22nd right now or someone the 22nd and if you want to know what the first wave of super souls were go check out my recent videos are on the subject that it's called new broken new broken super Souls about Zooniverse 2 and yada yada it's on my channel and yeah I hope you enjoy these videos I'm Andrew and I'm signing out again and I hope you enjoyed my livestream from earlier if you have a watch it if you haven't go check it out and I'll see you next time

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